How to Get Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun.

Xenophage the new exotic machine gun is now available to go hunt down. The first step is to go to the area where Eris is when her portal is active.

If her portal is not active, go to Sorrows Harbor and go north into the keep instead of going to the right. So hopefully you like the exotic gun xenophage. Previously you read about Shadowkeep Essence Quests.

Where you would normally do the strike, make a left, go down the path and when you hit a new loading zone and a new area appears in the bottom left of your screen.

Look to your right and jump up instead of dropping down to find a chest. This chest contains the start of xenophanes. However you need to light up all four pillars.

Two on each side in order to unlock it. Now I’m sure there’s a much better order for unlocking this chest. But you can use the following combination to unlock it. To get xenophage,you need to do some more step.

Top right Bottom right Top left Bottom right Bottom left Bottom right. Throw that chest open to start your quest head on over to the anchor of lights.

You’re going to need to hit six plates with a ball of light. To move on follow along on straight & you can search for youtube for the locations and the order in which you’ll need to go.

You have one minute between plates but if you just follow along you’ll have more
than enough time. Next you’ll need to hit up the four moon law sectors to solve some Rubik’s Cube esque puzzles.

These puzzles are at the very end of the law sectors. So just clear everything
out on your way to them. And In the archers line lost sector, The puzzle combination is top left, bottom left, middle right.

In the anchor of light law sector, The puzzle combination is bottom left bottom right top middle top middle. By the way, What should you choose Drifter or Vanguard ?

In the Hellmouth law sector, The puzzle combination is top right middle left middle bottom middle bottom right bottom right bottom middle bottom middle.

And in the sorrows harbour loss sector, the puzzle combination is middle left middle middle middle left middle top middle bottom middle middle right. Hope you guys know about Destiny 2 New Secret Area.

Once you have all four pieces, you’re going to head into the new dungeon pit of heresy. I will have a dungeon guide in the near future but you’re only going to need to do about 1/3 of the dungeon.

In order to get the gun, note I believe there is a prerequisite quest from Eris. You’ll need to complete in order to unlock the dungeon which involves doing the altars of sorrow event in sorrows harbour.

So head into the dungeon and complete the first encounter. After completing it, you should find yourself in front of many doorways.

After a little traversal, you’re going to look for the door without a little medallion on it and jump up to it against the wall. In this doorway is the path piece continue into the dungeon by finding a slot in the wall at the bottom of this section.

And just keep making your way down until you find the next encounter. Which will be a giant cave maze like area. Go to the left side until you see a big chasm.

There will be a big ledge that you can drop down on to look for a plate with a bunch of hive writing on it activate. This node and three platforms will appear which will lead you to another light ball.

Note you’re gonna take this light ball back. The direction you came except you’re gonna keep going down the hallway until you find a doorway on the right side of the hallway dunk.

The ball here to open the door and take the path down to the secret boss. You need to kill the secret boss there.

Wait, these blogs might be help to know more about Destiny 2 –

Ok so there’s how it works everyone will be given an inactive buff which is some form of dread thunderous fiery abyssal or neutral.

You need to grab a ball of light from the middle of the arena and dunk it in the corresponding node based on your buff.

So someone with a Bissell dread will grab a ball from the middle and dunk it in the top left. Note in the room which is on the upper level thunderous is in the bottom left.

Node on the lower level fiery is the top right corner node on the lower level and neutral is the bottom-right node on the upper level.

There are visuals of what these notes look like in the room previous to the boss room. If you dunk the ball in the wrong one you’ll be slowed for 5 seconds when dunked correctly.

You’ll have the vengeance buff which allows you to damage the boss only with damage of the element of the buff that you have so thunderous is arc damage fiery as Solar abyssal is void.

And neutral is kinetic this process repeats itself until the boss dies. When the boss dies you can head back to Eris to grab your new exotic.

You do not need to finish the dungeon. I have literally zero thoughts on this weapon xenophage at the moment. It’s a machine gun with a 120 rpm fire rate which shoots explosive rounds. It feels like a super heavy shotgun.

I hope you enjoyed and found this informative. If you did, please remember to help
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