Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Twin Memories Shrine.

I am back with another Zelda blog and this time it’s only twin memories shrine and this is a trick it’s when I have been to yet.

So the shrine is located in the west and the kuda on top of there duelling peaks on the sister peak right the map across the river.

It is a quick tip go to this core 0ck or another feed but now that we are at the shrine right here. Once you are down, there you will see there is a bunch of orbs inside these slots.
There was a sign right there. So the sign says the shrine on the top.

These peaks share a connection their memory. The answer to the other questions commit to memory before you start. Let’s take failures and you will be the part.

But if you heard about The Best way to Defeat Waterblight Ganon – Vah Ruta, So the trick here is to go onto this platform just to get a view of the pattern very clearly and what you will do is when this is your first time there, you will not have to bother moving any of these.

What you want to do is stand up the pattern floor there and take a picture with your phone or camera to remember the pattern. I was not sure if this is a random pattern.

So I was not going to like bother try and make a cheat sheet or anything but if the game itself doesn’t make a new pattern for every player then I guess you could just go straight to the other shrine and copy them unless it limits it but before that you will fly down here on your glider and there is a chest there.

So now let’s go back upstairs. There is a nettle back outside and when you first came here, you are kind of looking towards. It couldn’t really tell well if you look off this Ridge here.

So the shrine is kind of fairly out of your view to take your glider out and glide to it and this is the sister shrine and the same exact pattern that was the other one. If you want to put into.

So that’s the exact same thing but reversed and so just like the other one. You will want to go up there and take a picture of how these ones are oriented before you start moving them around.

Then after you have gotten that picture and you have accounted for it. Now you can take the one letter in this shrine and organize them the same as the last try that you were just at.

But before doing all that, probably want to come there where you can grab a weapon or whatever is in you version of this chest.

So I got a cool spear all right but for that, you will wan to how you have the ones in the last one like use the same. Now you don’t reverse them even though these rooms are reverse order order,
you still put them in the same exact pattern but I have already done that, my gates still closed because I left and came back.

Now I will go back to that one with the patterns that you got from there. So can save to your phone. Now I was going to speed that up as I solved the first one. I want to let the where the orbs were on the other one.

So now it’s solved on the first one that we went to. So don’t forget to come back to this one after you did the other one and then you got to try and solve just like that and that’s the key to solving both shrines.

Hopefully it saved you a lot of trouble that I want to spend like 30 minutes maybe an hour just to figure out what was going on and don’t forget to come to that core afterward.

By the way, are you heard about The Best Way to defeat windblight Ganon – Vah Medoh ?

What you have to do, you can find a apple there and then you just get an F here before and place it in the adjacent one and then you will appear it and there you go another Quick Tip.

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