The Best Way to defeat windblight Ganon – Vah Medoh

Today we are just bringing you another one of the beating the boss series. We have got two ways of being offensive in this battle with one boy Ganon.

You can either a hit him with arrows like I had done but I only had so many frost arrows and frost arrows were in the ones that I decided to use his other attacks that he is going to use in the second phase.

Number Two is that blaster Attack and it’s pretty easy to dodge. I always decided to go to the right because I am right handed I guess.

  • Hit with Arrows.
  • Blaster Attack.

You can run them and you know there was another time where I actually was out of stamina but our bosses does. In fact stun him. I think him with arrows doesn’t stun him in the way that you would think.

I ended up switching back to ancient Guardian short side which I had left over from my fight with Fireblade Ganon but some of those ice arrows were left over from fire
blight Gianna. He only does two attacks.

There is only really two offensive ways of hitting him. I recommend using a mixture just because if you like using both.

You can fly up those and use these but I just find the controls when you get up there to to be just a little awkward.

That’s just for me personally, at that time, I was out of stamina. I was Just walking to the right Mexican dot.

I don’t know if you get the same effect moving to the left but I mean that you guys can determine in your own play series when you battle wounds like Ganon like I said the trying to heal attacks are unpredictable.

However, you should not run towards them like I did right there. I kind of just went with using up my herb OSIS fury in order to do some damage and you know melee attacks really seemed to hit them well.

I don’t know if I said it earlier but you are second avenue for offensive attack is just whatever he is anywhere near the ground can rush in with your sword or a spear just
because those do just wrap it amounts of damage very quick and you can deal out more combos very fast.

Once you get him down 50% house, he is going to release those little beacon guys and they don’t do anything until he slides up in the air and he does his blaster attack and in my experience,
they may do something else that I have never seen them do anything else you can’t hit them with arrows and that destroys them after you get him down 50%.

He also releases two tornadoes for the most part, they are usually unpredictable but I felt like they were chasing me at that point either that or I just ran to like the very wrong place.

When he is up in the sky, you can hit him with arrows I mean that’s why I recommended kind of following both avenues of attack just because and you can see right here. This just basically makes his beam blast things more unpredictable.

Just another reason I didn’t about when I was battling him but you should use our bosses fury and I believe that’s makes him fall to the ground.

I don’t know if you can hit him when he is up in the sky during that second stage of the fight. I highly recommend just because right then, he is on the ground. He is going to try and attack.

I tried to hit him with like phenols a little bit of a Sun with an arrow then just beat the crap out of him with a sword or a spear and because those melee Rush attacks, they
do so much damage to him. There is nothing you can do.

He was pretty much at 50% health and I killed him in one melee rush. It can be tough if you don’t really follow like a regular strategy or you know the two offensive avenues but really that’s all the recommendations I have for one blade Ganon fairly basic for a boss.

I was not disappointed in in this boss fight like I was a fire blight Ganon.
I had go along the lines to say that when black Ganon is the second hardest boss was talking about Hannah and being the first water Blight beginning being slightly harder than fire blight Ganon just because of the terrain maneuvers that he does with making you only able to go on to four tiles.

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