Destiny 2, What should you choose Drifter or Vanguard.

So, My two questions for you between the Drifter and the Vanguard. Who will you choose and are you actually ready to make that choice.

Today we are talkinng about the allegiance quest What should you choose Drifter or Vanguard.So, Just before the season started, Bungie hinted at this allegiance quest where we will quote choose between the Drifter and the Vanguard and experience the story a little more from their perspective.

Now I’m sure the exact details of this have already been data mined.I think this quest is a cool and good idea for the game.I’m keeping my expectations as low as possible as to the actual experience.

Let’s talk about the Drifter and the Vanguard just from the perspective of how they are in the game. Both characters have been basically silence, since Kate died and it’s not like we were too happy with them back then avala disapproving of our choice to go and get justice or revenge.

The drifter on the other hand has been a barrel of laughs. Arguably one of the most liked characters he introduced.

He introduce a new game-mode gets real excited when you do well.Makes jokes insult you if you do poorly, and even in this season acknowledges your title if dredgen should you have one and you play game in friend on the surface, the Drifter seems like a much more likeable character.

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 The either of the remaining Vanguard and so a lot of people will likely side with him just for the jokes. Even if you go a little deeper before this season,reading through the drifters gambit and letters from renegade both lord books.

You can get by playing gambit and getting the last word respectively.

Drifter has filled the role of the antihero like wolverine and many other characters. While the drifter appears mysterious shady,maybe even notorious,he does seem to have been acting for good reasons.

Definitely check out those two books. If you have them or online.But they set the Drifter up to be someone who bends and break the rules not for evil purposes.

But for survival, harnessing the power of the darkness and the taken for gabit sussing out which gurdian may be tempted by darkness.

Learning to fight fire with fire.So, to speak the drifter appears to be doing much more to fight.What’s coming and prepare for it. Then the two Vanguard who stand around doing nothing and had no warning against gold.

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However, season of the drifter is bringing new information to light first.Any playes who has logged in since the season started likely noticed the letters from from the leader of the praxic order honor.Shout out to the bungie by the way.

For finally putting mail slash post in the postmaster.Concerning the Drifter and the Vanguard short version the praxic order wants the drifter gone but the vanguard supports him.

The drifter has been eaves dropping on several conversation back and forth here and the worst thing the drifter has been callously for the dead the parmanent death of the gurdians.

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Yes the drifter is not just a fun uncle .He is up to something in the narrative preview the reckoning. We learned that the drifter hired a crew to test out gambit prime. Here we learn not only of the mechanics of the activity but that it directly led to the permanent deaths of the three gurdians.

They died and the drifter did not seem to care rather he was more focused on the machanics and how the new armor he was crafted worked out.

It’s a pretty harrowing tale and paints the drifter in a completely new way than we have seen him before. Drifer’s characters was everyone’s favorite space uncle but leading gurdians to their deaths that’s something different.

The drifter evil or is he afraid of something bigger you know this would be far more interesting to me.

He is evil but that he is choosing the lesser of two evils and end justifies the means kind of thing where he is doing the drifter is doing what he can in order to help us all survive that would make the choice very difficult indeed.

We choose those who are lawful good,who stand in the light and do not bend or do we side with the one who walks the line but is seeking to better understand her enemy.

Maybe we have to be a littlle corrupt in order to learn what we need to fight the darkness.So what about the vanguard do they have anything to add well. If you go to savola and you turn in vanguard token for rach engram you receive.

You will also receive a lower entry from the stolen intelligence lore book.

This book is really interesting as it’s written as if there are military reports and from the vanguard they talk about many differet things happening throughout the system.

How the fallen are doing what the hive are up to refferences to threats we know and some we only suspected.That’s the interesting that the vanguard supports the drifter in both the narrative previews. So, what are you thinking,What should you choose Drifter or Vanguard ?

Let’s we learned that the vanguard has been very supportive of the drifter giving his own space letting him set up gambit.They think it is worth the risk.We learned in the drifters gambit lore book.

However the vanguard canonically are of course important.We have a vanguard that is there to protect humanity but one which has doubts as to their own ability to do the job.

We have a shady character supported by the vanguard but also with goals motives and actions that sit anywhere on the range from suspecious to psychotic.

The praxic order doesn’t like toph drifter and has even recorded him speeking to himself.Although it’s more likely he is speaking with the nine.

Actually nobody cannot make this your decission for you because this is as weird as it sounds.I hope, having made the choice is a little more difficult.

Actually the story and lore of destiny are amazing and while the games has improved upon bringing that to everyone’s attention. Did you read about How to Complete Essence of Brutality.

It still seems like a shallow and easy choice for most players.So, you can take both sides. If you like Bungie, you can not efford to really break this in two and I really doubt we will get entirely separate systems and gear based on our choice.

But here are my thoughts and hopes.First my titan main is choosing the vanguard. What should you choose Drifter or Vanguard yet?

Drifter is suspecious and has a lol to answer for my warlock.However, doesn’t feel particulary invested in the vanguard he has know more, so he will side with the drifter for now.

Even it turns out to be a friends,close enemies,closer situation.The drifter maybe the only one who is actually willing to investigate the darkness in order to beat it.

I hope that the choice here is a little more developed as i explained earlier that there is not much to go on. Here for the average player.

So, I hope we get more letters, more dialogue, maybe a cutscene something that helps the average player realize this is more than just a trivial choice. After that I hope there are consequences.

I am just hoping the Bungie can learn how to do this start small build on it make the game matter more than just the chase for loot…So, that’s all…Hope you guys now make the better decision for you with your own….!

SO, Happy Gaming, Stay with us, Stay with Shyoz….!



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