How to Get the New Exotic Armor.

So in season of the chosen, we have three new exotic armor pieces to go after. We’ll be reviewing all three of these individually. Today though I’m gonna simply just tell you how to get them.

Now there is a rotation in which a legendary lost sector in a master lost sector. One of each will be present either on the cosmodrome europa and I’m almost certain the moon whenever the moon finally gets in rotation. Hope now you will know the best strategy to get exotic armor.

Each one of these has set rewards and for exodus garden to the exotic chess armor is the exotic armor reward. Today now again this could change tomorrow maybe it’ll be perdition. Previously you read about Shadowkeep Essence Quests.

Maybe it’ll be one of the other lost sectors but today is probably the best day to farm for this simply because exotic chest armor is dropping from the legend version of these all sectors.

The master version thus making it easier long story short. If you are anywhere north of 1280 you should be just fine tackling this lost sector and it took me approximately three to four runs.

About three and a half four minutes each to finally get an exotic to drop and you can knock this all out in one day on all three characters.

Which is what I recommend guys because who knows when this is going to be back in rotation. Now let’s talk about the build that we’re utilizing today rocket launchers got a 30 buff in this sandbox and I’ve actually sat down.

I tested a number of rocket launchers and we’ll probably do a damaged side by side comparison.

But hands down the legendary rocket launchers feel just as good if not better than most of the exotic rocket launchers.

Again the exotics got tuned differently and I think right now eyes of tomorrow is actually bucked. It’s actually doing 50 less damage than what it was doing

But if you’re like me and you’ve been saving legendary rocket launchers for this day right here. Now’s your time I found the most success today with tomorrow’s answer.

Wait, these blogs might be help to know more about Destiny 2 –

This is a high impact rocket launcher from trials. But there are other rocket launchers that can easily take its place. Such as bad omens shining sphere sub-zero salvo hell, even apex predator and of course.

The new rocket launcher code duello which actually has some of the nastiest traits. I would suggest keeping all of these simply because lost sectors have modifiers and they have birds and x’s garden.

Yes I did test out a lot of different things I tried Deathbringer. We tried truth, we even tried to tell fox even black talent hands down.

Now this lost sector has overload champions and barrier champions which is why I want to direct you to these mods right here. First up this is the new artifact for this season.

Yes you can slot on anti-barrier sniper rifle mod. This allows your sniper rifle to stun barrier champions which is fantastic. Because normally you’re doing damage with your special weapon.

Anyways I’m also taking advantage of overload bow. That is the deal with overload champions and the weapons we decided to pair them with is the trial sniper rifle eye of soul.

But there are many other sniper rifles in the kinetic slot which would do you just fine. I just like this one because it comes with vorpal field prep pretty much a god roll for pve.

But my boat might be one of the best bows for overload champions. It may even be one I use inside of grand master knife house and that’s love monarch.

Love monarch in combination with overload arrows has the most consistent stuns I have ever seen due to the fact that poison arrows is the exotic trait arrows fired quickly.

After a full draw become poison arrows precision hits with the poison arrows spread poison to nearby enemies. But the main thing is that it applies damage over time.

This is spectacular because even if I’m doing damage with this bow and I stop and I look away and it’s just the poison damage that’s doing the damage to the overload champion. You already known many exotic armor.

It will restun that overload champion kind of like how dustfill grenades last season would stun overload champions over and over again. By the way, What should you choose Drifter or Vanguard ?

Minus the healing bug where overload champions would essentially heal themselves back while standing in your dustful grenade.

I’m not even sure if that got fixed but regardless luminark fantastic for lost sectors with void burn and dealing consistent stunts to overload champions.

Again in a future law sector if it’s a solar burn look no further than tq’s divination. It doesn’t exactly apply burn damage and we’re going to be reviewing this individually probably tomorrow.

I’m still trying to get the catalyst but I think the stun effects will still work off of it despite it not doing damage over time.

It applies a burn without actually like burning. If you know what I mean regardless exotic bows are on the menu for dealing with overload champions and they are fantastic.

