How to craft the Machine Gun Frame Destiny 2.

Let’s introduce the New updated version for new light since shadow kit came with step by step for getting the Machine Gun Frame in Destiny 2 Black Armory.

This is for new light and new people have joined destiny 2 after a long time on how to do the machine gun quest like the black homer.

Basically how to introduce yourself into the black armory.You can also get in a fresh account too. 750 is the lightly start with you when you were a new light person.So,lets go to the exact point with step by step….


1st Step:

So, First things we want to do is you want to be looking out for a quest that says main quest new light and it’s asking you to reach power level of 770. We are gonna ignore that because what you need to do is get to 810.

You are gonna follow that quest line all the way to get the power level 810. If you already in power level of 810 that’s perfect and then you can go to the next step….

2nd Step:

As a fresh account when you are in the tower then you will going from the courtyard down towards the annex area which is where the drifter is also. Where benedict is these all characters have been added in after the season pass was released
for destiny.

After the war mind expansions and when everything excited to kick in.So once we get down the annex.Then we are gonna be heading down that small staircase just there.

Once we get to the bottom we come into the room  or basically this part of the season orginally the door is completely covered up by bricks. Hope you know about How To Complete ASPECT OF CONTROL Quest.

3rd Step:

So I think they got rid of that it was cool kind of thing you open it up and makes a call cutscene is all different but looks like i got rid of it.So once you make it type of Ada.You are gonna speak to her and she’s gonna give you a nice bit of voice text or voice log.

You mean a door one you can ignore what comes up after this.Because he is just saying you got to get 820. Ignore that
but has nothing to do with this.It’s just that’s just another thing they added on top.


4th Step:

What we are gonna do from here is we are going to speak to her about what the black armory is.We are gonna pick up the web machine come frame there that we are gonna go out and do what needs us to do.

So the weapon core and the compound either collective compound ether can be collected from any vandal but the weapon core is what we are gonna be really like getting into more detail with. So go and kill 25 fallen.

5th Step:

Now we are gonna need to go to the outskirts for weapon cause it says in the quest what you can do is you are gonna travel to trots land or cross land on that.

when you are in devvra mckay then you can turn left from when you spawn
in and go down there and basically then you need to go a exact pathway.

You can’t cancel the quest and go and get the item.Again once you see the sign like a straw area…Glad you know about Destiny 2 New Secret Area.

This is the area you need to be in.By the way, then you need to just stay here. Because there is a random Black armory thing.There you will get the box you are looking for.

That’s the area in that weapon core is.We don’t have to do anything with the boss which we are about to see there on the left soon right up but there is another box that on the right another and that’s the boss.

6th Step:

You don’t need to attack the boss but that is the same area you just came in frame.So, there is two area where this boss can spawn one on the right and the one before which was back down where you came from now.

Then you can see a drone in the box that’s what we are. After these drones that are around the boss as well we dont need to shoot his ones. Please first read the post on Captive Cord Location.

Just the one in the box I recommened that as clear as possible.

So if you shoot the one on the box that will be how you unlock it and then you go up to it and use your interact button which is ‘X’ on the Xbox, ‘Square’ in the Ps4 and ‘E’ on the Pc.

7th Step:

So, Once we have done that, everybody’s cool up because we are now gonna go and do the machine gun staff.Then you can see there just showed you a quick picture of what it would look like with the drone on it.

So what we will do now is head to Titan. Titan is the best place to get high of kills and multi weapon kilss in law sector.On the wreak it’s cargo bay 3.So,if you are familiar with cargo bay 3, that’s awesome. But you should know how to get the Deathbringer.

If not,spawn in.If you can’t get to the right straight away,you could spawn the other place and come over.

8th Step:

Then you will see the big yellow building on the right. Then turn left and jump down there,it’s the quickest way to get to the law center. So through the door do a 180 dropdown.

Through the little cubby hole out the little hole and down ramp jump over the barrier and we are now in the last sector of cargo bay 3.The reason why I picked this place is because we are able to do two kind like the two birds one  stone thing
and that’s kind of the cuz.

This area allow to do two birds one stone. Some places will recquire you to go and get hive kills.


9th Step:

If you get molecule somewhere else,this is perfect.You can use rocket luncher or any heavy weapon to get these kills.You can use a Sword also.Once you have started to get a groove, you are gonna need to reset it because the enemies are  gone

So what you do travel back to the route because you would have unlock it. If you came to this area you could do the same again.

Once you spawn in you are gonna turn left and jump down as before.Now you get to the point of where you are getting close to finishing this step of the quest.


10th Step:

We are now gonna head into the next stage. So now we need to defeat powerful enemies.Now powerful enemies in destiny or yellow bar enemies.These guys are significantly tougher than normal enemies.

So when you go to an acess hitness is always by the Leviathan and pick callouses face for the Leviathan.It’s all Normal.You easily kill these guys with your power weapon in one here easy-peasy.That’s what you are gonna do.

It doesn’t say there you need to shoot me power pins but if you open up your quest and a have a look, it will say you need power weapon kills.So, once you have got the power weapon 25 of them kills. By the way, you read about How to Get Hawkmoon.

We are gonna reset it and by resitting it we voted director go to necess or you can go to map and click on characters face again make sure to reset it before starting and launch.

11th Step:

You can done it over grenade because I think all rockets are not gonna be that much better if you are brave enough use a sword but though if you are having trouble with those colossuss at the back shooting their rockets try and bring these legionaries tall.

Once you have got all of your 20 by doing the same thing,reset it and you are gonna grab your  gradient matrix and you are going to come back to the tower, we can go to the annex.

So, once you have got the stage you’ve got your radient matrix and it will ask you to return to a21 because she is now gonna make your frame a radient frame and what that means that we’re able to access the forges now for the first time.Then you are now at this point,

So if you are at this point,that’s awesome.Pick up the Black Armory Machine gun frame and it’s time to go and find the forges.Now ridging the forges never used to be on a playlist like they are.

They used to be individual on their own planets and he had to go to the location and active the activity from the forge itself.Put them a playlist that rotates daily.

You can see that on the EDZ bottom left,click that and lauch it right now.We dont need to worry about war forges.But for somebody else,it’s yes.Then you have to fight with the boss.

You should kill the blue enemies that they are dropping the forge bomb.Then you are gonna chuck it into the forge.


You see the fort area it’s red and you are gonna pick up this little orbs throw it in easy-peasy and that’s pretty much it.So when you kill the blue guys they add time so they give you more time.So killng the blue guys makes more tiime.

So,once you have done that,you will get the hammer head which is the machine gun we are looking for.That’s all done and that’s how you access the forties for the firts time and do the machine gun weapon frame as a new light…..!

I hope you guys all understand the detailed methods with step by step….So,stay with Shyoz and HAPPY GAMING………….!

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