Top 10 PvE Special Weapons in the Raid.

Today we’re gonna be going over my best PvE specials for destiny 2. As always this is a completely subjective list based on my own opinion how I use these weapons and based on the DPS test that I did with all the weapons.

That I had in consideration and this time around we had 74 different weapons that use special ammo, that was in consideration.

I’ve found in my testing for this season is that kinetic weapons seem to be doing 5 percent more damage than energy weapons to bosses.

Now this could be just Kali of the last wish rate where I do my testing. It could just be last wish raid.

It could just be the instances that I was testing in it but from what it seems kinetics do 5% more damage and this has never happened before.

Now we’ve been told by Bungie many times over the years that kinetics do 25% more damage to regular health enemies and energy weapons do 25% more damage to shields.

That’s a really interesting dynamic. So you want your energy weapons to take out shields and then use your regular weapons to finish off the enemies.

This has been generally true 1 Kelo shotgun was always better at taking down shielded targets then the threat version of it.

This disparagement between kinetic and energy weapons has never been seen on bosses before they would literally do exactly the same damage was which made the math really simple for me.

There’s a few exceptions where for some reason the kinetic rapid-fire shotguns
they twelve percent more damage.

Again I did a lot of different shots trying to make sure I landed all those bullets and for some reason the precision frame shotguns energy weapons did nine percent more damage instead.

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I don’t know what’s going on, I did a lot of different checks to make sure there was no differing variables.

But there’s something weird going on and I think it’s a bug and I honestly comb the patch notes for this season, the last season and everything between it.

I have not seen any instance that this should be true but it is and finally apparently fusion rifles can now crit.

If you shoot any of the bolts in the head it’ll do double the damage of any of the body shots and I’ve never seen this before in my life.

I’ve done DPS tests for this game way past even Forsaken I’ve been doing DPS tests and never have I seen fusion rifles get up to a DPS.

That’s in line with sniper rifles and that is ridiculous obviously. It should not be the case so obviously there’s a lot of weird stuff going on with my testing.

So obviously take a lot of these damage numbers with the grain of salt as we do more DPS tests over time we can solidify our actual data. So just be nice with what’s going on here. By the way, What should you choose Drifter or Vanguard ?

I’m a bit confused myself. All right moving on to the main content of this post we’re gonna get into these spreadsheets. There are a lot of different numbers to take into consideration.

I even have adjusted rpm to adjust the RPM with a reload to incorporate that reload time into the actual RPM. There’s a whole bunch of different stuff going on.

There’s full ammo damage DPS and everything currently it’s organized by DPS. You can see the highest DPS weapons are at the top you can see my rankings are not directly corresponding to those DPS numbers.

Because there’s a lot more going on than just damage per second and in the bulk of this post we’re gonna be going over broad categories of different weapons.

We’ll be talking about shotguns and shotgun archetypes in broad strokes rather than each and every single one of these weapons and talking about why certain things deserve to be in the place.

They are for example my number one choice here is gonna be Imperial decree and I have some pretty good reasons even though it’s like tenth down the list there.

Alright moving on let’s go ahead and get started the very bottom of the list. We have these special ammo grenade launchers. Now these things as you can see with the DPS numbers are very very poor.

Now the mountain top actually used to be a DPS King back in the opulence DLC but ever since we started having to reload and you have to reload every single one of those 20 shots.

The DPS has been much lower than it was before obviously it’s total ammo damage is actually pretty decent. But the reason why it’s so far down including all these. Hope you guys know about Destiny 2 New Secret Area.

Other ones is gonna be blast radius because if you have a radius you can’t have that much damage. Next up on the list unfortunately are gonna be most of these sniper rifles.

All of these 72 and 90 rpm sniper rifles are gonna be pretty low from 11 to 12,000 DPS.

Which is like less than half of a lot of these shotguns higher up on the list and I gotta say they should not have debuff the sniper rifles.

Now at shadow keep they buffed them with a 20% damage bonus an extra crit modifier and a generally just big buff to sniper rifles.

