Free web hosting for online store

While this is a common question, many are unaware of free hosting for online store. Usually, there are  two types of websites hosting facilities. Firstly, free hosting and secondly paid to host. Free hosting services typically offer free hosting services get specific space from the site.

Simply put, the free of cost hosting service that you can use for webpage is called free hosting. You set a goal or purpose in creating your website. Choose the best hosting for online store service or based on what you are using the website for. Some companies offer the free best web hosting for online store services.

Best free web hosting for new business:

If you search for free web hosting for online store on Google, you will see many best web hosting for online store. Below are some reliable sites of free hosting for your convenience so that you can easily use the free best hosting for online store service from those sites.

We all love freebies, and it may come as no surprise that even websites hosting has a lot of freebies where you know where. Not everything is the same for free, and this time, I will show you what these web hosts have to offer.

1. ServersFree a free service provider

The first hosting site I will talk about is ServersFree! ServersFree is a free service provider, but its features include free web hosting, free FTP management system, PHP and MySQL facility, free access to SQL servers, and many more free features.

Not just free web hosting for online store, you can use this site to create a website for free. ServersFree uses its Advance and Dedicated servers to create free sites.

ServersFree for free, easy, and 100% fast. And there are many free template designs for servers free to build websites. No other site in the world of free hosting can offer you so many benefits.

2. Ktm Web Hosting best web hosting

Have you ever considered the benefits of the premium best web hosting for online store free? Then Ktm Web Hosting is just for you! It is a free web hosting for online store, but all its benefits are almost the same as premium hosting.

With these best Hosting for online store, you get Linux based server system for free! Moreover, the benefits of premium hosting of more different quality including MySQL, PHP.

3. ProFreeHost allow you unlimited hosting.

ProFreeHost is the best web hosting for online store service system where you can host websites for free and build accessible websites. ProFreeHost gives you unlimited web hosting. With their free web hosting service, you will get PHP, FTP, cPanel, MySQL, Unlimited Dix Space, Unlimited Website Hosting, Unlimited Domains, Unlimited Bandwidth, and many more!

You get all these features for free with web hosting where there is no advertising system, website, or client! Free web hosting with so many features you can test today if you want.

4. InfinityFree creating domain

It is also a free web hosting service provider. They will give you free unlimited best hosting for online store. 1 FTP server. Like another web hosting, they will provide you with PHP, FTP, cPanel, MySQL, Unlimited disk space.

There is also the advantage of creating a website in a subdomain or custom domain with unlimited bandwidth. Even if you don’t have a website, you can try it once, even if it’s just for testing.

5. Hostinger provides free hosting.

Now the free web hosting for online store site that I will talk about is Hostinger. It provides both free and paid services at the same time.

With this site like ServersFree, you can also create a website for free. This is not a new site, and it has provided free hosting and very low-cost hosting for many years. You can avail of premium benefits from here at low prices.

6. 1FreeHosting create website free

1FreeHosting is the best web hosting for online store service with various benefits, including unlimited web hosting, MySQL, PHP. A big part of them is that despite being free, they do not give any advertisement.

1FreeHosting allows you to create a website for free. They have many free templates. This web hosting’s main attraction is Unlimited Web Hosting, Free Web Hosting, No Advertising System, Control Panel, and many more! Which will fascinate you.

7. InnoxHost provide service at any cost

InnoxHost is the best hosting for online service where anyone can use their unlimited web hosting for free, where there are various features, including PHP and MySQL.

You can also use InnoxHost for free. These include complete website registration, multiple subdomain registration facilities, unlimited bandwidth, and much more.

8.GooieHost is the best site. 

GooieHost is a web hosting provider. They provide free web hosting for online store to their customers. Like other free hosting sites, they also have a free Control Panel, SSL Certificate, FTP Server, and many more benefits.

However, you will not create a free website on this site, and you can only use their free hosting.

9. HelioHost is the multiple services.

HelioHost is a free web hosting service provider that will allow you to choose from their multiple hosting services.

You can use this service from any country in the world. HelioHost’s various services include, PHP, JAVA, cPanel, Python, MySQL, SQLite, Django, and many more. It has unlimited bandwidth and storage.

10. Webbera gives you a free host.

Do you want a free site to set up your store free or get paid for free? this site is for you. Webbera is a free best web hosting for online store that provides where you can get more than just free hosting.

When you look at the benefits of free hosting like premium hosting, you can see for yourself why they are different from others. You can visit their site today to test the service.

11.  WebFreeHosting is an ad-free site

WebFreeHosting is another best hosting for online store service providers. Who will allow you to create a website for free? Their free service is entirely ad-free, and you can enjoy MySQL, PHP, File Manager, FTP Management, Email Account Management, Script Installer, CGI-BIN, Perl, and many more for free.

Free sites are not usually ad-free, but WebFreeHosting is an utterly ad-free web hosting for online store service providers.

12.  Bravenet provides several web tools.

Bravenet is a website builder service provider who also serves web tools at the same time. However, it can allow you to create websites for both free and paid purposes.

If you want to get the feature of free web hosting with this service, you need to open a free account on their website with email and register a domain! You will get a web page builder, unlimited web tools, unlimited bandwidth, and much more, along with free web hosting.

13. FreeHostia give you installation

FreeHostia is a free web hosting service provider that will give you free web hosting to build websites. In their free web hosting service, you will get more MySQL, PHP, Linux, all different benefits. Like the sites above, in this case, you will get unlimited disk space, bandwidth. There is also the facility to install with one click.


If you want to open a free web hosting for online store is testing or education, buying paid hosting would be foolish. Similarly, if you’re going to run a website for business or corporate purposes, it would not be very reasonable to rely on free web hosting.

So it is better to buy good quality hosting and domain with some money than free hosting and domain. Because you will get support in the purchased hosting, but you will not have to do anything even if the site is closed in the free hosting.


Q1. Is Free Web Hosting Secure?

Ans: There are various risks involved in using free web hosting services. However, all types of free website hosting services allow you to upgrade to their paid plan, sometime they force you to upgrade!! which takes your websites/online store out of the free hosting server box and eliminates most risks.

Q2. How is the free web hosting different from paid hosting?

Ans: The two main differences are cost and server resources. Free web hosting costs and usually minimal server capacity

Final Word

Free web hosting for online store is not a big question. Who starts a new eCommerce site can choose the best web hosting for online store. But all free hosting is not suitable for your online store; sometimes, they will fall. So read above where I show the best hosting for online store and select one for you. Another thing you should remember that you need a backup for your business.

For that, always try to use paid version hosting site to back up your little business. When you use only a personal blog, you will easily use a free hosting site.

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