If it’s burn trinity go all day long. Now this law sector is pretty straightforward. I don’t really care what subclass you use. If you like me you’re going to be on all three.

Anyways this evening obviously if you’ve got something void-based that’s fine. But I am depending on the revenant subclass for hunter in combination with backrest.

I would say the only thing that needs to stay the same between all of your characters is. Of course your weapon loadout which is what I just suggested right there and probably your mods.

I did take advantage of two different charge with light mods today and that was actually argent ordnance. Hope you guys know about Destiny 2 New Secret Area.

Of course protective light if you are anywhere south of 1280 like I’m pretty sure you could still do this lost sector if you’re under 1280.

But if you’re under 1280 or you feel just extra squishy, I would still suggest rocking protective light combine them with things like charge harvester.

There’s other means to of course get charges with lights but that’s probably the easiest as kills has a cumulative chance of giving you that charge with light buff.

Of course stacks on stack to give you extra charges protective light can keep you alive in very very sticky situations.

However if you are like 1285 and plus and you feel comfortable argent ordnance is a really good mod for rocket launchers essentially while charged with lights.

Reading or firing a rocket launcher grants increased damage and reload speed. Now damaging a combatant with a rocket does consume one stack of charged light.

But it is a ginormous buff there in damage I do need to do some testing to it cause like back in the day. When this mod first came out you would like stack three of these mods together.

For like 35 increase in damage I don’t think you could do that anymore but maybe I think a big benefit about this one is high energy fire applies that 20 buff for everything.

So you can easily burn it up on just a trash hat but if you like me you like to save your buffs for those high health targets aka your rocket launcher for your champions.

So yeah I’ve got some time I’m gonna have to definitely dive into these mods a little more and check them out. We just haven’t been in a rocket launcher meta. So do you know the strategy of How to Get Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun ?

So I wasn’t really that interested in argent ordnance and what it had to offer regardless this damage is really really nice rocket launchers guys are definitely part of the meta.

I wouldn’t say they’re the only meta option. I feel like swords are still really good, lament is still really good, anarchy still really good.

You clearly don’t have to do these lost sectors and grind these exotic armor pieces with a rocket launcher.

But if you want to rocket launchers are definitely in a better position than they ever have been since like year one of destiny 2.

For my folks wondering what is the right role to have on your rocket launcher. I think pretty much anything with impact casing.

Impact casing increases damage on direct hits essentially my roll right here is pretty good. It’s got cluster bombs which doesn’t necessarily increase the damage.

But I’ve got tracking and impact casing and tracking is pretty nice. Especially when you’ve got champions that like to bob and weave a bunch on you.

There are other rocket launchers out there though that have fantastic perks anything with ambitious assassin chain reaction. So maybe you read my previous post How to Complete Dueling peeks tower shrines in Zelda.

We even got a new legendary trait called lasting impression where the rocket actually attaches on impact and detonates after a delay.

Now I’m not sure how this stacks with impact casing needless to say though there are a ton of options to choose from in this sandbox for all rocket launchers.

I think just about any of them is gonna do really good. Especially the legendaries the exotics. I’m not gonna throw them under the bus. I’m not gonna say they’re garbage because obviously they’re not.

But there are some things about them that don’t make them the most ideal candidate deathbringer today. Which does void damage which is a very fun rocket launcher just was not working for me. Yesterday I wrote about How To Complete ASPECT OF CONTROL Quest.

When dealing with champions they just moved too much and half the time half those void orbs wouldn’t even make contact true teller. I tried it for a bit it too.

It’s not a good pve option because it self detonates grenade and horseshoes guys so it doesn’t necessarily make impact. Thus taking three rockets to actually take down a champion versus the two rockets from its legendary counterparts regardless.

Though guys I think any rocket launcher is gonna do you just fine and as soon as eyes of tomorrow gets fixed or adjusted or buffed or whatever I think it’s gonna take its place as one of the best rocket launchers in the game.

Guys let me know what you think. If you have any other suggestions on how to speed run these lost sectors feel free to comment them about exotic armor down below.

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