They were competing with shotguns but not over taking them and for some reason, they forgot that it was a problem that nobody uses snipers and then they went there was never a problem the first place.

Let’s tank them all the way back down to the floor. Now look at these DP, it’s very very poor now that being said yes technically it is safer to use a snipe rifle / shotguns. Hope you know about How to Get the New Exotic Armor.

But as you’ll see up on this list especially with the fusion rifles not being talked about yet. Snipers are just not the choice now.

Now the last thing I will say about snipers before we move on is there’s a couple
of snipers including the high rpm. The 140 rpms that did actually make their way into some pretty high slots including a night spot at distant tunnel.

If you get firing line on the 140 rpm snipers, you can get the DPS to a pretty you know respectable number. Next up let’s talk about the fusion rifles. Now the future rifles are really weird right now because for some reason.

They’re actually doing crit damage as I mentioned before. But without doing a yellow number they’re just doing more damage. If you shoot in the head that being said it’s also not very likely.

You’re gonna get all bolts into the head but currently they have some pretty nice DPS for a weapon. So do you know the strategy of How to Get Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun ?

That’s very easy to use a mid-range weapon fusion rifles seem to be in a really good spot again I have not done extensive testing on a lot of different targets.

But you can see the DPS number is above a lot of snipers and that’s pretty impressive and from what I can tell the faster fire rate fusion rifles seem to have more DPS.

So you know like 13,000 DPS you can see you’re closer to 15,000 DPS bashed-in it like nearly 17 and also loaded question a TAS proper place the fusion rifle King at nearly 18,000 DPS.

Again right next to that sniper rifle that we saw before technically above the best fusion rifle and if you were wondering, by the way how I calculated loaded question.

Basically I said hey let’s say one at a baby three shots will be the full reservoir burst damage. Because you’re gonna need to reload that to get the best bonus.

So you can technically do better than this. But that seems to be an agreeable amount next up in a kind of middle zone.

Just gonna touch on it very quickly are gonna be the Tres rifles divinity Prometheus lens cold heart and wave splitter these are all just weird weapons.

They have high full ammo damage but not really a lot of DPS for the most part divinity is at number six. Because it is so useful to give an enemy debuff and instant crits no matter where you shoot them.

It’s just an excellent weapon have on your team no matter what you’re doing. But outside of that there’s really not a lot of use.

Because they don’t have enough oomph or enough range it just kind of seems like a weird middle grade.

But currently doing better than a lot of snipers. So maybe they will take a turn and they’re also all exotic which kicks out the heavy exotic. And finally the best type of weapon for special ammo is gonna be the shotgun.

You can see how many I have highlighted right now. If you look at the top you see shotguns sniper. We’re still under a lot of the shotguns which is a big reason why I kept saying that this sniper rifles didn’t need that much of a nerf.

How about like halfway in between first and foremost fourth Horseman a weapon that I thought was gonna have great DPS.

It’s just way too hard to handle does not have enough ammo and without the catalyst which I don’t have the catalyst. Yet I’ll add the catalyst to the list.

Once I actually get it, it’s very poor and being that as an exotic means it’s just not worth anything. Next up for the DPS numbers I would say generally the 55 rpm aggressive frames and the precision frames are somewhere.

Here in the worst part of the shotgun list without special perks on them. After that, you have the lightweight shotguns which are doing surprisingly well these days and
then finally the rapid-fire are gonna be here at the top with some pretty insane dps is like 27,000 to 24,000 kind of dps is pretty high DPS.

Especially compared to some of these which are closer to 17,000. Now there are a couple of exceptions to this very specifically when it comes to trench barrel.

Now as you can see there, the rapid-fire shotguns with trench barrel at the very bottom. Here are gonna do less DPS but more total ammo damage. Now the opposite is true for the aggressive frames.

If you get yourself an Imperial decree with trench barrel. The dps goes up considerably and the full ammo damage is currently the highest total ammo damage out of any special in the entire game.

I’m not kidding a double damage borealis still does not have as much total ammo damage as an imperial decree.

