How to Complete Dueling peeks tower shrines in Zelda.

I’m here and today we’re gonna be covering every single shrine in Legend of Zelda breath of the wild. We’re gonna be doing it by area and if there’s some really really difficult stuff that
evolves some side quests. I’ll let you guys know about that too.

We’re gonna be doing Dueling peeks tower shrines. Now this is gonna be the area directly east of the great plateau region which most likely you’ll encounter on your way to Kakariko village.

Which the game suggest you to do at the beginning of the game. The first shrine that you’re going to come across most likely by accident is the bosch kala shrine.

The bosch kala srhine the wind that guides you the shrine is a very simple and straightforward one. As soon as you enter you’re gonna use the power glider in front of the wind stream.

In order to get your first item next make your way on up the staircase and then up the small pedestal to the left from here. You’re also going to use your paraglider to make your way on over and then climb on top of the platform right next to you.

Use a paraglider to land on the other platform. Be sure to cancel that out before you fly past, it now to get the last treasure chest.

You’re going to need to run and then at the very corner edge of this entire platform is where you’re going to use your paraglider to activate from here. Just repeat the
last step to make your way on over and you’re all set.

Another shrine that you may have come across by accident is the Rida. The shrine timing is critical, this shrine is found between the dueling peaks on the cliff road that overlooks the North River Shore step on the floor. By the way, hope you also know
about Mirro Shaz Shrine.

Switch to make an orb fall in the concave slot this activates a moving platform and takes it to the next step. So do it again except this time move away from the switch just before the orb reaches the end of the first platform.

So that the slope of the second platform slows it down just enough for it to not fall and then it’ll gently roll down all by itself.

Next you need to stand on the floor switch again to release the orb and every time you step away from it it’s going to flick back up. You need to work on your timing in order to get it to fly over properly and then you’re all set.

Now we would get the chest in this area before you head up to the altar grab
a metal barrel with the manganese disability and drop it on the floor. Switch you activated just previously,

this will raise the platform giving you access to the treasure chest and you’re
all set for our next. Run the hill or I’ll shine this shrine lies in a small sandbar island covered in flowers to the north of dueling peaks tower.

Now if you step on the flowers this crazy is gonna yell at you. So just don’t step on the flowers and also she’s gonna bring you back to the beginning. Glad to know that
you already know about How to complete the north Lomei labyrinth maze.

So yeah, you don’t want to do that navigate your way through the flower maze also
be sure to not touch a corner of the flowers because that still counts as you stepping on the flowers.

Once in the shrine step on the wooden raft to cross the first stream or if you’re like me you just fall and then just Boop great in the second area perceived.

In the same manner across the second stream but consider pausing briefly on the way to lift the treasure chest at the bottom using maintenances. In the final room, reads the signatures you’re just out of the water with the cry honest ability so that you can open it some in a second.

Block of ice right next to the rocks and then throw a bomb at. It have that bomb explode destroy the rocks and make your way up to the altar the tallow meg shrine.

The shrine is found on a hill in the northeast area of Kakariko village. This is going to act as your war point for all of Kakariko. The shrine acts as an introduction to some key combat features.

follow the on-screen instructions to complete it. Two treasure chests are available at the front of the room and a third one on the way to the altar. our next run is the total saw shrine.

You can find the shrine in the southeast area of the dueling peaks along a small stream that branches off from the main river the shrine. It is actually very well hidden behind this door or pass mobile wall. Did you remembered about Twin Memories Shrine.

You’re gonna easily blow it up with a bomb and then use your cry honest ability to make some stepping stones to make your way over there. Or if you’re like me and you blow up your ice when you detonate it yeah that’s cool.

So this is the toto saw apparatus for the first area. Flip your controller upside down to reveal a treasure chest for your second one slide your controller over slightly I said
great to line up the stairs and then rotate your controller to line it up with.

How you plan on going for the third one. You’re pretty much gonna flip it upside
down in order to get this chest right there. That’s gonna have a small key in it.

