Destiny 2 Essence of Failure – Captive Cord Location

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep Essence of Failure guide here and we will guide you on how you can complete the essence of failure quest in destiny 2.

Today we are gonna talk about the essence of failure and tell you guys where the heart part activities. Completed all that is patrols public events lost sector of your choice of how to complete that fifty auto rifle kills and then the captive cord.

Total Summary is –

  • Activities completed: 50
  • Auto rifle kills: 50
  • Captive cord get: 01
We Know Various type of essence quest available like Necromantic Strand , Hawkmoon , Polaris Lance , Nightmare Hunt , Black Armory .

This is gonna be in the lunar battleground. So I’m gonna tell you the best place to get there. So in Sorrows Harbor we are gonna go to the east kind of hovering along this type wall travel down through here.

And we are actually gonna head back toward the entire campaign on the moon started soul and sorrows Harbor. Jump on your sparrow and follow straight and it’s a bit of a treacherous para one.

But if you can’t keep your sparrow, it’s gonna make it a lot faster.

So, If you load in just hover along this wall. Of course you have to drive right through a nightmare hunt. This will be cute that went poorly but if you can make it through there even with a nightmare hunt, you are looking for a big red bridge.

Now from there , when you drive through, you are gonna be coming to where you fought the big ogre and there was the big shrieker. So when you get to that next part, pretty much just try not to stop driving.

I know that’s like easier said than done kind of sometimes your sparrow explodes. We really try and go just straight through because we are going all the way through this area to the next one.

So you can just hit that big red bridge. You can actually kind of clear a good chunk of that floor land and then drive straight up this run and just keep going. It’s gonna be some wizards, some acolytes through there.

We can also help you with the location of –

Try and dodge a few of them and then you will see the big kind of like communication towers. It’s on the top. So let’s clear a few of these enemies and anybody else on the roof want to give you a hard time.

There is usually somebody nope. So once you are on the top of the roof,best way when you entered this area back from the landing zone it’s gonna be if you’re looking at the tower, it’s the far right corner looks like a tinny little lights Ber, a little blue and gray thing. Go ahead and pick that up.

That is gonna be the captive cord for the essence of failure. In that top of the roof,you will activate the prompt says “Pick Up Weapon Part”. So now then you have cleansed that you can head back to eros.

You can get your arc logic which is gonna be the auto rifle and that’s it. It’s all you got to do so.

Once you got the captive cord, fast travel back to the sanctuary landing zone on the moon where you can find eris mom. Look for the lectern of enhancement which should have a quest marker upon it.

We can make a summary for it –

  • Complete Patrols public Events and lost sectors across the moon.
  • Defeat Combatants with the auto rifles and Collect the captive cord in the lunar battleground to cleanse that essence.

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