How to Get Majora’s Mask Krok Mask.

Officially the DLC has been released DLC pack one for Legend of Zelda breath of the wild. This is only available through the expansion pass twenty bucks you get all the DLCs.

It’s a great deal. Today I’m going to be telling you guys exactly how to get Majora’s Mask as well as the core rock mask in breath of the wild soon.

as you boot up your game once you have the DLC pack 2 installed you’re gonna get a whole bunch of side quests for the game.

The one that we’re gonna be looking at today is gonna be for the ancient mask. Now to do any of these you’re gonna go from the grey plateau tower and you’re gonna need to make your way to this location from the grey plateau tower.

You could just go lie down over and then boom. There’s a little journal and it says was this book always here misko’s ax journal. By the way, Hope you know about how to get Suma Sahma Shrine.

I had the 8 priceless relics. I stole from the Hyrule Castle in treasure chests and I shall write down their locations.

Misco the great bandit, it’s not a very good band if he’s writing down the locations of all of these things.

He says the aging mask lies at the ruins where soldiers gathered from there the waters of Lake Como are visible.

So if you pull up your map just a little ways north, you’re going to find Lake Como and the exact location we’re going to. Going in the lake Colome ruins which are the
pretty much the peninsula inside of lake Coloma.

I’m gonna highly recommend going into your shige’s late. For the sheikah sensor plus going to the very last page. Do you know What’s Change in Master Mode – Zelda Breath ?

Hope you took a picture of your treasure chest and then you’re going to want to search for said treasure chests. Now once we’re at the area are gonna kind of
wander around.

Chicest sensor is gonna be going off kind of use that as the indicator of where you’re going to be going. Then eventually that you’re gonna find in one of the corners
right next to the building Baron underneath ground is gonna be boom.

A purple and gold chest with the letters ax on it that stands for I don’t know extra paid or something change and then inside of here boom Majora’s Mask.  I told you before about The Best way to Defeat Waterblight Ganon in zelda.

It has a defensive one you’re gonna be able to trick people Cobb lens and mob lens into not attacking you. Great stuff right there also just because I know it’s gonna come up in the questions.

No you cannot upgrade. It has a defensive one that’s it. In addition to that when you go to Kelton there’s no special text contrary to what you know the designer of the game said that you’re cutting into his business that’s not how it works at all.

For the Clorox mask this is gonna be a separate side quest that’s gonna bring you to what land stable and here you’re gonna find the super rumor mill volume one.

It’s going to say Tracy here awake or asleep my quest for juicy rumors never rest. Today I’ve got a hot rumor for you and it’s an exclusive the special topic is the mysterious Korac mask. Hope you know about How to Complete Dueling peeks tower shrines in Zelda.

They say that if you pour enough love into an object a spear well inhabitant. Something that creepies just gotta be true and apparently this mask is inhabited by a spirit who if you wear it is supposedly shakes.

It makes adorably weird noises every now and then. Maybe it does that to tell you when your friends are nearby and you can’t see them. Who knows some say the treasure chests containing this mask is hitting a tree hollow in a forest.

That makes people lose their way. I don’t really need to hear any more this. I’m sure you don’t either. once you went to the Lost Woods I’m gonna tell you an exact location.

You’re gonna want to put on your map right here and hope this little green pin. make sure you leave it right there. this could be super super d-do pretty helpful trust me. Yesterday I wrote about Twin Memories Shrine.

Now you’re gonna want to take your path like you normally do as if you’re
actually making your way into the core rock forest.

Once you get to the two torches for the check, mark now you’re gonna run directly toward that green marker that I told you.

Which is gonna bring you right to pretty much the water’s edge. Make sure you have magnesia available because you’re looking for a metal chest.

By the way from all of these you could look for the metal chest with magnesia
and then inside one of the last trees right before the water boom chest inside.

Inside you’re gonna get yourself that coal rock mask. Keep in mind if you sell anything from the DLC you’re not gonna be able to get it back. Hope you know about The Best Way to defeat windblight Ganon.

However purchasing the DLC from one user on the eShop is going to make for all of your playthroughs.

That’s fantastic guys in just a couple hours I’m gonna be giving you another post as far as the rest of the items for Legend of Zelda breath of the wild DLC pack 1.

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