How to Level to 1310 in Season 13.

Season 13 has launched and there’s a lot more going on than Season 12. Today, I’m going to talk you through the seasonal gameplay loop, how to level and all that good stuff.

Leveling is the same as it always has been. If you’re not familiar with leveling, here’s how it works in season 13.

Powerful and pinnacles are the things that will level you. Pinnacle drops reward the highest gains, while Powerful or Powerful Tier 1 drop will reward the least.

Generally speaking, you want to do your powerful rewards before your pinnacles, unless the item level of your highest level armor pieces and weapons are about equal, in which case you should do a pinnacle.

Most people do not really need to worry too much, and as a whole, I would just recommend doing all of your powerfuls and then pinnacles.

The pinnacle cap is 1310 for this season, the powerful cap is 1300. If you would like a more in depth guide to leveling, my old Beyond Light leveling guide is still very relevant in how to level, the only thing that will have changed are the reward sites as more have been added to the game.

Alright, so season 13 seems kind of complex and when we pit it against Season 12, well, it is.

Seaosn 13 seasonal loop is based on the Prismatic Recaster, aka the thing from Season 11 with the Umbral Engrams, which have also returned, Battlegrounds, which is a new activity and the Hammer of Proving, along with a new social space, the HELM.

Note that you will need to do this quest line for every character, it is not account wide. I don’t think it’s that bad though.

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You’ll start the season by playing the new activity, the Battleground. You’ll get the seasonal artifact after you complete this and go to the HELM, where you will be greeted by some characters and will be introduced to the Prismatic Recaster.

The Prismatic Recaster works like you’ll take an Umbral Engram and will be able to focus it into a more specific piece of loot by using the Hammer of Proving in order to do so.

You can also just decrypt Umbral Engrams as they are with no focus on them. If you don’t want to focus it or if you don’t have the charges to focus it.

How do you get the Hammer?

Well, the next thing you’ll do in the quest chain is another Battleground where you will fight a named enemy and they will drop the Hammer of Proving.

The thing that will charge the Hammer of Proving is Cabal Gold. Think of Cabal Gold as Season 12’s Lure Charge, except that it is not nearly as annoying to get.

Cabal Gold drops from a variety of sources, from the main 3 playlists, to public events, Blind Well, Nightmare Hunts and dungeons. You get 14 gold per strike, 8 per Crucible.

And 7 from a heroic public event event, 12 for Gambit, 16 for a 1230 Nightfall, about 10 from a dungeon encounter, and 2 for Heroic Blind Well, probably wouldn’t bother with that one at the moment.

Strikes seem like your best bet, but you could probably fill up pretty quickly doing EDZ public events as well and dungeons are also surprisingly good. Anyway, however you get your gold, the next thing you’ll do is forge a medallion, which costs 14 gold.

After forging the medallion, you’ll go do a battleground and destroy the chest at the end with your hammer. By the way, What should you choose Drifter or Vanguard ?

This will consume the medallion and will give your hammer a charge. Hammers can hold 3 charge to start and can be upgraded later.

What do you do with this charge for season 13?

You use it at the Prismatic Recaster to turn your Umbral engrams into focused engrams. The more focused you want your engram, the more hammer charges it’ll cost you.

For example, tier 1 only costs 1 charge, but the rewards within are pretty wide. Moving to tier 2, it’ll cost you 3 charges per focus, but you’ll be able to target your loot much more.

Note that for everything in tier 2 and 3, you’ll need to hit some requirements before you can actually use those focuses or foci depending on how much of a nerd you are.

Tier 3 will cost you 5 charges, but can give you higher stat rolls on your armor or an extra perk choice on a weapon. So, that sounds like a lot, but let’s recap. Hope you guys know about Destiny 2 New Secret Area.

You get Cabal Gold from doing a wide range of activities in the game. You take 14 of that gold and turn it into a medallion on your Hammer of Proving. Hope you know about How to Get the New Exotic Armor.

Head into the Battleground and smash the chest at the end for a charge. Spend that charge or multiple charges at the Prismatic Recaster, focusing your Umbral Engrams.

Sound good? One more thing, the Hammer can also be upgraded at the War Table. This 7×3 grid of upgrades should look familiar.

How do you get upgrades?

You need to increase your reputation with the War Table, which I know sounds weird. It’s a table. You increase your reputation with the War Table by doing Seasonal Challenges.

Seasonal Challenges are account wide. As of the first week, there are 3 challenges for you to go do. Each challenge will get you 1 rank’s worth of reputation.

The challenges in the first week do not have to be done in the first week of the season, they can be done any time duringthe season, but if you want to progress, you should focus on these challenges.

The first three challenges are just collecting gold, decrypting Umbral Engrams, smashing chests, doing the introductory quest line for the season and getting rocket
launcher kills on Cabal.

The War Table upgrades will start in the middle and fan out. It seems like you’ll only be able to rank up to level 4 in the first week. So do you know the strategy of How to Get Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun ?

Going to the right will enable you to hold more charges and gold, while going to the left will enable you to get more charges or get more drops.

At the moment, I think I would upgrade in the direction of more storage capacity just so you can hold more gold and charges at once, but I think the decision is ultimately up to you and how much you plan on engaging with this content.

As far as the seasonal loop is concerned, that is everything. There are a couple more things involved with the season, like new fragments and aspects for Stasis, but those are done basically the same way that you’ve been doing them, talk to Elsie aka the Exo Stranger and she’ll send you on your way.

The aspect did not take very long to get, but what I will say is make sure to bring your Salvation’s Grip in case you forgot. That thing floating in the air needs to be shot by Salvation’s Grip.

Once you get this new aspect, you should be able to get the other ones on your other characters by just talking to Elsie and going to the Zig.

As for the new Crucible/Gambit system, basically, you play Crucible or Gambit, you get points based on a win or loss, you rank up automatically with those points and pull rewards as you hit certain ranks.

Not too different than usual, just a little more streamlined. Also, the Valor/Glory rank up banner isn’t in the center of your screen anymore when you rank up, so that’s it.

Also, a lot of previously unobtainable weapon catalysts have been added back into the game, except for Whisper and Outbreak.

Most of them can be found in the core playlist activities, with Acrius and Sleeper coming from the Nightfall and Telesto coming from Master or Legend Lost Sectors in season 13.

Check your exotic catalyst page for more. I think that about does it for the seasonal gameplay loop. Thanks for staying with Shyoz.

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