That’s pretty impressive and recently in this current season, we have the very first lightweight trench barrel shotgun what means is that we now have a trench barrel option for lightweight shotguns.

Which are gonna be a little bit in between both the aggressive frame and the rapid-fire frame meaning that it will have good DPS and good full ammo damage. You can see that it’s even higher than that of the Imperial decree.

But if you compare 400,000 total ammo damage with 540,000 I’d rather have
that full ammo damage rather than. Just like an extra 1,000 DPS which is why the Imperial decree is gonna be better than that new weapon.

But that new weapon is gonna look very good on top of. mThe fact that again this is a kinetic and this is an energy. So it does 5 percent more damage. I don’t know why but that’s just what happens and obviously they’re different types.

They’re not the same frame at all. Now that’s gonna be the weapons in a very broad general scope of what is currently doing well.

Let’s take a look at the very special weapons specifically a bunch of different exotic weapons and weapons that are kind of weird placement on the list. First of all, let’s go to talk about the elephant in the room.

Here is an I use burden at times for honed edged technically is gonna be the best DPS that you can do for any sniper rifles. So still at seventh place it is still a good weapon to use.

Because it is effective at doing what it needs to do. Now this is a times for honed edge with the catalyst the best that you can possibly do still an effective weapon.

But you can see here almost half the DPS that I had before and this is due in part to the fact that it has a long reload time.

That is the biggest thing that they did is a Naga to tank the DPS is the fact that nothing will affect the reload speed of the times for honed edge reload.

So Luna faction rifts rally barricade sniper perks nothing will make this reload faster. That is precisely what I recommended to Bungie to do but they also tank the damage of all the sniper rifles on top of that.

Next up I wanted to talk about Lord of wolves. It was very close to being at number one you can see the DPS as compared to the Imperial decree is a little bit better. They release the wolves version is even better on top of that.

But the way they made Lord of wolves be inaccurate and if you haven’t used it basically you point in one direction and it just shoots like all around it.

It doesn’t bounce a lot it just shoots in seven different directions and that makes it
incredibly difficult to reach this maximum DPS. Because this is based on crit modifier.

In my opinion you’re probably better off just using the regular Lord. Lord wolf
shot at 24,000 DPS compared to 27 your propaganda end up hitting more head shots in the first place.

With the regular load of wolves version making the release the wolves version
completely useless.

Which to Bungie means yes struck out which when you look at the heavy weapons being that whistle the worm is the best heavy weapon and best dps weapon.

The game by a decent margin having an exotic in the special slot is just not really that great. Which is why imperial in my opinion it’s gonna be better than Lord of wolves and the very last thing I wanted to talk about is gonna be.

These top two exigent circumstance that honestly can just be wiped off the list. Because they’re not gonna happen very often but they are gonna be the maximum of what they can accomplish.

Now first and foremost borealis we don’t know there’s a very special perk here called ionic return allowing you to get double damage when you break a shield with the matching element.

Which is what this thing is about it you can pick which elements on it just by holding down the reload button. And if you do that the rest of the magazine will have double the damage which puts its DPS and total ammo damage at a very high number again.

Full ammo damage is still less than that of the Imperial decree wit trench burrow which is pretty impressive by the way.

Finally threat level, technically threat level with these surrounded perk with these surrounded spec gives you 55% more damage with each shot meaning you don’t have to melee every three shots like you do at ranch peril.

You just have 55 percent more damage. Now this is a very rare scenario because you have to be surrounded by three enemies to get this kind of bonus.

But if you do you’ll have is the Nagi style DPS which again this is what Izanagi. Actually isn’t I getting better than this, this is below what is a Nagi did last season.

This is currently mind-boggling, so yeah izanagi needed to be nerfed absolutely. That’s pretty much it that is the general rundown of all the weapons in the dps.

You use different things like yotan. It’s not a high DPS weapon. But has explosions and it’s also it’s very hard very quickly. So there’s a lot of different reasons to use a lot of different weapons.

It’s honestly up to you that is gonna be my top ten anyways. That’s gonna be pretty much the end of it. Let me know in the comments down below if any questions concerns.

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