Tempered Power Shrine Made Easy – Mirro Shaz Shrine.

This one is co-located with the woodland stable. So this Mirro Shaz shrine is actually a pain in the butt. I’m going to tell you guys the tricks to get those treasure chests all of them and it’s worth it.

Because it’s a giant ancient core at the end. So for now what we’re gonna do is get our sledgehammer out of this. Here treasure chest and what we’re gonna do is you’ll notice this stripe of tile here in the floor.

Hope you already alert about the Twin Memories Shrine.

We’re gonna get ourselves and you might actually want to remove the began and armor. Because the Cape kind of gets in your way.

Actually we’re gonna put on the regular trousers. So you can see where our feet are better. So what we’re gonna do for this one is get right smack-dab in the middle of this stripe. I would like to remember you about The Best Way to defeat windblight Ganon.

So take your time line yourself up good and centered. Now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna put that sledgehammer on two handed weapon. Use stasis five squats five slots folks, no more no less that should plop right on in there for us.

Okay that’s gonna open up our first passageway. Same deal this one’s only gonna take four slots. Save the wear and tear on the weapon. Just hit it four times. Okay there is one more treasure chest and this is the one that’s really difficult.

I’m not gonna lie you might have to try this one a few times okay. Same idea folks get yourself right in the middle of this little stripe.

That’s on the floor but not dead. Center we’re gonna go slightly to the right, this time just a hairline fracture to the right of dead center. I think I’m there now, so I’m gonna go ahead and SWAT that one you can see on your screen.

That one we’re gonna hit five times with the sledgehammer and then one time with the one-handed weapon. Because five hits isn’t enough and six hits with the sledgehammer would be too many.

So count him out one two three four five switch over to a one-handed weapon rusty broad sort of work perfectly one SWAT and assuming you aimed yourself properly. That will go right on in for you okay. By the way, did you know the about The Best way to Defeat Waterblight Ganon.

So like I said,you have to notice where your feet are on that stripe. I’m slightly to the right of we’re dead center would be just a hairline fracture. If you’re over a little too far to the right,

it’s gonna miss to the left and if you’re exactly dead center it’s gonna hit that post out there and get veered. Off course it’s very frustrating just you know stay with it, you will get it just be aware.

It’s gonna be frustrating, go ahead and take refresh your sledgehammer while you’re at it and giant ancient core. All right, so to get on out of there you just got to take the elevator back up.

Actually I’m going to go ahead and hold on to that and sell something better comes along somethings better than nothing. I always say and when we’re done in this Mirro Shaz shrine,

I’m going to work back over to the croc forest Frieda they got a statue one more time for yet another. So here is it, stay with us.

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