Shadowkeep Essence Quests, Nightmare Hunt Quests & Loot Guide!

The shadowkeep DLC brought a handful of new gear alogside the moon destination and today I’m going to explain how the weapon quest system works how to craft them and go over the nightmare hunts because there is a few things you might to know about them.

The most important think you should know starting off is that you can obtain some weapons or armors as actual drops completely bypassing the need for a quest,completing things like the eris morns powerful bounty or the weekly challenge for the nightmare hunts give you a weapon or armor piece from the moon. Hope you excited about Shadowkeep Essence Quests Nightmare Hunt Quests Loot Guide!

But unless you have actually acquired the quest for an item you won’t be able to craft it yourself.What’s cool is instead of having to always craft everything with your hard-got. A lot of these quest that are available also drop in the wild for free and that’s what I gonna be covering today as well as how to complete each of them.

First Let’s start with nightmare hunts. Each nightmare hunt has a specific and that’s name directly corresponds to an essence quest.

The nightmare hunt insanity where you fight the fanatic has a chance to drop the quest essence of insanity which rewards the grenade launcher.

The nightmare hunt anguish where you face omnigul has a chance to drop the essence of anguish which rewards the dream vain leg armor and the nightmare hunt despair where you fight crota has a chance to drop the essence of despair,

which rewards the dream vain class item that means you can run those nightmare hunts over and over and farm the quest for the weapons and armor instead of using materials to buy them from your lectern.

The nightmare hunts also have a chance to drop nightmare mods from the final boss. If you are frustrated and confused as to where they went. You can thank the elemental affinities system for that when the mods drop it.

Drops either solar arc or void,this means the mod only shows up under it’s matching armor type and on a very certain urmor piece. By the way, Did you know how to get the Hawkmoon & Deathbringer ?

Give attention what the mod drops as and then you can find it on that type of armor with that knowledge of knowing that certain quests are tied to certain nightmare hunts.We know there is going to be more nightmare hunts coming soon.

In the wild the light machinegun called fine memorial appears to drop most often from eris morn bounties. I received the quest for it twice from opening bouties that just rewarded XP.

The submachine gun called every waking moment appears to drop most often from opening chests.This can be lost sector chest or chest just out in the wild to get this one.

I equipped a ghost shell with a perk treasure hunter and kept doing circles around sorrow of Harbor killing nightmares and opening their chests as well as any world chests scattered around the location.

The weapon itself is also given to you when opening the chest after giving eris morn in the necklace as part of the death bringer quest line but like I said earlier while you get the SMG,

you don’t actually get the quest for it meaning you can’t craft yourself the sniper rifle dropped multiple times for me from opening chests from completed public events. Hope you know the tricks to How to Get the Polaris Lance.

The auto rifle appeared to drop most often from looting the chest drop by high-value targets regardless of whether or not you even saw or damage the HVT. So, stay some more time to know Shadowkeep Essence Quests Nightmare Hunt Quests Loot Guide!

The sword quest is first given to you while opening the secret vaults in the k1 revelation loss sector up north and sorrow of harbor also part of the death bringer quest. The sword quest is not really much of a quest.

There is no steps other than just go back to the lectern and craft it immediately in the wild.

The sword seems to draw from defeating nightmares and opening their chest and the hard cannon is given to you by eris morn. When you complete the campaign so that one’s hard to miss although I haven’t actually seen a drop in the wild.

Yet so this one would probably be tied to one of the nightmare hunts. So most of these are random drops and you will increase your chances of getting the quest to drop the more activities you participate in. So try and do a little bit of everything if possible. Did you know about the Destiny 2 New Secret Area.

But hopefully the sources I listed are actually helpful since it seems like the sources have a higher drop rate for those specific quest. Although it could be a complete co-incidence.

So once you acquire a weapon or armor piece then you have the option to recquire the quest for it from your lectern of enchantment for one fantasmal core.

These cores are got from Eris Morn Bounties and from stacking up enough fantasma fragments to be able to buy a core.

So the gameplay loop for the moon is going out and doing activities on the moon like nightmare hunts. Killing nightmares out in the wild like in sorrows harbor and doing various activities to get these fragments turn them in for a fantasmal cores.

Then using those cores you can rebuy the short quest to grind for different roles on the weapons and armor kind of similar to the black armory fodges.

Also have a chance of getiing the quest free out in the wild which is a nice bonus that rewards for playing. Did you know the tricks for finding Captive Cord Location.

So you don’t always have to cough up your valuable resources just to grind for another role. Now every single weapon quest besides the sword recquires you to go out and find an item for crafting.

Good news is you will only ever have to pick up this item once and never again.Fortunately,we have all blogs about everything you need to know for it.

It’s super helpful if you are unfamiliar with the moon locations or just want to quickly find the item and move on .Hopefully it is clear some things up.We still don’t know how everything going to work. So hope you already got the idea about Nightmare Hunt Quests Loot Guide!

Yet we have still got more nightmare hunts and higher difficulty nightmare hunts coming and i’m sure pretty more stuff to be revealed.If you want to add anything,put a  comments and subscribed our blog…

Thank you and Stay With Shyoz…Happy Gaming….!

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