After you obtain the small key, you’re gonna make your way back to the apparatus and then you’re going to line up the stairs to the right. There you go and line up the path for you to follow.

It make your way to the end with the small key and you’re all set for the Lochner roki
shrine. This one involves a couple of side quests the shrine is located east of Kakariko village in the south woods nearby the great fairy fountain.

You need to reveal the shrine by dropping an orb in the pedestal to the east of Kakariko village close to the great fairy fountain. The orb in question lies right by Impa inside our house.

However, you can only obtain if you completed three local quests flown the coop by flyer flies light and find the fairy fountain for flown the coop.

I’m gonna talk to Kaito when he appears right in front of his chicken den make her way through Kakariko village. Find all seven missing, Coco’s the only one that was really hard for me is this last one over here.

He was on top of the roof. I needed to make my way over there.
You got to climb up, make him back after all done, he will give you fifty rupees and complete the quest your next side question.

You need to do is find the fairy fountain talk to pick Kongo. He’s the guy who was usually painting and he’s going to bring you all the way until pretty much right before. Because you already know about The Best Way to defeat windblight Ganon.

The great fairy fountain give the fairy 100 rupees because apparently that’s how
she regains her power. I’m confused by that great when you’re here she can actually upgrade to the power of some of your armor as long as you have the monster parts for it.

So just take a picture of the great fairy fountain, returned back to him and his a jocking rusting spot. Show him the picture, he’ll give you 50 rupees and the quest is complete.

For your third and final side quests, in order to get to the shrine you need to make your way to the southeast corner of the village anytime after 10 p.m. Here you can find lastly,

if that’s how you say your name any ways, she’s gonna need to see some fireflies anytime after 10 p.m. as long as it’s not raining in Kakariko village. You could find some fireflies. Grab five of them bring them to her house.

Use the hold ability, drop them and then she gives you 50 rubies and you complete the quest. After this, any time after 10 p.m. you can make your way over to impass house to trigger a cutscene and the stolen heirloom shrine quest will now initiate after you’re done with all that. Sit by a fire wait til 10 p.m.

and you one of the guards leave his post that happens exactly at 10:00 p.m.
follow him all the way. Make sure to keep a pretty good distance. You don’t want to scare him off anytime after he says show yourself you can make your way across the bridge.

That will trigger a cutscene and a fight. Now defeat the Yaga Blademaster to receive the Europe. By the way, that is a really good area to get a picture of a blur be that’s what these little guys are called also. By the way, here you get the tricks about
The Best way to Defeat Waterblight Ganon.

If you shoot them with an arrow, you get a whole bunch of rubies once inside the shrine head to the shrine collect the contents of the treasure chest. Then activate the altar and you’re all set for the last two shrines.

I don’t say that you need to progress to a certain point in the game. But having a lot of stamina or a lot of stamina healing items is definitely helpful. Also something to help protect against the cold.

The shirt should be just fine though. So what you’re going to need to do, you need to make your way to the very top of dueling piece. Both the South Summit and the North summit. The South Summit is a little bit easier to get to.

So I recommend going to that one first once inside both of these are going to have mirrored images of each other. Then what you’re going to need to do on the south side one that would be the shorter of the two is activate this pattern the first row,

three second row one third row four fourth row 2. This is actually the starting pattern of the other location also to get the chest all you need to do is go up this little elevator.

Which brings you to the observatory kind of area and then hang glide down and get your chest for the north end. Remember when I say do you need some stamina, well I needed to complete circles and items to heal me up in order to get up
there with speed up activated.

So may want to wait a little bit like to try in this one. So in the shiva near shrine you’re gonna need to activate the pattern that the other one started off
with from the observatory area.

You could get your item and this right here is going to be the exact pattern. You need to activate in the first column number, two in the second column number
three and number five number.

Five may be not pictured there in the fourth column number four and in the fifth column number one and then you’re all set. And that right there and guys,this
is how to get every single shrine in the region of the duel antiques hour.

Whether you’re using, this as a walkthrough or a completionist.

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