Destiny 2 Wave 7 Cheese & 9 player Tips.

Today I wanted to jump in and talk about the Escalation Protocol and I wanted to explain the actual mechanics how you can actually beat the Legit boss and legitimately give a few tips about the rounds in the escalation protocol and ways to get 9 players into one instance as well as a couple of other tips or so let’s jump straight into it.


Hope you excited on Destiny 2 Wave 7 Cheese & 9 player Tips. So firstly this cheese on the boss basically on the north part of the Mars map in the escalation protocol area. Did you read about How to Complete Essence of Brutality.

The Boss Actually spawns in on the platform where the cabal mining event takes place and essentially what you can do is use an interceptor to just push the Boss off the map which is pretty hilarious in my opinion.

I’m not a huge fan of cheese in general but in this particular, you know situation having vehicles in the public space where you have got this endgame activity with super difficult boss fights and then also having a boss on the edge of a cliff man.

I think it’s just too hilarious. So in order to actually do it, of course there are interceptors in the north part of the Mars map. We have nine players in here running the other rounds,

we actually found an interceptor and basically just stashed it in the Clovis Bray building with an ax Bray.

Of course you will have to clear all of the other rounds to get up to wave seven them a pal Falcon right here actually drove the interceptor the boss was born on the platform where the public event does.Did you know the tricks for finding Captive Cord Location.

So you kind of want to get the interceptor in on the platform behind some of these crates right here and then as soon as you can when that bus is actually in.

Of course you want to avoid taking damage because you blow the interceptor up but you basically just have to Ram him off the edge Like I said obviously it does make the encounter a little bit easier.

You are gonna have to get to wave seven. Anyway there is a bit a problem with with this method though so when you do this, you do actually complete the event.You will get a vent completion right there the chest will spawn so it you have got the key,

you can open it to get Armor .However none of the drops that come from the boss will actually be dropped. So weapons shaders all of those kind of things as well as the actual counting of completions on your emblem and stuff like that none of those things will happen.

So you can get the Armor from this you can get anything that comes from the chest but at the moment. I think pretty much everyone who’s done this has reported that there are not any weapon drop in.

So that is something to bear in mind if you do plan to use this method a team has run this a couple of times this weak. So primarily we did just do this for fun but how does the actual boss fight work well.

We did clearly level seven busts in this week on the south part of the map and  essentially the mechanic is that you will need to get some of the crota Swords from e knight that spawns in those crota swords can be used to take down that the shield of the boss.

The boss is called Kathak. I believe that’s how you say that so you use the swords to get his shield off and then you can actually damage the boss with rockets and normal weapons. It is pretty  hectic though.Hope really you excited about Shadowkeep Essence Quests Nightmare Hunt Quests Loot Guide!

Of course most of us are still a bit under levelled to me a lot of adds, a lot of very difficult enemies to actually defeat. So there is a quick rundown of the encounter as we did it of course there are shriekers this born in. So we kind of group up on the rock on the right.

Then you will take down the shrieker immediately in front of us take down the one at the left and at the back and then we start working on the thrall. You can see that the knight has come out here.By the way, so are you know how to get the Hawkmoon & Deathbringer ?

So I’m just giving a shout out to my team. I leave them to finish working on the knight and I actually push right up to the boss and drop the ward of dawn at his feet and this is gonna mean that your team can get into that bubble and then be relatively safe while you are taking the shield off the boss.

I think to bear in mind though is that right here you will have all of the thrall spawning in. So it’s all gonna happen relatively quickly when it does happen get this thrall down. Get the knight down. You kind of just got to go in at his shield.

So you can see right here in the first phase .We actually get his shield off and we get him to just above half health and at this point you will have a wizards and even more adds. All of the shriekers are gonna respawn. So things basically just get more and more hectic.

So once again right here we take down of this shriekers. We work on a few of the wizards keep working on the thrall all off the add. So you can have to kill things very very quickly. My team carry on working on this sword guy.Hopefully you know the tricks to How to Get the Polaris Lance.

I run in pop the bubble once again you can see we get a shield. We are bupa de mouth tractor canon using Nova’s rocket supers everything that we possibly can just to DPS the boss and we managed to get him down in our second phase right there.

That is basically how the level seven boss works this week as I mentioned is pretty difficult. I personally think it’s more difficult than last weeks bus was. So those are the two different ways that you can actually defeat the escalation protocol boss this week.

As I mentioned the cheese method is gonna work if you wanna get a completion. If you want to open the chests but you are gonna have issues with other loot too like the weapons. I genuinely believe that the best way to do it is to do it legitimately but if choosing it for now before Bungie presumably fixes.

It is gonna help you then I guess go ahead and do it. It will talk more about some of the other waves inside of escalation protocol in a moment but it did speak before about actually getting nine players into one instance anymore.

