Destiny 2 Salvagers Salvo mountaintop.

Today we are going to be taking a look at the brand new salvagers salvo mountaintop quite the mouthful new ritual grenade launcher just added into destiny 2 with season of the chosen.

The last time we had a pinnacle grenade launcher in the special slot. It was the absolutely infamous mountaintop and that was the first thing people thought of when they heard another one of these was coming to the game.

Well is this the mountaintop 2.0 ? Can it hold a candle to that iconic weapon ? Well that’s we’re going over in this blog and so let’s get started for mountaintop. Previously you read about Shadowkeep Essence Quests.

So first things first let’s talk about how to acquire this weapon as fast as possible. So you’re going to begin the quest by talking to the gunsmith.

Now the quest is called messy business and very importantly it’s just one quest unlike last season where you had to choose between a gambit quest or a strike quest or a crucible quest.

This quest will let you get progress no matter which activity you’re doing. So you can go and play some gambit and then go play some crucible and then some strikes and all three of those activities will count towards this one overall quest.

Or you could just specialize in one singleton activity. Now this quest has two different requirements firstly you have to get 7500 points.

You can get points by killing enemies and you get bonus points by getting kills with grenade launchers and grenades. So to get this done as quickly as possible there’s the loadout I used. You need to do something more for Salvagers Salvo Mountaintop.

Firstly I have a special grenade launcher. The deafening whisper god roll which is ambitious assassin plus wellspring that I got last season worked excellently for this and then make sure that on top of that you’re using a heavy grenade launcher as well.

So something like the anarchy would obviously be top tier but any kind of good legendary grenade launcher would be great there as well. By the way, What should you choose Drifter or Vanguard ?

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Because that means you can throw on double grenade launcher finders and scavengers and they’re gonna work for both of those weapons.

You’re special and you’re heavy but don’t forget about the grenade parts. I’m also specifically using the armamentarium. So I can eat as many grenades as possible because again those are also going to get you bonus points.

Now the other requirement is matches completed. And you’re going to get bonus progress for doing either nightfall strikes or winning in either crucible or gambit.

So we did a nightfall strike and upon completion we got just three percent. Then we won a gambit game and got five percent and at that point we realized gambit is really the way to go.

I really don’t enjoy the crucible that much. So I didn’t bother to do that as well as the special ammo economy and how inconsistent your progress is going to be.

I would rather stick to gambit we made really cracking progress. We were pretty much the first people in our clan or anything like that to get this done.

Because again a win will give you around four or five percent. Sometimes it’s four sometimes it’s five.Hope you guys know about Destiny 2 New Secret Area.

It seems right in the middle and then a loss will give you three or four percent. So you’re not even losing that much progress.

If you lose and the thing about gambit is that once they updated it somewhat recently to be only one round you kill the primeval or the other team kills theirs.

And it’s over means that you can complete two to three gambit matches in the same time you’re doing one nightfall strike.

Or if it’s a close crucible game again that’s going to take a substantial amount of time gambit you win fast or you lose fast.

Almost always not to mention that weaponry like grenade launchers especially a wave framed grenade launcher like this deafening whisper can really be used to its full potential in either strikes or gamut to clear out super efficiently.

But we were winning so fast at gambit we did get the 100 matches completed just barely before we got our points. And so we simply went into a strike went into
some lost sectors in that strike and quickly finished that off in just a few minutes.

After we got our gambit grind done but that is what I would recommend just grind. And it it’s really quite fast in any event.

Once you get both of those parameters to 100 you go and talk to the gunsmith and as you will see on your screen that you get a fully mass worked version of this grenade launcher.

So let’s take a look at its perks very importantly. It does spawn with spike grenades which is going to increase the damage for a direct hit. Which is a pve all-star perk.

After that we’ve got four different perks. Firstly we have ambitious assassin where if you get a kill next time, you reload you’re gonna have two rounds in the magazine.

Get one or more kill with those two rounds. You get another two rounds for the next reload. Very good with these breech loaded grenade launchers. So do you know the strategy of How to Get Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun ?

After that demolitionist, every kill is going to give you more grenade energy and if you throw your grenade it’s going to instantly reload your grenade launcher. Then in the second column, both of these perks.

This is actually the first time ever we’re seeing them spawn on a breach loaded special grenade launcher. Because firstly we have chain reaction.

This makes it so that when you get a kill with this grenade launcher, the enemies will explode similar to dragonfly except you don’t need the headshot.

If that explosion then causes some other enemy to die that other enemy will explode as well hence the chain reaction.

Then we have vorpal weapon which is going to increase damage by 15 against bosses vehicles and guardians with their supers.

So to be honest when I saw this it was both disappointing and yet exciting the
disappointment comes from the fact that this doesn’t have any completely unique perks.

Which is really the difference between the pinnacle mountaintop and the ritual weapons we get nowadays. So maybe you read my previous post How to Complete Dueling peeks tower shrines in Zelda.

So that is something to be aware of with that being said this is potentially the best pve focused special grenade launcher we have gotten in a very long time.

Like holy crap all four of these perks are pve all-stars like ambitious assassins spawning on last season’s deafening whisper that was like one of the best weapons you could get in the entire season.

It was really really good and it’s also very good there demolitionist is going to help you really.

Spit out a ton of damage very fast especially when combined with vorpal weapon like having a spike grenade, grenade launcher then vorpa weapon for even more damage.

And then being able to go shoot throw a grenade. Shoot again for just a huge amount of burst dps is really impressive as well and also man this thing actually performs really well with chain reaction.

Again this is the first time we’re seeing it. I wasn’t sure how good it would be
but when you set it up right, if there is a bunch of enemies and you just chain off that.

You’re gonna see in some of the background gameplay. It really feels like you’re shooting a rocket launcher. Shot at those enemies you just decimate them. So in terms of ad clearing I would definitely go ambitious plus chain reaction.

Maybe demo plus chain reaction and then if you’re doing boss DPS or dealing with harder enemies, definitely demolitionist plus vorpal weapon. Yesterday I wrote about How To Complete ASPECT OF CONTROL Quest.

And the best part is that you can open your inventory and change around the perks whenever you want and unlike switching to a different weapon. You’re not going to lose any ammo for doing so.

So that means you know in most activities within destiny 2 you fight a bunch of
and then you get to the boss. You can easily run the ad clearing perks until you get to the boss.

Simply open your inventory switch to vorpal weapon. Now you’re doing a decent chunk more damage against that boss with the same weapon. That’s actually a pretty awesome degree of versatility.

So again will this completely change the meta of the game similar to the mountaintop. No I don’t think so. But is this worth going after and getting mountaintop.

Yes absolutely guys that’s it for the post and I hope you enjoyed and found this informative. If you did please remember to help me out by simply rating and especially sharing this post. Have a Good Gaming with Salvagers Salvo mountaintop.

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