How to Get The Lamen Exotic Sword & Cloudstrike.

The Lament exotic sword is now available via exotic quest. Today, I’m gonna quickly tell you how to get it. This is definitely something you’re going to want to pick up.

Let’s make a summary of what we really need to do…

  • Finding 3 dead exos on Europa.
  • Speak with Clovis Bray.
  • Killing 100 vex with a sword.
  • Do an exo challenge.
  • Defeat vex with finishers.
  • Head into the Glassway strike for an item.
  • Take the broken blade to Bunshee.
  • Receive an urgent call to save Clovis.
  • Unlock Explorer 1 & 2 for exotic sword.

If you plan on doing the new raid at any point because apparently this weapon is very good for one of the bosses in there. I imagine it’ll also be quite good in many
other places in the game exotic sword.

However, I must warn you, there are pretty significant story spoilers in this post with regards to the new things released in Beyond Light with the debut of the

If you are not familiar with some of these elements, I would suggest doing a little venturing of your own first to not be spoiled. To start, you’re going to go to Banshee to pick up the quest. Hope you guys know about Destiny 2 New Secret Area.

The first part involves finding 3 dead exos on Europa. There are 3 for you to go grab, just follow along on your screen. After that, you’re going to speak with someone.
It is a massive story spoiler. This is your final warning.

You’ll venture down into a previously blocked off area in the Exo facility, further cementing in my mind that Europa is the biggest destination ever in Destiny.

You’ll go speak with Clovis Bray the 1st. He’ll talk to you about some interesting stuff. Then, he’ll tell you to prove your worth by killing 100 vex with a sword and 20 minotaurs/hydras/cyclops, all on Europa.

The best way to do this is by doing the vex public event as many Minotaurs will spawn during the event. By the way, What should you choose Drifter or Vanguard ?

Wait, these blogs might be help to know more about Destiny 2 –

However, if you’re using a void sword, you may want to manually remove the void shield of the minotaurs first as apparently there’s an issue with sword kill registering on minotaurs if you kill them via void shield explosion.

There’s also a couple of other kill registration issues, stick to red bars if you can. The next step is to do an Exo Challenge.

You may need to talk to Variks and/or the Stranger in order to get this to appear in case it doesn’t show up. Previously you read about Shadowkeep Essence Quests.

I don’t know if this is going to rotate, but the one I did is a platforming challenge, where you need to climb up a giant mountain pathway kinda thing. The fires are the safe zones and killing enemies will drop motes that cleanse your Biting Cold.

Not gonna post the whole mission since it’s pretty straightforward. After this step, you’re going to need to defeat Vex with finishers, but this can be anywhere. Stronger enemies will get you more progress.

Red bars are worth about 2%, stronger are worth more. I just grinded this out in a lost sector on Europa, but Nessus Lost Sectors, like the one in Artifact’s Edge, will have some Nightmares that I believe count as strong enemies, so you can get it done faster there. So do you know the strategy of How to Get Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun ?

After that, you’re going to head into the Glassway strike for an item that you need to get. This item drops from a Harpy that spawns with the final boss.

It is not hard to kill at all whatsoever and you can just leave the strike as soon as you kill it. You’re going to take the Broken Blade to Banshee, who will send you back to Europa to explore an abandoned bunker in the Eventide Ruins.

This abandoned bunker is actually the Bunker E15 lost sector and there is nothing special about it at all, just clear the lost sector. Hope you have to like the exotic sword.

Finally, you’ll receive an urgent call to save Clovis Bray 1 from invading vex. You are going to do the mission Reforging The Past. Yesterday I wrote about How To Complete ASPECT OF CONTROL Quest.

Within this mission you will get the sword and will be able to use it in the mission,
so make sure you have an open space in your power weapon inventory.

After completing the mission, you get to keep the sword. Now, like I said earlier, this sword may potentially be one of the best damage weapons in the game for one of the bosses in the Deep Stone Crypt raid.

To use the big attack, all you need to do is block and that’ll rev up the sword.
You can then do the big heavy attack after it’s revved up. To really maximize your damage, you’re going to want to guard, do 3 light attacks and then go into the heavy attack.

This is gonna buff you up to 9 stacks of Banshee’s Wail and that’s where the big damage shows up, but you need to combo this pretty cleanly, any delays will cause the buff to fall off.

I’m in a 1250 Lost Sector right now and as you maybe see on your screen, it absolutely demonlishes stuff.

If you’re gonna kill a servitor with this combo, be sure to tilt your camera up a little
bit, I had problems comboing, then I tilted my camera more towards the servitor and it worked a lot better.

This combo is why it will be one of the best weapons in the game for parts of
Deep Stone Crypt and I’m sure TONS of other places too, anything that requires burst damage.

I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of this in the months to come. Let’s also get Cloudstrike while we’re at it. I mean it’s just really convenient for you guys! This one is really short.

You need to unlock Europan Explorer 2, the Sabotage from Variks. Before you can do that, you need to unlock Europan Explorer 1, the Sabotage from Variks.

But before that unlocks, you need to do the Exo Stranger quest “A Hard Rain Falls.” She will tell you something neat about the Deep Stone Crypt and then give you this quest,

where you need to just do patrols and public events in whatever zone happens to be the Eclipse Zone that day, it’ll show you on your map screen.

In this example, it was Eventide Ruins. A heroic public event will get you 40% of this quest done in one go. After completing that, you can pick up Europan Explorer 1, which is to get 50 kills with kinetic and energy weapons and then 25 with power weapons.

Turn that in, get Explorer 2, where you need to kill 30 powerful combatants in an
Empire Hunt. You can pick up an Empire Hunt from Variks on the second page of his inventory.

An Empire Hunt is basically just one of the story missions. My team picked The Warrior, I’m sure any of them work, and you’re just going to farm the Hunt for your 30 kills.

Obviously don’t complete the hunt otherwise you’re gonna need to start it all over and it takes a while to prepare a hunt. Then, when you get that done and turned in, you’ll be able to select a hunt from the map screen of Europa.

The Hunts come in 4 difficulties and all of them have a chance to drop Cloudstrike as a reward. My team ran the 1280 first, the hardest one, thinking that we’d almost guarantee that we would get it and that was not the case.

We ran it a few more times on lower difficulties and two of the three of us managed to get it. You just keep farming this over and over until you get it.

It’s only been a few hours, but I haven’t seen one difficulty drop it more often than the other. Kinda was hoping the 1280 would have a really high drop chance for exotic sword.

Cloudstrike is where kills generate a lightning storm and rapid hits will also generate a lightning storm.

Not as much nuance to this one, it’s pretty much point and shoot and lightning.
Anyway, that’s how you get a couple of exotic sword in Beyond Light.

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