Found Crux Of Darkness in dreaming city.

Today’s post, we’re taking a look at a brand new crux of darkness that has been found over in the dreaming city.

It’s pointing towards, some changes coming in the next season and throughout the rest of year.

If you want to find out more, be sure to stick around and enjoy the post. Now with the conclusion of season of arrivals and the arrival of the pyramid ships in our solar system, we saw multiple destinations sunset. So you will know now about Found Crux Of Darkness in dreaming city.

we saw monoliths floating around in the sky as well as cruxes of darkness
appearing. Which formed public events which is part of the seasonal activity for that
particular season.

Now while the darkness has appeared on europa as of yet, we haven’t spotted it outside that destination until now. In a sneaky cutscene for the season of the hunt,
you can.

In fact, just about see in the distance there in the dreaming city a crux of darkness monolith. This is over the delvie and mist, which is the spawn point within the dreaming city and indicated some exciting changes coming in the final weeks of this season.

Now as i said the last time, we saw a darkness monolith or a crux of darkness outside europa. It was over in the contact public events and this was found on titan and europa of which both of those destinations have been sunset.

Now with that all being said there are no current indications to imply that a dreaming city will be added to the destiny content vol in a recent interview with luke smith and dr lupo luke.

Smith did confirm that dlc destinations would have to be free for an entire year before they’re considered being added to the destiny content vault. By the way, hope you also know about Mirro Shaz Shrine.

Forsaken and shadow keep are both still of expansions for destiny. And offer unique campaigns as well as these destinations we’re talking about. So there’s no current short-term plans.

At least the dreaming city or the tangled shore to be added to that vault. So with the discovery of the crux of darkness in the dreaming city and this cutscene with shivala and osiris with some kabul blood generals still to take place the next couple of weeks.

For the final weeks of season of the hunt could be very interesting. Indeed now, with the four destinations being removed. But the launch should be online.

The pyramid ships are clearly in our solar system and this implies they are here to stay and will appear on further destinations throughout year four. It seems as though the dreaming city and possibly the tango tour are the first of those destinations.

Now as we learn in a recent this week at bungie in season 13. Which is rumored to be called season of the chosen, we’ll see the prismatic recaster return the addition of prismatic lenses.

And also the umbrella engrams. These will have tabs for each and every season. But the last time, we saw humble engrams was when we had pyramids over the relevant destinations.

Now whilse the prismatic recaster and the umbral engrams are returning due to community feedback, it’s likely bungie will provide some narrative reason for them returning too.

And with the addition of the darkness over additional destinations, this could be just the start of where that time begins. By the way, What should you choose Drifter or Vanguard ?

Now at the very beginning of season of the hunt, the crow does state that there are holes throughout the reef and as a result, zifu iraf is penetrating the tangled shore.You can already guess about Found Crux Of Darkness in dreaming city.

And dreaming city infecting fallen and hive in those destinations. Now if zhifu iraf can penetrate the reef and it’s highly likely that the darkness is able to do that too.

And there’s unused dialogue from our ghost which implies there are further missions to take place before the end of this current season. So if you don’t want to be spoiled or find out what any of this dialogue.

There was some veteran dialogue non-veteran dialogue. But also some unused ghost dialogue and it’s the one that we’re focusing on there. Now as you can see on your screen a lot of these lines are very similar and in ways are repeated.

But there are a few key lines that really stand out and these include the darkness is there. I can feel it another crux of darkness here. They’re reaching out beyond europa.

The darkness isn’t just on europa. It’s everywhere we have to keep fighting. So whether they are part of a mission. We are yet to see or they’re just unused dialogue that won’t be used this season.

They are linking the crux that we’ve just discovered over on the dreaming
city of a possible story narrative towards the end of this season leading into season of the chosen.

Now if he wasn’t able to locate where the crux of darkness is,you can get the help of
some tutorial videos on youtube. So finally you known almost about Found Crux Of Darkness in dreaming city.

It’s actually over in the delvian mist as I said this is the main spawn point for the dreaming city.  Previously you read about Shadowkeep Essence Quests.

So in terms of accessibility it means we can load indirectly there whether that be an activity or public event. Now it’s likely to be there either next week or in the final week.

The current season in terms of what that will mean we are yet to see. But be sure to let me know your thoughts on this so far down in the comments below.

So based on what we know and what we’ve experienced so far in season of the hunt and a few of the little sneaky teasers that bungie are dropping there.

And there ahead of season 13 it is quite clear that rap on hunts have a very key part throughout the rest of year for especially linking us with zifu raf. But also the darkness too .

Now as things stand the hive and fallen are the only infected combatants right now. But it’s likely that cabal and potentially hive are going to be later infected combatants too.

One big unanswered question that we have in regards to the presence of the darkness inside the dreaming city is what this will do to the curse in the dreaming city itself.

Now it is possible that their presence alone could potentially break the curse within the dreaming city which was riven of a thousand voices last wish. Hope you guys know about Destiny 2 New Secret Area.

If this turns out to be true then we could potentially see the return of maro save the queen of the reef what would be interesting is how she perceives crow and will.

In fact will crow even recognize her as his sister and with that being said there is some law in the game on the sleepless rocket launcher.Did you remember about Destiny 2 Essence of Failure – Captive Cord Location.

This is in fact from the dreaming city 2 and it references a dream that sure I do had in regard to marasav. And as you can think i’ve highlighted the key section here.

It reads I was dreaming just says wiping her mouth off with the back of her hand. I saw you on that great black triangle. You split it in two with your bare hands and I was dead I think.

She cracks the back of her neck with a deliciously loud pop or trapped like in a maze. But pretty close to figuring my way out and that statement alone could link it to the curse within the dreaming city itself.

If we can break that curse or if the darkness can break that curse, then we could potentially see the return of two very influential characters.Hope you know the strategy of getting the DeathbringerHawkmoon.

I will admit it’s a little bit tin full hat time. But be sure to let me know your thoughts on that one down in the comments below. Now looking back to the interview with luke smith.

He did mention as stasis and darkness spreads through other destinations. We’ll also be discovering new aspects and fragments during the year so it’d make absolute sense to start communing with the darkness in other areas within the solar system.

Since the dreaming city appears to be a main focus for year for especially with zifu iraf. The season of the hunt story at least it does make sense for some of the
darkness to start appearing there.

So there we have it the cracks of darkness found on a dreaming city snack into a cut scene by bungie themselves.

As you can see on your screen there are some systematic reasons, some narrative reasons, some lore reasons and also some tinfoil hat reasons on why that may be the case. By the way, I know you wait for the Secret Upgrade.

But be sure to let me know your thoughts and opinions guys down in the comments below. So that’s going to round out the post for today.

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