How To Complete ASPECT OF CONTROL Quest.

Today’s Blog I hope that I can help you with your aspect of control mission. You’re gonna need two things for Completing ASPECT OF CONTROL Quest-

  • You need to complete the campaign.
  • You’re gonna need to complete the exotic quest for the salvation’s grip exotic grenade launcher.

That is stasis you can pick that out from the drifter and continue to do his quest
. It’s super easy and super simple. So go and do that, then come back and we’re gonna go from charles cross.

I’m gonna go left up to cadmus ridge and next to gray exo science. The little triangle we’re looking for is one of five. The first one is in that area hope you can understand. It’s just below,

so make sure you do everything which I told because there’ll be points where I’ll be interjecting into this and just telling you a few little tips and stuff like that.

So from there, we’ve all done that happy days. We’re now into the next area. So we’re going to go from travis crossing again and this time we’re going to go right into a stereo. Hope you guys know about Destiny 2 New Secret Area.

My friend will always be on the location of the crux on the maps. I’m in the triangle. So from here we’re just going to go straight on to that vex looking structure to where my friend my teammate has placed himself in front of the crux.

Okay so number three, you can come from trash cross again or stay in that area. I recommend staying in that area. We’re gonna go into the lost sector concealed void.

Now this will be tough because if you are not light these enemies are going to appear to be really tough for you to kill.

So we’re going to do is drop down literally, where we were and instead of going left, we’re going to go right underneath this cave. So left is a no, right as a yes and you’ll see a hole in the wall. Did you remember about Destiny 2 Essence of Failure – Captive Cord Location.

You’re gonna go down that hole on the wall and that’ll take us to our lost
sector. Awesome, we’re in the concealed void. So from here, you’re gonna run through all the way to the last boss room. Again I want to say that please give attention to Complete ASPECT OF CONTROL Quest.

Now if you’re a hunter I recommend in your low light I recommend running, you’re gonna come to a room. Make all the way through it’s one straight line you’re gonna run into the middle, look up and there is your third crux or triangle three.

So to get to event ruins, you’re going to go from towns, crossing all the way through cadmus ridge to even tide ruins. You would have found that location already just by completing the campaign. Hope you know the strategy of getting the Deathbringer
& Hawkmoon.

But just for those, who need that little bit of extra guidance. So this room there, on the left is for the elevator. We’re going to take that up and you’re going to follow it to complete aspect of control quest all the way around. It brings us outside to that area.

Now there’s a nice little shortcut in that area that I thought would put in the blog to help you guys out. But effectively what we want to do is get up to the top right where there is a door. By the way, I know you wait for the Secret Upgrade.

So the easiest way of doing is jumping on that weird looking kind of building like a
mushroom and then we’re going to jump up on top of that balcony as well. Then you’re going to make it over the bridge and you’ll come up to a room like.

Now you want to keep note of this room, because we will be coming back there later. Once we have the fifth and final shard or crux. So in this one we’re gonna go right there. So hopefully you know about How to Get the Polaris Lance.

Normally is a rune in front you need to dispel it and we’re gonna go up the elevator to our next location. We’re gonna be running jumping over and finding the fourth one. Awesome, so we’re gonna stay in this area.

Do not leave this area, this is where we just were. We’re gonna go up the stairs through the fallen teleporter and from there on is a lot of running.

So if you know your way around this area. Wait until you get into the kind of the big blue boss room, where you fight the big old breek. Fight carefully to complete aspect of control quest.

If you know what I’m talking about, so we’re not gonna go towards the room. We’re gonna go left. So for anybody else who doesn’t really remember this area very well, please try again, it’s pretty much straight running through here.

There’s no twists and turns. You come outside to the big mushroom dome building again and guess what. That’s right we’re running again through the door. Previously
you read about Shadowkeep Essence Quests.

So we can get to the shipyard. So once you’ve landed, go through this door and you’re going to want to look for kind of like a blue exhaust. There you can get this.

So go towards that blue exhaust underneath it will be a door outside into the shipyard take the right path rather than the top path. You’re going to jump up on top of this little.

This is kind of suspended platform over to the door. On the left as you can hopefully see on your screen and then you’re gonna follow this through. There’ll be a couple more doors.

It’s pretty straight forward. I’m kind of like the areas there’s no twists and turns and stuff. It’s literally straightforward so until you get to this lovely big room here there’ll be a couple of enemies kill those enemies look to your right when you come in the door and there is the fifth and final crux.

We now need to return to riz reborn approach. So we’re back into that room. If you can remember we were, we did go right where the room is. We’re going left up the top and left. That’s where we’re going. It comes to this big long corridor.

So if it wasn’t clear enough, find the corridor and then continue. On from here and then we’re going to drop down into this area and there’ll be a room full of enemies. Now there are overload champions.

By the way, What should you choose Drifter or Vanguard???

You need to kill those champions to allow yourself to commune with the crux again. So make sure your overload rounds on and good luck. Awesome, you’re now ready to commune and get your ice flare bolt aspect and complete aspect of control quest.

That’s everything I hope this post has helped you a lot. If it has, Please let me know and stay with us.

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