Let’s have to budge this in order to make it happen. Of course you need an initial party of people that you want to actually get into one instance and you are gonna use a combination of loading into zones trying to match other people on your party chat or whatever and also looking for people who have fire teams in those open zones.

So what we have done in the past is you know there is a couple of random players who are playing separately in a particular area and we have asked them and be looking up for them to actually kind of donate their fire team so that they invite us. Then we can invite our friends into those groups and things like that.

So like I said it is very much a bodge process and you need the players to begin with I really seriously believe that Bungie should look at ways to get more players into this area.

I had love to load in with nine people but I don’t know if they will make that happen obviously wave 1 & 2 in the escalation protocol are relatively achievable compared to the rest you do have the shadow rift mechanic and this is where you need to get players to actually capture each of these shadow rift plates.

Take down the enemies on them once that’s placed a captured you can shoot all of the crystals. So I will just breaking down some of the different mechanics you will se an escalation protocol in the earlier rounds.

You will have just one of these shallow rifts and eventually you will get to the point where you have got there at a time coming up. So you need to work on them the only other really distinctive primary mechanic that you are gonna run into would be some of the bosses.

So you have the groups of the defeating blast and nights and the ogres and these are shielded by wizards.Did you the tricks for How To Complete ASPECT OF CONTROL Quest.

So basically they will come in a group of three ogres or two nights and then a wizard and depending on you DPS you are either going to want to take down the wizard first because she will actually heal the knights.

So a lot of the time that’s a pretty thing to take down the wizard use melting point to use tractor cannon bobs all of that stuff and then you can work on the other two bosses or if you have got absolutely tons of DPS,

you can generally just destroy the two bosses and that is something that you are also going to run into on multiple different rounds then there are also the rounds where heroic public events are integrated.

During these rounds you do have make sure that the public events you are running actually become heroic.

So in this instance right here we are having to complete the war stat event that means we need to get it on heroic. We need to make sure that we don’t go over the timer on the plates we got to get all of those wizards down to get that event heroic.

I’m pretty sure most of us know how the public event heroic works but then on top of this as you can see there are a number of bosses. So some of the rounds like that do get pretty intense really at the moment.So are you still waiting for Destiny 2 Wave 7 Cheese & 9 player Tips.

It’s about having plenty of coordination but it is absolutely achievable so that is a breakdown to the boss this week as well as the round to the escalation protocol that you are gonna see are various different weeks.By the way, did you decided What should you choose Drifter or Vanguard.

I believe the set up for the first six rounds is pretty much always the same or it’s gonna be a slight variant of different rounds in different orders but they will always get more difficult.

So I hope this part of the video has helped you out guys but the next thing I want to talk about very briefly would be the loot system so just as a form of clarity there is a loot that comes from chests in this event and then there is a loop that comes from bosses.

So the chests are able to give you a couple of different things do you have cosmetic items like ships sparrows and those can drop in any of the chests.

I believe they are a pretty low drop change through. Of course you can open the chests in any wave of the event apart from wave 7 and this is where you actually need a key in order to open the chests.

So the wave 7 seven chests is the one that grants Armor in order to get the Armor you do have to use Resputin key fragments that you get from heroic strikes and light falls things like that 7 of those.

If you take them to anna brave or turn into an encrypted crash key.Basically it says the data is scrambled and on order to upgrade it to one that you can actually use in the protocol you basically need to make kills and complete wave solve escalation protocol.You are now close to the Destiny 2 Wave 7 Cheese & 9 player Tips.

Typically the decrypted cash key will turn from it blue to a legendary this tends to happen in the final couple of rounds of the escalation protocol as I’m aware everyone who has added cryptic cash key and has run through the escalation protocol has had it purple before the final boss.

Because of course you do need that purple key to open the final boss chest and like I said that gives you Armor.

The Armor is on a fixed kind of drop system. So the first drop you ever get will be the class item doesn’t matter whether you do it next week or in three weeks the first job you get for Armor will be a class item once you have had that one you get the boots then the chest gorlitz and helmet then.

Of course there is the weapons and these come from the wave seven bosses and they are purely RNG. They drop from the boss assembly a case of clearing the wave seven buses then you just have to get lucky actually seeing that weapon drop on the ground do bear in mind before I mentioned.

If you cheese it on the north part of the map you cannot get the the drops that actually come from the boss they just disappear you know they just unload they never happen.Now you can guess about Destiny 2 Wave 7 Cheese & 9 player Tips.

I don’t know whether that’s actually a fail safe against people cheese in it but just remember that. Anyway so there we go guys bit of a different post on escalation protocol to give you a legit method and a cheese method like I said I don’t that the cheese method is gonna be super serious.

Or utilized all that much are there perhaps in the next couple of weeks folks might try it but you still need pretty good teams to have actually get to the point in the event….!

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