Season of The Chosen Perk Rolls.

Today, we’re gonna break down the seasonal weapons and Nightfall weapons and figure out what the top perk rolls look like. Spoilers, not much has changed in terms of what perks to look for compared to last season, but, you know.

People still gonna ask. Extraordinary Rendition, we have so many good options for perk rolls and here that I’m just gonna say what to avoid.

Firmly Planted is definitely a no from me with Surplus, Zen Moment, Outlaw and Overflow on this thing, Subsistence too if you really wanna go that route, not the best option.

The “easiest” perk roll would be something like Overflow or Outlaw and Rampage or Frenzy. Multikill Clip I would only pair with Outlaw.  By the way, What should you choose Drifter or Vanguard ?

One For All is pretty under the radar and with the amount of enemies to kill in Battlegrounds, I don’t think you’ll have much trouble making this happen. But it is definitely more work than Rampage and Rampage’s effect happens on kill.

It is not hard to kill with this gun in Battlegrounds. Barrels and magazines I think can be tailored to your liking, I like magazine perks that give you more bullets in the mag, but when this thing has 28 bullets and the most you can get is 31 with Extended Mag.

I’m not in a hurry for that, so maybe some range instead or Alloy Mag. Barrel wise, I like range, I do wanna see if going for stability is going to do much on PC, so Smallbore would be a good pick there if I want both.

In terms of masterwork, that’s sort of the same deal as barrels and magazines, personal preference.

I like range masterworks on a good amount of stuff, but it’s up to you. Brass Attacks is the sidearm and imo, you probably want to spec your sidearm in a very similar way to an SMG given their ranges.

Feeding Frenzy or Rapid Hit is great here, although I sometimes struggle with consistent headshots with sidearms for some reason. Hope you guys know about Destiny 2 New Secret Area.

Frenzy, One For All, Rampage, all great perks here too. I’d probaly opt for more range than stability on a sidearm as far as the barrel and magazine perks go.

Imperial Needle, the bow, I don’t think much has really changed here in terms of bow related perks. Archer’s Tempo for PvE is pretty much the way to go, although Hip-Fire Grip.

Wait, these blogs might be help to know more about Destiny 2 –

It’s not the worst choice if you’re more of a hip-fire bow shooter. Swashbuckler and Frenzy are definitely gonna be the PvE options, you’ll wanna treat this as a workhorse weapon, going for those one shot headshots.

Far Future, the sniper, not much of a PvE sniper in my opinion. I suppose you can get some value out of Frenzy if you did want to use it as a boss damage weapon, but there are other snipers out there that I would recommend more for PvE.

If you were gonna go for a PvE roll, I’d do Auto-Loading or maybe Surplus, Lead From Gold was great last season, but that’s because we had mods that fed us heavy ammo like crazy.

In terms of PvP, I LOVE Snapshot on a sniper and this doesn’t have it, so personally, I’m out. But, I know this is a great PvP sniper, Moving Target (and Quickdraw) is a community favorite, I’d grab Opening Shot as well.

Code Duello, the rocket launcher, rockets are finally back in the mix this season,

So what do we have here?

No Clown Cartridge or Ambitious Assassin in this column means I’m going with Auto-Loading Holster or the new perk Impulse Amplifier for that increased velocity. Hope you know about How to Get the New Exotic Armor.

I’m not sure I go with Ambitious Assassin in the second column, although it is a pretty reliable second rocket in the magazine, I just dunno how I feel about a rocket that is only based on reload type perks.

Chain Reaction is a good choice, although I feel like if you’re firing this at a group of enemies, they’re just gonna die to the rocket unless there is a ton of enemies.

Lasting Impression, I don’t have much experience with this perk just yet, but it says it increases damage and blast radius after the explosion on a direct hit when it triggers, so I am interested.

The risk here is just whiffing a rocket going for the direct hit. Of course, Frenzy is viable too. Otherwise, we’re going velocity in the other slots, Hard Launch, Quick Launch, everything else not great.

Impact Casing for those direct hits, although I’m not sure of the synergy of it with Lasting Impression just yet.

Threaded Needle, linear fusion rifle, we need a replacement for Line in the Sand now don’t we? Well, this doesn’t have Firing Line. But it does have Vorpal Weapon, so we’re not gonna be able to replicate it exactly, it’s close though.

As a result, I’m going Rapid Hit and Vorpal specifically for boss damage, although Clown Cartridge is potentially an option, but if I’m being real with you, Clown Cartridge is not really something I’m looking forward to testing out.

We learned with last year on Line in the Sand that it more or less doesn’t really matter what your charge speed is over a long period of shooting, talking 2 or more magazines.

Faster speeds gets you higher DPS, slower speeds higher total damage, but the amount is negligible. Rapid Hit also beat out Auto-Loading during sustained damage. So do you know the strategy of How to Get Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun ?

If you’re not going for boss damage, then your options are a bit wider, Frenzy, Dragonfly maybe, you could grab Auto-Loading or Clown Cartridge here too.

Alright, how about these Nightfall weapons? Shadow Price is now an arc auto rifle as opposed to Kinetic like it was in D1.

We have a new perk rolls here named Bottomless Grief, where if you’re the last person alive in your fireteam, every kill refills your magazine, which seems pretty good.

I am not a huge fan of perk rolls that only work when your teammates are dead, but this is a very strong effect for that situation, especially when combined with Swashbuckler as a last resort.

But, I’m still not gonna take it. Instead, we’re looking at Overflow or Feeding Frenzy, Fourth Time’s the Charm works too since this is a slower firing auto rifle, it’s a little more manageable to hit those shots.

Second perk, Disruption Break is great for group content, especially more difficult stuff where there are a ton of shields, Swashbuckler is good for a workhorse weapon, Dragonfly is ok, One For All is fine.

Barrel perks, take your personal preference, I don’t mind some more consistent recoil, so Arrowhead is good, I’d also take Smallbore or Corkscrew for smaller stat increases.

Palindrome, void hand cannon, also has Bottomless Grief, still not taking it. Outlaw/Rampage is a classic combo, it’s still really good, you could grab Overflow instead if you wanted to, Subsistence is in 3rd place, just make sure you can keep that ammo rolling and make sure to pair it with Rampage.

Rampage is easily the best perk here, I’d put One For All in second place, but I don’t see a reason to not take Rampage.

I’d personally be going for some range here, Hammer-Forged, Corkscrew or Smallbore, and the magazine perk rolls I’m taking High Caliber Rounds for that stagger
effect or some more bullets,

Alloy Mag works too if you don’t have a reload bonus and you’re not a chronic reloader like I am. Finally, we have The Swarm, arc machine gun. Machine Guns are currently not good for sustain, they are definitely more about add clear,

so I’ll be focused on that. I think Outlaw/One For All is your best bet here, maybe Dragonfly too works, but I’m not getting Slideways or Tap the Trigger on this thing or anything like that.

Vorpal is an option if you wanted to have this be somewhat viable for boss damage, but otherwise, this thing is lacking in the perk department compared to Seventh Seraph.

I feel like I get constant god rolls of Seventh Seraph and it works with Warmind Cells. Prioritize Seventh Seraph for now. That’s what I got on the weapons, if you want me to cover more of them, just let me know,

I imagine PvP bros are gonna have some advice for the Trials weapons, although I’m sure I can give a quick breakdown, perk rolls aren’t that complex. I’ll see you next time.

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