How to Get the Polaris Lance Nascent Dawn Quest.

Hello Gamers, Today’s blog I’m going to telling you how to get the Polaris lance in Destiny 2. To get this quest, you must complete the water mine missions located on mars.

And after this is complete,you will go to Anna bray and she is going to give you two exotic quests.One is going to be for the Polaris lance and the other is going to be for the sleeper stimulant.So, hopefully that’s easy to Get the Polaris Lance Nascent Dawn Quest.

The Polaris Lance Quest is called Nascent dawn and it does have 5 (five) Steps and the first will tell you to complete three patrols on mars.Wait, Did you read about How to Complete Essence of Brutality.

The next part comes completing a lost sector and after completing this lost sector, you need to find the first sleeper node in the Dynamo approach.

For this part,just going to it and pick it up and after this return integrate and you actually have to deposit those things that you get from doing these quest in order to get the next step but it’s only right next to where you will see it.

For this next quest step, the first thing that you are going to want to do is get 25 javelin kills and this can be done by public events on mars such as you know the escalation protocol.Hope you know about how to get the Deathbringer & Hawkmoon.

Or you could do what I did and do this strike will of the thousands that’s located on mars and there’s actually a couple different times in that strike where you can actually get javelin kills and I did this in two runs of doing this strike.

So I definitely recommend doing this to save time and after this you need to do the psionic potential adventure on heroic and this really wasn’t too hard and it’s quite  simple to do.

You can obviously solo this and after you complete this heroic adventure you need to find the cache that is located in the maidem dome terrain or however you really see that I really have no clue but anyways just follow the exact road and keep going and then you will find it.

And after you do this,you want to return to anabray and get the next step. Now for this part, it’s kind of a grind because it requires you to do 10 levels of escalation protocol.Hope you excited about How to Get the Polaris Lance Nascent Dawn Quest.

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Now for this part what I did is I only did the first two levels of escalation protocol then I actually fast travelled to the next location where the other escalation protocol is started.

It did those two levels went back started the other one and you can just repeated this process until you got done.

It saves a lot of time because honestly all those levels if you do them I think there’s like seven and they take quite a bit to do and they are pretty challenging. However the first two you can pretty much solo.

I was able to but if you are struggling just do the first level and the fast travel to the next one and just do them one by one. It won’t take you about a half hour or maybe 45 minutes depending on if there are people to help you and for the next part,you need to run three vanguard strikes.

I do recommend picking up some bounties and maybe saving them for the next season in order to you know get your prep in that way you have some bounty saved.

After these you need to head over to the Olympus descent and find the sleeper node there once again for this part just follow The exact roads and it’s quite simple to find.Did you know about the Destiny 2 New Secret Area.

After getting this you want to return to ana bray in order to get the next part and for this you need to get 5 precision multi kills without reloading as well as getting 20 kills with the scout rifle you get from ana bray from the previous step and after getting this kills,

you want to head over to do and you are actually going to complete the fury missions and after you do complete this, you want to head over to the mine lab and find the sleeper note there once again for this part just along the road.

And after you just rerun to the interbray and you will be rewarded with the Polaris lance and this quest does have a fifth part and that is going to be for the catalyst.Did you know the tricks for finding Captive Cord Location.

It is quite simple to do and I’m actually going to probably make another post on this separately.

So in order to save time and some people might not even want the catalyst but I’m gonna post a blog just on the catalyst to tell you how to get it. So I will upload that in future.

Thanks for staying Shyoz, the Gaming world…!

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