The Best Way to Defeat Calamity Ganon.

Today bringing you another one of my beating the boss series. This is gonna be probably the final beating the boss series. Because as you guys are seeing we’re flying right into the room.

Where we have Calamity Ganon guys. Calamity Ganon is the final boss of the game. If you well, you know what I won’t spoil that part.

Because I did my best to cut out a lot of plot what happens is if you’ve defeated the four divine beast like I have. You’re gonna get this energy coming raining down and this is gonna take calamity ganon health.

And trust me he has a lot of health and it slashes. It right into now you guys will notice that I’m not wearing with champions gear and that’s just because it’ll to be 100% honest with you guys.

I didn’t as far it was more of really an aesthetics thing. I didn’t really care for the way it looked to be honest with you guys. I love the way that the Zora armor looks.

So I’m wearing the Zora armor mine is upgraded all three pieces. But anyways back to this guys. This is claim began acclaimand again and as like I had the master sword in the Hylian Shield which I have two post on how to get.

If you guys don’t know how to get those but basically I highly recommend using them.

Because I pretty sure that the Master Sword when you’re ever you’re fighting one of Ganon’s phantoms or the blighted Ganon’s the master start won’t break.

If you use it when you’re fighting the actual Ganon himself it does not break. I used ancient arrows on him you may know that ancient arrows do a lot of damage to him.

Keep in mind that if these ancient arrows will kill a guardian and won’t hit. If you hit him in the right spot I have a lot of posts of me killing Guardians too.

Wait, these blogs might be help to know more about Destiny 2 –

Because that’s one of my favorite pastimes in this game. Anyways calamity Ganon ‘s uses all four weapons from the Phantom Ganon’s. phantoms that you’re gonna use any launches.

This little ball I was kind of looking at and I was just like well how bad could this thing do. Yeah it actually releases just this gigantic fire attack.

I don’t think I was actually able to ever run from him once more or less though he just dodged his attacks. Hope you guys know about Destiny 2 New Secret Area.

I decided to try it well I wanted to use the Master Sword and I wasn’t sure if the Master Sword was gonna break or not.

So I kind of wanted to figure out excuse me if it was actually gonna break. He does have an attack that I believe water blade Ganon does or if you get too close to him he kind of does like a little Helena does a little damage.

He has the blaster from wind blade Ganon. If you critical hit him, it will actually stop the blaster this was my first playthrough Fighting calamity Ganon.

He will swing the ax at you and the axe does do some damage. If you have the
Hylian Shield though you can actually block it. If you’re targeting him because link hold up his shield you critical.

Hit him and again just stops the blaster. The blaster attack will become pretty
critical for you to know about. Hope you know about How to Get the New Exotic Armor.

You may see right there I just blocked his axe the Hylian Shield I gave yet to know if the Hylian Shield actually breaks or not right now.

It’s actually currently sitting at my house in Kakariko village on display. Once you get climbing again and down to looks like about a quarter of his health.

He’s gonna turn into like this glowing fire there golden armor or whatever you want to call this. He is impenetrable to all weapons. I tried just about all of them you can’t stasis him.

But it doesn’t really help you out at all. Since what you guys you’re gonna want to look for is you’re gonna want to look for this blaster attack that he’s doing.

You can the Hylian Shield does bounce it right back but you what you want to do is you want a perfect block it and smack it right back at him that damages him.

It knocks out that golden armor status that he kind of has going on. Then you just kind of hit him with the sword. At least that’s what I did.

You could probably hit him with an ancient arrow too if you have any. I brought ten to this fight because that was what I had left I’m again you just.

You got to wait for him to do the whole guardian blaster and then you just smack it right back at him. So do you know the strategy of How to Get Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun ?

I just ate some powerup food right there because you get that small window to attack him and if you’re not doing a lot of damage.

I can take forever durricks protect. I’ll explain that later I chose to hit him with an ancient arrow and that almost got him down. But and I thought that would be my last time hitting him.

But as you may see no, he got that one a little bit left I didn’t use the shield bounce back at all with D rooks protection.

That didn’t block it but for some reason it looked like their tection blocked it there and it bounced the beam back.

I don’t I don’t know what’s going on guys but basically yeah that’s calamity ganon and he’s really it’s kind of time-based you got to be able to hit him right and he’s not.

I don’t want to say he’s tough but honestly it was one of the most satisfying boss battles I’ve ever had in this game. One of the most satisfying Ganon battles I’ve ever had in the Legend of Zelda game.

Twilight Princess being you know what I’ll say Twilight Princess being a third most satisfying again in battle that I’ve ever had.

This is probably Ocarina of time being the second most satisfying
Ganon battle. I don’t know what it was about this one.

I am thinking about playing ocarina of time later on the channel with the 3ds version. If you guys actually want to see that.

So let me know in the comments if you guys actually want to hear that I do have a lot of other games planned. Guys I’m probably gonna start slowing down the breath of the wild content after this post.

However that we have more post to go through guys. yeah you thought this fight was over.

No it’s not you thought that you were gonna weren’t gonna have to do like a divine beast kind of fight well you guys were wrong. Because right now you have the dark beast Ganon.

Dark beast cannon is kind of a joke as long as you have this weapon right here. The bow of light would just well I won’t spoil how you guys get it.

But does it you can only get it at this certain point in the game to my knowledge. Dark beast Ganim only has one with the hack that he’s actually gonna do is he’s gonna shoot that big laser with any guy bigger than you.

I don’t know if any of you guys have ever dealt with the schoolhouse bully before. But you got to work the body you know what I’m saying he’s got to hit the body
with those light arrows.

Light arrows are unlimited you can throw all the punches you want. All the light arrows you want just shoot him at these triangles that help here on the side of his body.

You know like I said guys just work the body and then you know you got to work the body one more time and then eventually he’s gonna fall and then what you guys gonna see is a big eyeball pop out of and you gotta shoot them inside the big eyeball.

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