Abandoned Ship With Dark Enemy Onboard.

During the season of the chosen reveal, we got a glimpse at a mysterious abandoned ship near the end of the trailer. Today we’re going to uncover what these symbols.

Where this abandoned ship may be and what we may be fighting if we head there this season.
Welcome back everybody hope you’re having an amazing day and let’s jump right into abandoned ship and this mystery here.

So this is the ship in question. If you’ve seen the trailer thanks to the press get
released by bungie. We do know we will be heading to this ship for the exotic quest this season which will give us this weapon.

This is very interesting and we’ll talk about a theory on that in a bit. But osiris says there is no light here. By the way, What should you choose Drifter or Vanguard ?

So let’s try to theorize where this abandoned ship is and who it possibly belonged to. The first thing we can gather is that this thing is not on any planet but obviously in space.

We can see asteroids floating around it and a light source emitting from the distance. There not sure if that’s the sun or some type of planet radiating lights who knows.

So the first theory that’s been floating around is that this might be one of the damaged ships of the cassini fleet.

This fleet of ships were destroyed as they were trying to flee earth during the collapse. But the darkness caught up with them and they were known as the cassini fleet.

So you never know this could be. But it seems more likely that this is a cabal
ship given its appearance and smoother edges. And also these symbols we’ll talk about it also appears this thing looks abandoned in the darkness.

But not really damage at least from the images we’ve received. So it doesn’t really make sense that it would be this ship right here as there is no damage to its outside and hall.

If this is some giant cabal ship where is it and what happened on board osiris says there is no light here. So we can assume that like is leviathan. Hope you guys know about Destiny 2 New Secret Area.

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This ship was in an area where the pyramid ships suppress the light with the darkness. Now we know the leviathan was around nessus and there wasn’t really darkness there yet.

But we do know that his ship disappeared when the darkness arrives. So whether he left or if it caused it we don’t know.

So that leaves us a couple of options maybe this thing is around to titan mercury or more likely mars as this is a cabal ship.

Here are some pictures of some cabal ships to compare and also here’s a picture from the opening mission of destiny 2 where we start outside onboard. Hope you know about How to Get the New Exotic Armor.

That cabal ship after amanda flies us up we can see these same sort of architecture here on the door. So this seems like it’s cabal for sure in the trailer next to the
osiris dialogue.

We can also see weird symbols flashing really fast and a symbol appear at the bottom right.

Thanks to a community effort it seems that these symbols right here match the
sky burner’s distress call signals from destiny 1 aboard the dreadnought.

For those, that don’t know the sky burners were a group of cabal in destiny. They crashed one of their warships the dantalian exodus into the hive ship.

Also the hive they can be seen in one mission sending a distress call back to the cabal empire and dominus gaul. So do you know the strategy of How to Get Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun ?

This of course is what started the red war orbit fleet is well clear of saturn. We’ll need them to defend the city if it comes to that. They’ve picked up a high gain signal from the cabal beach head on the dreadnought.

The message is outward bound its target is far outside the solar system. We have to know what they’re saying and who they’re seeing too signals down.

It was encrypted but some of the headers are legible. This was a detailed distress signal intended for the head of the cabal empire. I’ll pass the scan from your ghost to the kryptoki.

I have a feeling we want to know as much about the signal as we can. In the meantime that’s a job well done. So let’s get back to the symbols.

Here are some comparisons from destiny 1 and then the new trailer. I think most people have tried to figure out what this cabal alphabet means or what these symbols represent.

But I don’t think much has been determined other than some numbers at this point in time. So maybe by the time this post comes out or in the future we may know what these mean exactly and somebody could leave that in the comments.

But if these symbols are pretty close. This could mean another distress call was sent from this abandoned ship as the darkness arrived not too long ago.

Of course that’s just my assumption the darkness. It could be something else maybe an alien force like the ophelian or something.

So after the symbols if we look at the bottom right and freeze it right here you can compare this logo to the skyburners one seen on the dreadnought.

So the question here then is who is this distressed signal sent to who on board. This ship thought somebody out there could save them from whatever was going on here

It could be many people but if it was a cabal distress signal my guess is it was sent to more cabal like the first one lord from the wild hunt.

Grasps give us a little hint at what kallus was up to before darkness engulfed his world-eating ship. So in this card it is a guardian and then two fallen dregs.

I believe and they’re trying to hunt this rathborn and try to figure out where it went fine at any rare. No flower survived this the exo knelt in the dirt and unfurled his fingers into an open palm old blood here.

But no bodies a ghost materialized and silently scanned the stained ground fallen traces of ether and cabal oil galen turned to his escorts.

There were associates on this convoy always nivik’s eyed galen’s goes as it dematerializes into the exo’s hand venrus nudged nivicks and spoke they take bodies.

Don’t know why she added cabal oil unexpected rumor is kalas has a ship snagging scorned from the reef.

You sure it was rathborn assuredly nivick said locking eyes with galen is good riddance to scorn cabal are just as susceptible as you are it would seem yes nivick’s crouched near galen.

So thanks to that card we know that kallus took some scorn or was in the process of trying to take them from the reef before his disappearance.

And with this new trailer in this dark ship, we can also pause and freeze frame which gives us a look at a scorned scream in a dark room. So was this the ship of scorn kallus took from the reef.

If this is true did he send his loyalists to obtain them in a cabal warship or did he hire some sky burners to do the job for him.

We know that the remaining cabal most likely had two options either side with
the former emperor kallus.

As he tries to retake his empire after gaul’s death or join his daughter kaido’s side who plans to do the same. Maybe if this is the sky burners, they chose kallus or maybe this ship was meant to be sent to kaidal either way is this a scorn infested ship.

Or is this where a cabal rathborn army broke out after the darkness arrived.
We personally don’t see much hive gunk on the outside.

So the best guess at this point is the screap theory but who knows. Thanks to the press kit that bungie released we know that this exotic quest is going to take us to this ship like mentioned previously.

And then we’ll be able to obtain this weapon right here. Now this is kind of reaching out there a bit. But with this purple green and bluish color in the background here.

For this quest many people think it could be tied to something with the drifter given. What we’ve seen in his ship and our last option it could be something much worse like the ophelian.

An alien force that wiped out entire starships without a trace. This would be super cool but not sure if it’s something bungie would introduce in just a season mission compared to something like a large expansion.

Anyway guardians I hope you enjoyed this post and I always love heading back to
destiny 1 to try to uncover some secret mysteries. Hope you got the idea about abandoned ship.

Now in destiny 2, hopefully we see this ship sometime in season of the chosen maybe that exotic quest or like I said it could be a teaser for the next season.

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