How to Get Hawkmoon – Exotic Hand Cannon Guide.

Hey Gamers, Shyoz has returned to the Destiny 2 and today We are going to tell you how to get Hawkmoon – Exotic Hand Cannon Guide. You must Have season 12 pass in order to get it,Beyond Light is not season 12.

I assume you also will have needed to do some of the seasonal content , specifically the first mission and the first hunt. To start, You are going to go talk with the spider, who has the quest in their inventory.So, hope now you excited to  How to Get Hawkmoon – Exotic Hand Cannon Guide.

The first step involved finding 5 feathers located on different Destinations.Hope you excited about our next post Shadowkeep Essence Quests Nightmare Hunt Quests Loot Guide!

The feather Make a noise and have a visual glow effect on the ground. The first feather is immediately in front of the cave entrance to where you go talk to the spider in the Tangled Shore.

The second feather is in the sludge on the EDZ on top of a broken building, refer some YouTube videos for location. The third feather is on the Cosmodrome.

As soon as you spawn in, turn right 90 degrees and jump straight up onto the broken pillar on the corner of the room.Then you can see the feather is on top. The fourth feather is in the dreaming city.By the way, Did you know how to get the Deathbringer ?

Start making your way to blind well and right before you enter the first gateway inside,the feather will be on your left. If you went to blind well, you went way too far.

The final feather is in the shrine of oryx, aka the final room of the first season 12 mission. Just make your way down and it should be to the left of the broke shrine in the shrine room.

Next go back to the Crow, who will tell you to go to the EDZ to do the cry from beyond mission in the sludge.Hope you know the tricks to How to Get the Polaris Lance.

This is a part platforming, part combat mission, which will take you about 10 minutes.After picking up the effigy,go back to the crow. The next step is to generate or collect orbs of power.

I did this in the empty task lost sector right next to the spider on the Tangled Shore. I suppose you can do this anywhere, but just grab a primary weapon that is masterworked and go to town.

If you don’t have one,then I suggest farming public event banners for a super and then hitting as many enemies as possible and then go back to crow. Again the next step is to go trostland on the EDZ to investigate more feathers.

You will go into a new area and explore to find all of the feathers.That’s a pretty much straight forward path.After collecting all of the feathers, you will need to kill some taken targets,but they should not be a problem.

And then go back to crow.Lot of going back to crow. The next step is probably the longest of all of  them,where you need champion and or guardian kill to progress.Champion will get you 3%, Guardians get you 0.5%, thats 200 guardians kill or 34 Champions.

If you want to go the champion route, I would highly suggest grouping up and running the 1250 Nightfall, 1280 if your group is high enough level,simply for efficiency sake. Did you know about the Destiny 2 New Secret Area.

If you don’t have a group, then the easiest way is to hop into Europa Legendary Lost sectors or Master if you are high enough.If you are still a lower level, then Empire Hunts on 1220 will be the play.

I was able to get 4 champion kills in 3 minutes on average in the Concealed void lost sector, but that one might not always be around. You could also go in as a group of 3 into master lost sectors as there are a fair amount of champion in there.

Whatever gives the path of least resistance for you and your team.This will lead you to the next step.The crow and the Hawk Mission.Head back to the sludge to start the mission.

You will need to follow the hawks in order to progress, but it again is fairly straightforward. At the very end of the mission, you will receive Hawkmoon,but will then have to do one more combat sequence.After you are done,you have completed the quest.

Make sure you have an inventory slot of Hawkmoon,it is in the kinetic slot.Hawkmoon is almost nothing like its D1 counterpart. First off, I had only 8 shots in the magazine.Secondly, it is the only exotic weapon that feature random rolls.Did you know the tricks for finding Captive Cord Location.

The main perk you can roll is opening shot, Rangefinder,Moving Target,killing wind ,Snapshot, Eye of the storm, Hip-fire Grip, QuickDraw and Surplus. There are lesser perks to roll as well like a barrel and a grip.

Hawkmoon’s perk in Destiny 2 works the following way – getting a precision hit or final blow will give you a stack of paracausal Charge. On the final shot of the magazine, you will deal Bonus damage depending on how many charges you have, 7 being the most.

When I say bonus damage, I mean a lot of bonus damage, it seems like this scales exponentially as only having 1 or 2 stacks won’t do a ton, but 6 or 7 stacks will.

In the final part of the mission, I was dealing over 50,000 a shot to that boss.Granted, the fight is sort of set up for you to succeed in this way, but  still you are dealing a lot of bonus damage.In crucible, this has one shot potential.

If you get 6 stacks of paracausal, you can one shot headshot someone.If you manage to get 7 stacks, you can one shot headshot someone in a super or one shot body shot someone not in a super.

In an Empowering rift or having some sort of a damage buff,the 6 stacks shot will be able to one shot bodyshoot. However, important to know that you can not stow the final shot, if you switch weapons,if you pull out your ghost, you will loose the bonus damage shoot.

Before the final shot, you can swap all you want, but the final can’t be swapped, you must use it. There are no auto reload effects that will allow you to keep stacks, any sort of reload will reset you.

If there is something that doesn’t reset you, I assure you that it will probably be fixed.Bungie has basically completely removed random bonus damage on shots from the game ,much like they have removed automatically regenerating Ammo.

I did not expect them to keep the weapon the same at all. As for I think it will perform in pve, I think it does have some potential, but  you just need to be very aware of how many shots you shoot,

being more precise with your shooting and not wasting the final shot.It will take some proper planning to maximise how much  damage you can deal with it.

My guess is that higher skill players will be able to make this work, but to what extent, I am not sure. To get the maximum bonus , you really need to hit every single shot as a headshot.

That’s probably not realistic for the majority of players out there, self included. But I think that it will lead to plenty of one shot moments for a lot of players.I thought the quest itself was pretty cool and I’m glad we got some new areas for it.Finally you can guess on How to Get Hawkmoon – Exotic Hand Cannon Guide.

Hawkmoon is an iconic weapon in the franchise and I think bungie did the quest line some good  justice with regards to the actual quest itself, along with some lore bits.

The performance of the weapon will be determined over the next couple of weeks. If I have any strong feelings  about it after a week or so, I will drop another post.


Thanks for staying With Shyoz, the gaming World….!

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