How to Complete Essence of Brutality – Necromantic Strand

Sing your enemy to sleep down permanently by taking this weapon and getting yourself the Loud Lullaby Legendary Hand cannon.

There is a plenty of secrets to discover now while you are playing on the moon and taking down nightmares.

You are going to get essence drops,these are basically mini quests that will have
you completing certain challenges like activities on the moon, getting kills with certain weapon types and then finding a specific hidden item somewhere on the moon.

In order to make a specific weapon this time around, we are gonna be showing you where you can find the necromantic strand.

This item is a part of the essence of brutality which upon its completion will
grant you the brand new shadow keep hand cannon.

This item will be setting all the way inside of the hall of wisdom which is a little bit of a trek away from sanctuary. Once you are ready,

hope on your sparrow head overthrew the archers line into the nearby temple and then follow the straight and exact path. Which will lead you right to where strand is sitting there. We go and pick it up and you will have completed this step there.

Like the Deathbringer and Hawkmoon, Necromantic strand can be a Little bit confusing step in the essence of brutality.

So, we can make a summarisation the whole think with some step by step-

  1. Find the hall of wisdom.
  2. Start from sanctuary spawn point and head left.
  3. Follow the trail until you eventually arrive at archers line.
  4. In archers line, the entrance to the hall of wisdom is found in the northeastern corner and guarded by some Hive.
  5. Enter the Cave and follow straight.
  6. You are looking for white light at the bottom that signals the passageway to the hall of wisdom.
  7. Once you entered the hall, you will see a large glowing chandelier,right to you.
  8. Approach it and a quest marker will appear pointing the location of the Necromantic Strand.
  9. So then you can get the Necromantic Strand by yourself easily.

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