Digital marketing software for agencies

From a small business to a medium or larger one, running a successful digital marketing software for agencies means everything to an owner. But running an agency is not a simple task without proper track records and analytics. Thus, many developers develop huge tools for different purposes and motives, enabling owners to focus on every client’s needs.

Using digital marketing software free tools helps the agency towards growth, prosperity, and manage areas for research. CRM and reporting will free up the agencies to focus on various value-added services for other clients. They are using digital marketing agency software to create proposals, search analytics, SEOs, design, management of clients and ads, client reporting, etc.

Tools and digital marketing agency software

There are a massive number of tools available online. But not all of them are suitable for specific agencies. As a result, Core features, white-label, client service, online support, reviews, and many other factors matter while deciding the digital marketing agency software. Software features of white label is especially white label digital marketing software for marketing agencies. Here, we will discuss the best digital marketing software solutions for agencies to use online digital marketing software free tools.

White label marketing

White label marketing is defined as marketing that looks like the agency, or the company owns it. It may be done via white label digital marketing software or any other tools, but it seems like the digital marketing agency software sends it mainly for specific clients. A white-label software is the toll utilized as per client satisfaction and customizes it with the owners’ needs so that the client does not feel like that is spamming. Companies or agencies use white label marketing tools for their branding, and it plays a remarkable role in the client relationship and a trustworthy customer. The client does not feel like they are used to promote the product of specific digital marketing software for agencies.

Some Digital marketing software free tools

For agencies, it is indeed necessary to use the white label digital marketing software for business growth. Though it is to some extent costly, the effect in the long term is good. So here is some helpful software for digital marketers that are widely used nowadays.

These are widely used for marketing, Sales Automation, Reporting, Brand Reputation, client Monitoring, Ad Management, SEO, etc. Here are some recommended digital marketing software free are as follows:


In ActiveCampaign digital marketing software free tool, one can control all the email marketing, maintain customer relationships, digital marketing software for agencies, and customer messaging in one software. ActiveCampaign offers a custom template and domain to create a customized template with Html and PHP. One can use custom buttons, change and add different colors and also change the size of fonts and borders.

Mention digital marketing software for agencies

Mention is the most popular platform for tracking social media and gathering new client profiles in a short possible time. It is a great social media management tool that helps analyze the business and create client conversations with the owners about its market and promotions. It’s one of those tools that allow one owner to build a brand and make them aware of it among customers. Also, it helps to engage new customers and improve the brand reputation online.

It is the best white label digital marketing software that benefits new and reputed agencies to build brand values to the public, engage them in various activities and develop an online reputation for brands. One can generate all the reports for branding by using this digital marketing agency software. This type of business model helps to create larger crowds and awareness for brands and expand the client in the shortest time. It is also cost-effective compared to others to increase revenue.


Another comparatively easy digital marketing software free-to-use application is BrightLocal. It helps the creator to enhance SEO services that make the reports trustworthy and generates actual values. It takes less than a few minutes with different colors to make the description aesthetic to customize the information. One can create multiple white label digital marketing software profiles for free of costs with that. Also, it has the facilities to add different brand logos and customize the email with different colors when one is determined to send an email to a specific customer with a particular color.

Google Data Studio

Google has all their marketing automation services with greater customization. Nowadays, Google data studio is one of the biggest studios used by people for various purposes. Most of the google services are digital marketing software free to use. That makes google number one compared to all others. Google Data Studio is the resort for free reporting, and a huge number of customization is available here. When the owners have Google Data Studio, they can solve basic reporting for utterly free with proper tracking.

Rankur digital marketing agency software

Agency uses Rankur for the monitoring of social media accounts from one place. It helps make good reports based on social media data and make brand analytics with white label digital marketing software. It is to some extent similar to Mention but widely used. It has the support of over 55+ languages around the world.


MarketBandit is also an excellent platform to use SEOs and optimization of social media content. It is a one-stop solution for all the website and client management. It can be accessed from any digital marketing software free device. The accessibility makes it superior compared to others. One can SEO of his brands from the clients, and thus, the agency team looks forward to all pending work. Finalize this work; one can easily report that to the clients via email.

Agency Platform

Agency Platform is another white label digital marketing software free tool that enables white label SEO. The digital marketing agency software stands out loud from the crowd to monitor and analyze the customers. You will get to the agencies like website content management, SEO, local search optimization, social media monitoring and management, display, and reports.


It is a powerful SEO-based platform with automated customization and is a highly beneficial business tool digital marketing software for agencies. With this tool’s help, one can get the best opportunities to generate leads and organic traffic with SEO performances. It allows agencies to organize and prepare any reports using data collected by this digital marketing software free tool without revealing the tools. It generally contains information from various sources without revealing the names.

Final Word

In a nutshell, white-label marketing has some pros and cons. It might hamper the customer relationship when revealing the white label digital marketing software by the clients. It might lead to trust issues in the digital marketing software for agencies. If anyone wants to be a digital marketer and own a digital marketing agency software, the white label marketing tools help them long.

One can use it to create awesome templates or brands, but also, one can have a happy and cherished client base. The agency marketers & owners represent their brands to the client. But most cheaply, white label marketing is the best option, on which most marketers use the tools described above.

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