The Legend of Zelda Suma Sahma Shrine.

Today I’m here to tell you the secret of the snowy peak in the Legend of Zelda breath shrine allows the Nintendo. Switch it is here in the mountain.

Separate the Theron region from Gerudo region in the southwest edges of Hyrule. Here it is very cold. Hope you know about the all type of shrine.

I am wearing my warm doublet as you can see right there but it’s not helping
I’m still cold. So I’m going to go ahead and eat something warm right away.

Otherwise I can expect to lose half a heart every 10 seconds of real life time or 10 minutes of game time. That’s not going to last me very long.

Let’s see what can I eat mid level cold resistance. I’ll eat some spicy steamed mushrooms can associate. I see pepper Sun shrooms and warm Selena or I don’t
probably need 12 minutes.

I’ll go something a little bit smaller just a spicy pepper and a Sun shroom that will keep me nice and warm. Do you know What’s Change in Master Mode – Zelda Breath ?

Go link alright and now that we’re here there’s this abandoned cabin here with a notebook. Let’s go ahead and read the notebook.

First page survey says this is a log of my findings concerning the shrine that sleeps on a snowy Gerudo peak discovery log day. One I come to the snowy mountain intending to find the ancient shrine that was written about in an old text.

The shrine slumbers near the pedestal on a snowy Gerudo peak. I believe I’ve arrived at the pedestal mentioned in the passage next page discovery log day 7.

It’s been seven days since I arrived at the pedestal mentioned in the ancient text. Unfortunately I’m eating through my food provisions more quickly than I anticipated on a brighter note.

I found an explanation in the source text that may be the key to this riddle. Maybe you should have done your literary research before you came to the mountain. I told you before about The Best way to Defeat Waterblight Ganon in zelda.

When the snowy mountain pedestal blows cast a cold shadow onto its core. I noticed a faint glow to the pedestal for a short while each day you couldn’t have noted the time in your book.

But how to cast a cold shadow onto its core it seems that this calls for further research here discovery log day. I’ve lost count I can feel that my hair’s breadth away from unlocking the secrets hidden within the pedestal.

I’m certain that casting and cold refer to using a specific type of shadow. You already said that but I’ve run out of food entirely and I doubt.

Now that I may ever have the tool to do the job whatever they might be. Gee I hope you went back home rather than starving up here that would not have been wise.

Okay so we see these pillars way up there atop the mountain and that seems suspicious and you might want to go that way. Hope you know about How to Complete Dueling peeks tower shrines in Zelda.

But no it’s a red herring there’s a cog seat up there. But it’s not where you find the shrine. You go back this way and there’s a pedestal.

Oh my goodness it is not horizontal like you usually find. In fact is between these two Pete’s double peak and mount granite roof. So we have to wait for it to start glowing and what time is that you may ask well.

I’ll give you the time of day because you asked right now it’s 355. It’s going to start glowing at 4 o’clock any minute. Now there it is yep it’s glowing. Yesterday I wrote about Twin Memories Shrine.

It went to cast a coal shadow onto it and we have a half an hour or real life 90 seconds until 5:30. To do it so let’s grab this snowball that just happens to be here and see if we can angle this just right.

Well we got that but let’s try throwing it. Now shall we often work all right. So what do we do to cast a cold shadow apparently is not referring to the moon.

Because the moon isn’t out at this time of day. It’s not nighttime yet, let’s try this again. Let’s cast that cold shadow there we go. You want to be sure you guys right. Hope you know about The Best Way to defeat windblight Ganon.

Because there are a limited number of snow balls in this region. If you throw them all away you’re gonna have to reload a savegame. Because I don’t think blink can make his own snowball.

But once you get that right the shrine appears just like so many other hidden shrines throughout this game. It is arrived and now I can put this little down right here probably going to roll away.

That’s what snowballs to 5 snowball. Alright now where it is actually appear where. Oh there it is, Wow not very subtle is it ok. So now we can go ahead and complete the secret of the snowy peaks.

Now venture inside and undergo the trial that doesn’t sound like a blessing to me. So maybe this is just half the fun the sumo sama shrine is now ready and available for our access.

What a pleasant time of day it is to go inside where it’s probably going to be warmer. How can it not be right whoo let’s go ahead and enter sumo trauma soup drama sooo much shrub.

Let’s go inside although this architecture does look like a blessing shrine could it really have been that easy. So it was shucks, I was looking forward to undergoing a trial do you who set foot in the shrine.

I am sumo sama by entering this place. You’ve already proven your worth have I. I’ve heard somebody’s book and I follow the instructions not all that hard. Once you know where to look in the chest.

There is a moonlight scimitar like the third one I have found in the last 24 hours. I already have one but I want to complete this shrine. Maybe you known about Mirro Shaz Shrine in zelda.

So hey let me go ahead and dump my Oh two plus five though. Alright I’ll go ahead and dump gee.

Do I have any crappy weapons?

No I really like everything I have. I’ll drop my boomerang because I know where I can get more of those. So now I have to moonlight scimitars swell that’s an also an attack up great.

So now we can get the spirit orb which is as we all know the main reason we’re here.
You have done well to arrive at the shrine. Hopefully, you know about How to complete the north Lomei labyrinth maze.

A hero rises to right the wrongs of Hyrule Sanwa in the name of God is highly I bestow upon you. This spirit orb know that X button in the lower right corner says I can skip this.

I don’t think I’ve ever done that. I’ve gone through this laborious process for every single spirit orb.

Great, now I need never be cold ever again spirit or a symbol of courage given to those who have overcome the challenges with shrine may the goddess smile upon you.

Well sure I seem she has nothing better to do like save the world from Ganon. I still have a few more minutes of cold resistance. I’m go outside play and enjoy it thanks for staying.

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