How to Easily Get Diamonds and All Shrines.

Today we’re gonna be going over seven easy shrines to get diamonds in breadth of the wild. Now diamonds can be used to upgrade your armor.

You could sell them for 500 rupees apiece and we’re gonna be going over two really cool methods to obtain these diamonds. We’re gonna start with simple fast and easy shrines.

So the first run that we’re gonna go to is the Kah Mael shrines. Which is located on tingled island.

Which is at the top right of the map. I’m now going to take three october loons and throw on top of this rock slab to make it lift up and move out of the way.

Here there is underground where this shrine is hidden. Now once you’re inside of the shrine, you’re going to see a large scale at the center of the room.

If you look to the right, you’re going to see a platform with a metal cube on it. Take out your arrow and cut the rope holding the platform up. By the way, Hope you know about how to get Suma Sahma Shrine.

Which will propel link into the air allowing you to use your paraglider to glide over to the nearby chests. Which contains an awesome diamond.

The next shrine location that we’re going to approach is the G Jara shrine. Now this is in the Hebrew region which is at the top left-hand corner of the map.

It’s by the Kopecky drifts and here you’re going to find a location where there’s a bunch of little snow balls and some trails headed downhill.

If you throw the snow ball down the second Lane from the left, it will roll all the way down and force a door at the bottom of the hill to be slammed open allowing access to the shrine. Do you know What’s Change in Master Mode – Zelda Breath ?

To obtain the diamond in this shrine is very very simple. Mainly what you want to do is take out your bow and arrow and slice the rope holding the boulders in this shrine and in this room.

You want to hit the left rope in order for the boulder to hit the switch
located on the right wall allowing you access to the treasure chest behind the gate.

For the third shrine in this post, we’re going to go to the key. Now this is a shrine quest and I don’t believe you actually have to talk to this character in order to activate it.

Nevertheless I am at the two banthas stable which is in the tobacco region and I’m looking for a character named eggy. He’s here looking across the way at the mountains and he’s confused.

Because there’s some edgings on a mountain across the way and he doesn’t quite know what it is. So let me go ahead and look at this through my telescope here and you could see the etchings that he’s talking about.

So I’m gonna go ahead and place a marker here and I’m going to travel to the Gerudo tower which is going to be the easiest most direct path to get to this shrine.

Now after a very long journey, I finally made it to where I place the marker on my map and looking up close at the etchings.  I told you before about The Best way to Defeat Waterblight Ganon in zelda.

You may see that there’s the electricity symbol edged into the wall. So take out your electric arrows and hit the center of this platform on the wall which is going to reveal this shrines.

This shrine is a blessing shrine. So we’re simply gonna walk in and retrieve our diamond and continue moving forward.

Now I’m currently at the Rideau village and I am by the aqua shrine and on that same level there is a character named Bo Delhi.

She’s trying to remember the lyrics to a song but she’s having trouble and she recommends speaking to her sister to get the remaining lyrics. Now you don’t have
to do that.

If you just look across the way you’re going to see this platform here. Now the trick with this platform is you can only activate it at 12:40 p.m. Hope you know about How to Complete Dueling peeks tower shrines in Zelda.

Now you’re going to have to set a fire so that you could sleep until noon and just kind of hang tight until 12:45. So let me go ahead and do that. Now I’m going to go ahead and start a fire.

I’m gonna set it to noon and we’re gonna go ahead and fast-forward this until 12:40 p.m. Let’s just go ahead and stand over on the shrine and right around 12:35 you’re going to see the shrine start to glow.

Go ahead and hit it with a fire arrow and that will cause this shrine to rise from the ground. Now this shrine is super super fun.

It revolves around using your bombs to shoot cannonballs across the room. So once you walk into the shrine. Now there it is yep it’s glowing. Yesterday I wrote about Twin Memories Shrine.

If you look to the right-hand side you’re gonna see a wall that you can use a bomb on to blow up and then reveal a treasure chest containing a falcon bow behind it.

After you collect this you can climb up the ladder to the first cannon and then equip your round bombs and drop one into the cannon.

And blow it up to launch a cannonball across the room to activate the platforms that you see moving side to side. Hope you know about The Best Way to defeat windblight Ganon.

Here once you’ve activated the platform’s you’re gonna have to put another round bomb into the cannon.

But this time you’re gonna have to shoot the cannon ball across the room in between
the moving platforms to hit the target across the room before you can proceed to the next part of this shrine.

So now we’re going to pass right by the altar and we’re going to go into the second
room with a cannon. And we’re going to use a round bomb again to launch a cannonball across the room to hit the target.

So now that we’ve hit the target. Now we have access to the treasure chest that
contains a diamond.

Now there’s a few more shrines that contain diamonds such as the mozo Shawano shrine located at the top left-hand corner of the map and also the kami attack shrine by central tower.

As far as I know these are all of the shrines with diamonds. If you know of any more please drop a comment and I would love to know where they are located. Maybe you known about Mirro Shaz Shrine in zelda.

And finally my favorite method of getting diamonds in breath of the wild is by talking to Leto in zora’s domain. Basically he’s willing to give you a diamond for every 10 luminous stones that you bring to him.

Now for the first trade that you make with him. He will actually give you two diamonds for 10 luminous stones which gives you a pretty nice profit.

However on every single trade after that, he will only give you one diamond. Now again diamonds are really useful for upgrading your armor.  Hopefully, you know about How to complete the north Lomei labyrinth maze.

You can repair weapons and in zora’s domain with them and you can sell them for 500 rupees of peace.

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