Monster Hunter World, Odogaron Dragonking – Best High Rank Armor.

Welcome Back to the another monster hunter world blog & today I wanna say why it’s one of the best high ranked armor sets. For sure I said that you want to go after once you start progressing through high rank yourself.

So first thing you may have wearing which is not a complete set. It is for first from auto gharam and the fifth and final part is actually is the dragon king eyepatch and I’ll explain why in just a moment first things first this is the auto garen armor set.

It’s one of my favorite armor sets in the game party because it looks badass partly because it’s red and always so partly because auto garen is also one of my favorite monster to the alpha version of the set.

So,we are looking at the complete Set for a moment. Firstly it has two set bonuse.If you have just two pieces equipped you get punishing draw this,a adda a stun effect to draw attacks and  slightly increases your attack power.

So assuming you run in and pull off your draw attacks on a monster head . Then you are building up that KO a threshold and eventually given the right opportunity.

You could KO the monster simply through a draw attack.However, second to that if you have four pieces equipped you unlock protective polish with this.Did you read about How to Complete Essence of Brutality.

Your weapon sharpness  does not decrease for a set time after sharpening you will notice that up here my sharpness gauge gets a little outline around it and all Wallis.

There my weapon sharpness won’t drop this lasts for a whopping one minute which makes it an exceptionally good skill when paired with weapons that have a small amounts of blue or white sharpness where that would normally decrease pretty quickly. Wait, are you excited for Best High Rank Armor monster hunter?

You are able to instead take advantage of this to make it go much further on top that you also have critical eye level 5 which increases your affinity by 20% and for those of you that are new to this series.

You can see affinity like great Chance it’s a chance on hit to do more or less damage you can get both positive and negative infinity.

You might notice  that some weapons you craft come with negative infinity meaning there is a chance that some of your hits may only do 75 percent of damage meanwhile positive infinity is chance to do 125 percent.

So Armor with affinity allows you to either boos that or negate any negatives.

Distance which is great .If you are fighting auto garen since he makes you bleed you also have speech often in level 3.This is amazing,it removes three cycles from the shopping process. Did you know the tricks for finding Captive Cord Location.

So instead of your sharpening being like this,it’s instead like this and this goes hand-in-hand with protective polish since it incredibly quick to sharpen.So you really have no excuse not to stay top.So, now you can guess for Best High Rank Armor monster hunter.

Top constitution number once reduced your standardization by 10% quick sheath level 1 makes it slightly quicker to put your weapon away which is handy.When you are pinch and the final skill you can ignore since it’s on my charming is not related to this set.

So that is the auto garen alpha set by default.However,if you want to make things even better, then right down of the bottom of the list you have the dragon king eyepatch. Hope really you excited about Shadowkeep Essence Quests Nightmare Hunt Quests Loot Guide!

This has weakness exploit level 2 on it which makes it so that when you hit Wig spots you have an  additional 30% increased affinity.

Now by dropping the algirah and helmet you lose two points in bleed resistance meaning you only have level one but since mose monsters don’t inflict this.

Anyway it’s really not a big loss but you also do drop critical eye down to level 4 instead meaning that by default you have plus 15% affinity as opposed to the plus 20% from before.  Prepare that with weakness exploit and your overall affinity gain is much higher.By the way, so are you know how to get the Hawkmoon & Deathbringer ?

This set is an incredibly potent combination and since the auto garen set is something a bit of craft say  mid way into high rank is also a viable endgame set since you can boost the defence considerably.

It’s what I have been using to tackle all of the endgame content thus far it looks  awesome.Best High Rank Armor monster hunter is close to you.

Provide some greats damage boosts and if you pair it with a fast attacking weapon,you will be pulling off critical hits all the time.

I had a lot of fun running the set with dual  blades because you will see the benefits on this So frequently but as mentioned there are multiple benefits to use in asset you can combat weapons with negative infinity. Hopefully you know the tricks to How to Get the Polaris Lance.

Thanks to the good amount of base affinity this provides and the out of weakness exploit,you can deal with weapons that have low sharpness and the handful of utility skills make things like sharpening  in combat much less dangerous .

Now to be clear this is not the be all and end all set.It’s not a case of Make this you will never need anything ever again of course not after all the true endgame is about building sets that truly benefit your play style and your weapon choice.

But as high ranked gear goes that you can make off the bats this is a great set to aim for it will see through the challenges that lie ahead of you as your approach the end of high rank.

Its not too difficult to farm .Once you get used to auto Garens tools and it looks really cool so it’s definitely a greater to aim for and run with until you ultimately begin dipping in for endgame and start building your own mix sets. Hope you know the tricks to How to Get the Polaris Lance.

So for the time being that was quick and short blog for all. If you have any questions by all means let me know and keep it locked for much more lost underworld blog.Thanks Reading and take it easily.

So stay with Shyoz, the World of Gaming…..!

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