How to complete the north Lomei labyrinth maze.

Hey everyone, today I’m going to try and do a quick guide on how to complete the north Lomei labyrinth maze where you’re going to end up getting the barbarian leg wrap and complete the gear.

If you followed my blogs step by step or in order and this maze is going to be located of the ore in the north side of the map.

In the game and there’s no area, so you’re going to want to bring some warm clothes or some food that will help you out there. Now this is going to be a little different than the other posts.

Because this post you want to really give attention to the map. It looks really confusing but it’s not all that confusing.. If you look closely one of the trails is all connected.

So as long as you follow the connected trail, you should be fine and so
you just this part is all outer rim and then once you get there, you can pretty much still stick to the outer rim.

Then you get a corner and you still stick to the outer rim and you eventually want to get to a point right there. So we’re going to go ahead and set a blue marker for the end point and go ahead and set a yellow marker for this point or whatever markers a
healthy for you.

We’re going with blue and yellow. These are going to be two important points right here. Now there are going to be treasure chests at each corner but for this post, we’re not going to focus on that.

So then heading straight into it. We’re going to go ahead and just run down the center of the maze. Then get that message going on and talking about the reward and the when I told you guys the map originally.

I told you about that left route. You could actually ignore that and just go on a thicker route right there. So we’re going to go ahead and do that just to
save time. Hopefully you are known about Twin Memories Shrine.

Because we’re not really going to go for the treasure chest in in this post can’t make a less because that weird GUI Ganon stuff to make a right and then make a left. By the way, I think you read about The Best Way to defeat windblight Ganon.

Now if you want to be safe, go ahead and go to the longer route because you can just stick to the outer rim and so long. As you stick to the outer rim your client but for this one, we’re just going to look closely at the map and look at which trails connect.

Now we are at the outer rim already. So we are good and we’re still going to stick to the outer rim and you’re going to run into some enemies. But you just run past them unless you want their weapons.

They do drop some cool weapons, some arrows, go ahead and pick the arrows up. On the way you’re going to need them.

So we’re skipping the second chest right now and we’re still going the outer rim like I said just look at the map and see which apps are connected continuously. Connected make each goal the corner of the map

because the corner of the maps are always going to be where you kind of want to go. So stick to the outer rim. I almost strayed off and my marker kind of disappears as I got there. So we’re still going to set that marker.

Remember the goal is now is to get to where that blue marker in. It’s probably
going to disappear. That’s fine, so you don’t want to head towards the corner. You want to head to that blue marker and I already messed up.

Then we go, so once you get to the edge of this entrance line right there, you’re going to go through this long hallway, go all the way down and then make a left and then make a right.

I guess that it’s pretty easy to make a wrong turn but the path is still connected. Once you see this again and you look for the eye right there and go ahead and just shoot that creepy little thing and then all that disappears.

So now do not go up the stairs, you don’t have to it’s this is where that yellow marker comes to play. We’re actually going to go back to where that yellow marker is. If you go up the stairs there is a treasure chest of 300 rubies. One more thing, are you familiar with The Best way to Defeat Waterblight Ganon.

So it is nice definitely go and get that. But you don’t need it, just go ahead and back track. We’re going back to that long hallway then they go right and then from there, just stick to the outer rim again and just keep an eye on the map.

The outer rim is all connected with an exception of a few voter in there. But we’re just trying to make it back to that yellow marker. So we are now back at the yellow marker right there and there’s also another treasure chest there.

But like I told we’re going to ignore it. You can see that torch just make your way all the way through the torch and then make a left. This part is pretty simple just keep to the left.

So run down there, just going to keep this left. Really it’s only one path you can go down. You could that’s where you would get lost it. Just keep to the left, I keep to the left wall I should say and then you’re going to see these torches with ladder,

climb the ladder and continue on. So for that, those go up the stairs and once you go up these stairs, you made it and we at the closet tokki shrine. So go ahead and
,open that up, get your last set of gear,

which is the barbarian leg wrap. So I know it kind of seems a bit complicated but so long as you stick to the Vic to the outer rim of the map and give attention to which paths are all connected. You should be fine the markers. In my opinion,

definitely help if you think it’ll help to put the marker on each corner of the map. Do that as well but this this maze is fairly like I said simple pages. You can make one wrong turn and do a few backtracking rounds like I had to do at one point but that’s all it.

Now you should have the full set of barbarian gear and if you don’t already go ahead and check my other blog out where I explain how to get them. If you guys have
any tips on what other posts I should give.

Please put a comment below and I really want to do like other gear and maybe like what mounts, you could ride whatever the case may be.

I’ll be thinking about it and just let me get or let me know. I will see you guys next time and enjoy that barbarian gear.

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