Destiny 2 New Secret Area, Weekly Reset.

What’s up guys, destiny 2 once again and this week we do really start the last kind of month of season 12. So as reset passes by, we’re keeping our eyes on potential final beats and quests for the season.

We will see what happens there but also we’re gonna round up the rest of our dlc content activities vendors rewards and all of those kinds of things in game. But one more thing, as always we’ll touch on any updates from bungie about the game this week.

So guys, first up something interesting to talk about today, of course we are anticipating some upcoming content in the form of random roles for hawkmoon.

As well as some other seasoned secrets and something kind of curious has happened this reset in that. We can now get access to a hidden area in the reservoir in the
european dead zone.

So there was some mention of a ship hidden away in the area next to where we actually acquired the hawkmoon.

There hasn’t been something that we’ve gained access to up until now. but Today after reset, it’s possible to go and interact at the door in the boss room in the reservoir in the european dead zone.

Then you can gain access to the area and all that we have at the moment is a little bit of dialogue. So we’ll play that in just a second but otherwise we don’t have any additional quest steps that have been found at this precise moment.

It could be something that’s hidden in there or this could just be a teaser to the fact that we’re going to be able to acquire this, in the future.

Something kind of curious and definitely give us your thoughts about it down below in the comment section. But otherwise even after you’ve done this, it doesn’t appear that crow has any new dialogue quest steps or anything like that at the moment.

So we’re not entirely sure whether there’ll be something else available this week or if it’s just a tease but i will be sure to keep you guys posted on what happens.

If anything changes, this ship doesn’t look broken crow. That’s not even the same ship or I mean it has the same silhouette. But this is a gift just like hawkmoon the
traveler transformed the ship made it into something else something new.

It looks like this week we can continue to farm the coup de gras mission. There is the exotic ship reward associated with it and it is possible to actually farm that.

So if you set up the lure to run the mission load, the mission up and as soon as you start flying inactually reset the lure. You’re able to run that more than once on a character per week. And I will be glad if you know the location of captive cord and
Necromantic Strand.

So via that method, it is technically possible to farm for the exotic ship. But in terms of other additional stuff, it looks like we’re probably gonna have to wait another week or maybe a few weeks as we get closer to the end of season 12.

For the eververse store this week though we’ll take a look as we fly into the tower.
We do have a bunch of silver items as always on the front page right there.

So you can grab any of those if you are interested but otherwise we do have the butterbark shader right there. Get a preview of that one kind of curious combination.

By the way, hope you are learn about How to Get the Polaris Lance.

We’ve also got the vex invasion effects as well as the star devil shell, which is a new one for this season as well pretty cool looking thing.

If you want to grab that for bright dust on the front page, what do we got 2 800 bright dust to get it. But then to the main bright dust page right there, we’ve got the atlantis shell as well as the meschino form ship right there from back in season of the undying.

Also the belvedere ornament right here, for the prospector as well as the forbidden visage greaves. So boots from that armor set this week. We’ve got the excessive elbow dance though as well as the braytech dream 9 and then the looking out emote as well as the champion entrance.

The taken arrival and the cabal arrival followed by the laguna cruiser shader as well as the copper brand mars sunset and descendent vex chrome shaders.

Briefly while we’re in the tower banshee’s mods for today include unflinching submachine gun name as well as rampage spec and then we’ve got all the materials that you can grab and things.

Like that to the playlists though this week’s nightfall ordeal is brood hold on the tangled shore. So have fun with that one as always.

I believe the final augment challenge should be available this week. So that’s something else to bear in mind. If you’re tracking that title and then we’ve got the red rover challenge for the deep stone crypt.

So additional pinnacle gear that we can grab in the raid this week also concealed void is up dropping exotic arms at 1250.

And the other one for today is vel’s labyrinth at 1280 dropping exotic leg armor also bear in mind the pinnacle drop that we can get from the prophecy dungeon and then of course for trials of osiris.

Finally if you are completing any legacy content in the dreaming city the ascendant challenge, this week is going to be the keep of owned edges.

Of course ascendant challenges if you are a newer player are accessed in the forsaken content by using a tincture of queensfoil. And you can find these kind of hidden challenges around the dreaming city.

So we’re going to talk about that stuff over the next few days and hopefully once again banjo have some updates for us on today night. So stay
locked and loaded here on the site guys.

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