Top 5 Terrifying Creatures in Destiny 2.

Today we will dive into the mysteries behind those european sounds and also count down for other mysterious destiny creatures. You most likely missed the european monster and sea creatures this tale begins If you’ve experienced any patrols around europa.

So if you pick one of these up, elsie will usually describe the landscape how clovis failed his people or about the presence of various alien races around the zones.

In some of these scans discussing the geography of europa we have a couple in cadmus ridge that are of interest. Now of course europa is a frozen over icy moon.

But the deeper down you go, the more likely you will find a vast ocean and many different sea lies at the creatures. Which is of the abyss 25 kilometers straight down expedition rovers protect employees.

Many were sacrificed to the study of this ravine not that clovis break head protect researchers dropped a camera down there. By the way, What should you choose Drifter or Vanguard ?

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Once he wouldn’t believe what they saw swimming around in the dark. So that’s pretty cool a vast ocean with many different types of organisms living down there.

But this gets even weirder if you head towards the strangers area on europa and walk towards the pyramid in the distance. Hope you guys know about Destiny 2 New Secret Area.

Make sure you stray away from the ziggurati giant ship just sitting there because that gives off some noise as well. Make sure you turn off your music in the menus to hear this.

The best if you do you may hear some of these strange hums screams and what sounds like a giant creatures lurking beneath the ice.

So there could be a couple of explanations for this it could be a straight-up easter egg for some creatures beneath the surface of europa. So do you know the strategy of How to Get Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun ?

Bungie just sort of trying to haunt us and scare us that would be pretty cool for sure. But what this most likely is ambient sounds that play in a specific area to our current knowledge.

These sounds only play in this area of europa near this ravine. Now this makes sense being a game designer myself, you don’t want to really have the same ambient sound looping in the same spot or across the whole map.

Because it wouldn’t be that realistic right throwing in a couple of wind sounds will make it a much better experience whether the player realizes it or not.

So what Bungie may have did here is gone even further and studied the sound of glaciers and frozen over lakes. When they move take a listen to this. So maybe you read my previous post How to Complete Dueling peeks tower shrines in Zelda.

So that’s pretty cool for sure is this a european monster with haunting human hums floating around in the distance or simply the sounds of glacial structures moving against one another.

Give your thoughts down below. Number four we have the kugu the kugu are a strong power and their fleets protect four nearby stars as herd animals they are loyal and stubborn.

But they do show grace for millions of years of evolution the kugu have been infected by a virus.

So insidious that it wrote itself into their genome the virus compels them to offer their limbs for amputation by enormous sessile jaw beasts. Yesterday I wrote about How To Complete ASPECT OF CONTROL Quest.

They venerate these beasts and treat them as gods the virus converts kugu cells into eggs from which strange crawling things pupate to live within the job.

Beast’s gut in turn the job beast extrudes sweet nectar for the kugu to drink and they have brilliant visions like most species mentioned in the books of sorrows.

They were also destroyed along with the jabies by the hive. So these are some weird ones for sure these kugu basically got infected by these jaw beasts.

They began to worship them as gods and would offer their limbs to them in
exchange for this nectar.

That would make them experience visions then their cells would be converted into job east eggs and then the process would continue until they were wiped out by the

Number three the titan worm this one has been around for a while and most people have probably seen it floating around in the oceans of titan.

If you’ve played there before bungie removed the location when patrolling titan and doing various missions.

If you glance out in the oceans in certain spots and wait several seconds or even minutes you can see what looks like a giant sea monster surfacing for just a few moments below the arcologies.

We can also see a giant shadow in the ocean pass along this glass wall to reveal itself. Many have speculated that this was a giant hive worm. Maybe it was oryx’s worm.

If it fell towards saturn and titan or maybe it’s just a giant sea leviathan creature home to titan itself. Thanks to various glitches out of the map for the first sea creature shot.

At least we can actually see the trick bungie used to portray this mysterious entity. So for being this far out in the distance there’s no real need to animate or model an entire sea creature.

If you aren’t going to see it. So this methane sprawling creature is actually just three rotating rings giving the illusion of a sea creature. Number 2 the leviathan this next one is mentioned in the lore of the past and is presumed dead at this moment in time.

In fact it is unless bungie decides to bring it back. Somehow this was a giant leviathan creature not the ship like calluses.

But this thing resided deep within the hive homeworld of fundament and was also a disciple of the traveler.

Some time ago the three sisters oryx who was female at this time sabathune and zevu ventured down in search of the darkness they then met this leviathan.

So the whole point was these three sisters were looking to prevent an apocalyptic type event from happening to their civilization and wiping them all out.

This leviathan halfway down told them to turn around and follow the traveler’s plan. Everything could be okay, all you gotta do is follow the traveler.

Now of course this wasn’t what the future hive gods wanted to hear. So they ventured down and found the deep and the darkness a different type of power that introduced them to the worms.

After some time the leviathan tried the flea fundament for its protection and resided with another alien species for some time until the hive caught up with them and destroyed them both.

That ammonite species and the massive disciple of the traveler, the leviathan were slain. And at number one the ophelian.

The aphelion are one of the most haunting creatures from lore received up to this point or at least in my opinion as the tale goes there was once this awoken space station called the amistress.

Which was under construction floating in space and then something happened all stations. This is rss amistress we have a possible sky shock event in progress requesting immediate vidcom with any available techian.

Mayday all stations this is rss amistress we are under attack our hall has been breached mayday.

This is rss amistress please someone a sar fleet found that the amistress was unsafe to boar due to radioactive surface contamination sar deployed multiple crow drones for interior survey.

No evidence of a hall breach was found. Not a evidence of maltec detonation was found. No evidence of hostile alien interference was found.

Not a evidence of internal sabotage was found and no survivors were found. Amistress abandoned set adrift beyond the reef. So how cool would this be a dead space-like spin-off in destiny.

So this awoken spaceship was under construction and falls under attack by a weird alien race. That’s described as glowing radioactive creatures and when the search team is sent in or crow drones at least to check out what happened.

There is no trace of a fight or anything but everyone is missing other descriptions of the aphelion include dialogue like this the aphelion.

Which had the power to devastate whole worlds in the blink of an eye. Out of all races it seems the awoken were the most affected by these ophelian and the only person to survive one of their attacks to our knowledge was actually in their ranks.

That was zurido, so have we seen the last of the ophelian or will they be introduced in a future expansion. I guess we’ll have to wait and see anyway guardians, I hope you enjoyed this POST.

I wanted to do something new, I was looking around saw some stuff about the europa monster sounds and thought hey let’s talk about that and throw in some other creatures as well.

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