Destiny 2 New DLC Quests Event Season 13 Secret Upgrade.

Now let’s get into it. Firstly a pretty important Dev update right here and Bungie help said we are investigating an issue Where players lose the spoils of conquest currency when its placed into their vault.

What’s up Guys, Shyoz here and today we are going to jump in with some destiny 2 News Updates. Did you read about How to Complete Essence of Brutality.

Players should refrain from putting the currency into the vole so a worthwhile heads up on that one be sure to keep those in your character inventories and not store them for the moment.

Of course it would be pretty disappointing to lose 100 spoils or something like that. But hopefully it’s an issue Bungie will have sorted soon next.Did you know the tricks for finding Captive Cord Location.

potentially lethal rolls of that for things like crucible and obviously this will be some kind of pursuit weapon for the event unlocked either via quest turning in currency or unlocking triumphs and things like that an interesting element.

This week though of course has been the arrival of  Hawkmoon into the game and we did cover the quest and weapon before. You can check here.Hope really you excited about Shadowkeep Essence Quests Nightmare Hunt Quests Loot Guide!

But of course one thing that we learned is that Hawkmoon will be able to have a randomly rolled perk slot and according to cheese forever random rolls will actually have to be farmed in an upcoming mission version of the crow.

And the hawk which of course was a mission that we completed in the quest but It looks like e new version of this is going to come up with champion modifiers and the description for that mission of course is to reforge the Hawkmoon.

So it’s a process that we can repeat but it’s something that’s going to be unlocked in the future and looking at the bonuses that you could potentially get on that perk slot on the Hawkmoon.

According to the database, at least it consists of opening shot rangefinder moving target killing wind snapshot sights eye of the storm hip fire grip quick draw or surplus there  are some pretty solid hand cannon bonuses.By the way, so are you know how to get the Hawkmoon & Deathbringer ?

It will be interesting to see exactly how they feel on the weapon but of course there has been some feedback about Hawkmoon already so as always give us your thoughts about it down below and otherwise the other quick mention for reset this week would be a new penguin location.

So this one is found in a stereo on abyss and if you head there from the spawn at challenge crossing as you enter the area.

If you head over towards the left hand side. We can see that all the way up on the rocks is the next penguin. So you can kind of platform up there pretty easily.

If you go around to the back of this rock face and then climb up the steps to grab the penguin this week. So just a little something for you triumph hunters out there.So you are excited about Destiny 2 New DLC Quests Event Season 13 Secret Upgrade.

Now though let’s talk a bit more about future content and obviously with the database being updated.Hopefully you know the tricks to How to Get the Polaris Lance.

We can see more event things for the dawning but also ginza tweeted out spoiler alert of course but season 13 is going to be known as season of the chosen se know that some interesting story’s events are going to take place before we get to the point.

But also Bungie gave us that information about how they are updating rewards and we know that we are going to be getting more legendary weapons in core playlists .

The return of the swarm palindrome and shadow price but also adept versions of those weapons for grandmaster nightfalls and then of course the sabre strike and devils lair are returning moon lost sectors will get legend and master versions plus we will be getting new exotic Armor for lost sectors season 13 as well.

So those are a few kind of important loot communities to the game and February realistically isn’t that far away now right but Before then of course the dawning will return so Bungie revealed all of the Armor.

And a few of the rewards for the event but jin supposed some additional images for some of the gear so we can see the Armor once again right here in game looks pretty cool and there are a couple of cosmetics there as well.

And we get to upgrade e new exotic ship with custom festive effects but also join the gift celebration to get presents for for the entire community and so looking at a couple of the quests .By the way, did you decided What should you choose Drifter or Vanguard.

There are five different steps where we get an upgrade for the starfarer 7m and that’s going to be the exotic ship so we can see one of them gives a new engine effect another grants a unique shader we have got one for a unique transmat effect and even a perk to provide a chance to acquire bonus dawning ingredients.

So that’s pretty interesting and then there is another exotic quest and it gives us different rewards packages at various thresholds but we can see there is a score there requiring community dawning spirit .

So obviously over the course of the event the community is going to have to score a certain amount to progress with some of the quest steps there and so Bungie are combining a few different elements of events that we have seen in the past.

For this one and I would be curious to get your thoughts about it down below some final quick updates here but Bungie added the ability to acquire bounties prior to  an activity via the companion app.

So if you got the Destiny companion app whenever we are hanging out the tower in orbit or offline we will be able to go into each of the vendors menus and grab the bounties via the app.

Which is something that could be pretty useful hopefully in the future.Bungie will roll this out a bit further to where we can do it during gameplay right although for the moment. Did you the tricks for How To Complete ASPECT OF CONTROL Quest.

If you are just booting up the game or you are on the train on the way home from work or something like that, you get the extra little moment to kind of plan ahead and grab some stuff for your gaming session in the evening or whatever so pretty cool functionality and be sure to check that out in the Destiny companion app.

Something  interesting to add that the whisper of bonds fragment for stasis has been adjusted to grant a flat 2.5 super energy per trigger and there are some builds starting to energy where you could get very very quick super energy returns using that perk.Finally, you can guess on Destiny 2 New DLC Quests Event Season 13 Secret Upgrade.

However I suppose it’s going to be a bit less potent based on that patch note and otherwise we did have a preview of this patch notes that covers kind of the bulk of the gameplay changes we will notice a few days ago for.


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