Destiny 2 – New Best Hunter Build in Beyond Light.

Hey guys, I am so much excited to know you new hunter build for beyond light. It gives you an instant super right after casting your first super. It seems broken but I will tell you a little secret.

This build already worked in last season and it still works.We just have a few things swapped around and I will get to that right way.So Let’s go straight to the builds.Hope you excited for the New Best Hunter Build in Beyond Light ? 

There are a couple of mods weapons and exotics that make this build work. But at the end, I will suggest you some replacement for people who don’t have everything, So stick around for that.

So we start off with middle tree gunslinger way of a thousand cuts for of course blade barrage and also the perk burning edge. By the way, did you decided What should you choose Drifter or Vanguard.

Now take a mental note of the burning edge because I will come back to this baby topic in a moment. First we move to the first exotic we need for this build. Shards of galinar with it’s exotic perk sharp edges hits and kills with blade bars where it turns super energy after the super ends.

So with this exotic You will already get about half your super back by just casting your super and hitting enough enemies with your blades.So then  we need a way to get this other 50 of the super.Hope you alread read about How to Get the Polaris Lance.

This brings me to the first month we need energy converter. While charged with with light using your grenade .

Attack grants you super energy consuming all stacks of charge with light. The more stacks you have the more energy you gain up to a maximum of 50 of your super Energy. So a quick explanation of this mode.

If you are  charged with light times 2,you get 20 super energy .You are charged with light times 3, You will get 30 and so On up to a maximum of 50. Hope you excited about Shadowkeep Essence Quests Nightmare Hunt Quests Loot Guide!

So of course we want the maximum five times charged with light so for this we have the supercharged and charge up mods Supercharged will give us the ability to be charged with light times four and charge up.Hope you already guessing New Best Hunter Build in Beyond Light.

We will bump this up to a maximum of 5 charges with light. This is also the maximum. So this is what we want but of course that would be nothing. If you don’t have ways to get those charges.

So for this I have two  marks that can charge us up. First one being taken charge become charged with light by picking up an orb of light very simple and straight to the point every orb will just give us one  charge .

Then I have a second mode precision charge become charged with light by rapidly defeating combatants with precision kills From both hand cannons and scout rifles.

So if we  combine all this then we can get charged with light times 5 and then when we use our grenade we will get 50 of our super bar back .note this only works for the first fifty percent of your  super.

But sometimes the charge of governor fails to give back 50 super energy because you just didn’t hit enough things with the blades. So to make this build even stronger and help us out with that last bit of super energy in comes the mode Dynamo.

This mod used to be on the glass items but they moved it to now be only on void energy helmets. By the way, Did you know how to get the Hawkmoon & Deathbringer ?

So if you want to use this to it’s fullest capacity you need to fully masterwork a helmet or at least have one with eight energy on it.Because then you can equip two times Dynamo on it.

Dynamo will reduce your super cool  down every time you dodge near an enemy and we combine this with Prometheus lens. Now you probably already are thinking why Prometheus lens how can this help out well because of the perk in the middle tree the burning edge .

Remember I told you to take a mental note of this one but that’s because while enemies burn your dodge ability recharges faster and how does Prometheus lens  kill things.

Yep by burning them.So just hitting your enemies with lens will recharge your dodge in mere 3 seconds without needing e hundreds mobility and because we have two times Dynamo every dart will give about five percent of your super energy.

Just for dodging near an enemy dodging will in turn give us a melee charge or reload your weapons but that’s just your personal  preference.

Here is how we combine everything and how we get our super back instantly. First off you want to get your super and 5 stacks of charts with light.  Did you know about the Destiny 2 New Secret Area.

This is very easy with the  masterwork hand cannon because rapid kills will charge you and it will also make orbs.,Which also charge you .

Then we have this to cast your first super and you make sure you hit as many  things as possible with your blade barrage.

Then right after casting your super,you want to throw your Grenade this will then instantly give you 50 of your super back but it’s only the  first 50 So that’s why you want to draw your grenade because shards of galanore has a little time window when you get your super energy from hitting or killing things.

So that’s why you  want to throw your grenade first so you get that first 50 and then shards of ganonor will give you your other fifty percent,
If you hit enough things . But if you didn’t get back your full  super that is no problem.  Did you know the tricks for finding Captive Cord Location.

Since you can easily dodge around a few enemies and get back that remaining super energy and then we have come full circle and you can just repeat this whole process. But you might have to wait on your grenade cool down.

That’s why I have a hand cannon with demolitionist on it so that I can charge myself but also get grenades back quickly and now to make sure you are an absolute gamer like this.And now we will talk about the replication process. Now for the next step for New Best Hunter Build in Beyond Light is after that.

Now instead of a hand cannon, you can also run a bow or a scout rifle. Since those will also work with precision charge.Just make sure it  has demolitionist on it and his masterwork.

So that you will get charged times five very quickly .Heavy weapon is all personal preference.

So you can run whatever there but of course  something with demolitionist will also help out there to get the grenade back quickly and that is your build Guys…….!

Thank you so much  and Stay With Shyoz…Happy Gaming….!

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