The Best way to Defeat Waterblight Ganon – Vah Ruta

First of all you are going to notice that the temple is kind of confusing. There is one guide out that I saw that actually did a very good job of explaining it.

However, I think there is a much better way to defeat waterblight game and who is the final boss of the divine beast. Thought I really dungeon or whatever we are calling it,

I did my best to cut out any other plot but you do get the awesome intro which if you have been to the temple of our own.

There is no temple but divine beast ballroom and you have got to the final
boss water plugin and you are having a hard time defeating him. You are gonna get this Anyway or you have already seen it.

So I decided that this first opening bit wasn’t really you know.
Let’s say cannon I do highly recommend if you want to do my strategy. The electric arrows are the best bet.

By the way, did you completed the mission for four Fossil Pokemon & Hawkmoon.

I was using a Guardian sword in the first half part. Just cuz that was one of the weapons that I would be okay bringing into this battle but basically all you are gonna do is this first part gonna be the hardest part.

Some things you need to do first –

  • Activated all five Terminals in the Vah Ruta Dungeon.
  • You have to go to the main control unit that’s in the room to the right of where you begin.
  • First off all it’s recommended that you have to prepare for fight by preparing recipes to help with health and attack, getting yourself a bow, weapons and shield that you are comfort with.
  • When Vah Ruta blocks your way, equip cryonis, centre the blocks in your reticle and press L to shatter them.
  • Try to destroy all of the ice blocks.
  • For Raising Your bow, you can hold ZR.
  • Make sure you are using your shock arrows.
  • When you near a waterfall, you can press A go fly up using Zora’s Armor.
  • Do not fight with Lynel.

For if you battle them my way, you will see here I do u think I get hit twice with this spear and a spear does a lot of damage and by you could technically go into that with four hearts.

I had five at that time he takes out three. And the quarters hearts with that one hit. I was getting a little cocky when I was first writing this.

So I am just gonna eat my ingredients because I was just I wanted to get it over with
quick. I did battle him about four or five times to try and find the best way to beat him.

So the motion controls would help and like Just I mean if you are using the bow, anyway you should be using the motion controls so honestly.

So the second part is gonna be the easies part, he will not even ever land a hit on you if you do this correctly.

Because basically all you are gonna do is you are gonna hang the boat at that eye and then he gets knocked out. Then you just slash at him with your sword. However, I do recommend using a spear.

I really do recommend using a spear on this part because it has a longer reach and to be. If you are using guardian, so I lucked I was most of your spears do the most damage, the same amount of damage anyway.

I was switched to spear as soon as link decides to you. Now climb up that ledge and I mean like and you read earlier like he threw up in a ice block but he couldn’t even hit me with it.

You can see he didn’t even get his attack off just because he leaves his eye wide open for a hit.

In this second part of the battle, he does not even defend his eye at all. So I mean even though you only have, you know the four little spaces and you got to swim it shouldn’t be hard at all I mean like you guys said I only got hit.

I think I got hit twice but I only saw once I was writing in the middle of it. Yeah that’s Waterblight Ganon I mean he really shouldn’t give you any trouble at all.

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