Which Exotics Should You Buy at Monument.

The new Exotics Kiosk, the Monument to Lost Lights, sells exotics that were only available in content that is now removed from the game.

Each one costs 1 Exotics Cipher, 1 Ascendant Shard, 2 for the raid exotics and Izanagi’s Burden, 100-150k glimmer and 150-200 of some kind of planet material.

Xur offers a quest every week that rewards an exotics Cipher, while Ascendant Shards are a little tougher to come by, mainly coming from Master/GM Nightfalls or by
buying them from the Gunsmith for 10 Enhancement Prisms.

Fortunately, Enhancement Prisms are going to be slightly more commonplace this year than previous.

This means many players, perhaps like yourself, will be staring at a wall of exotics, wondering what to use your valuable currency on.

Today, I’d like to give some recommendations as to what to buy first based on the
activities that you like to do. Let’s just get right to it, not gonna waste your time, we’re starting from the top.

The top exotics I recommend are the following: For PvE, Eriana’s Vow, Anarchy and Izanagi’s Burden. Why? Let’s talk. PvP next. Eriana’s Vow is one of the most versatile PvE guns in the game and can put a dent in people in PvP as well.

It is a great boss damage dealer, champion killer, it has anti-barrier and solar built it, there is nothing it can’t do.

If you plan on doing any kind of content above the difficulty of the strike playlist,
I could not recommend this enough, especially since it is working with Divinity again.

It is almost never a bad idea to have this weapon equipped and I will almost never question why you have it on. Anarchy is next. Anarchy is one of the best heavy weapons in the game for PvE with its damage over time component.

The ability to tag enemies and damage them while not being in line of sight is hugely valuable in high level content, namely champions.

It has great area denial as well with the ability to set up a chain lightning web, clearing out trash tier enemies without having to do anything.

Unfortunately, it being a raid exotics means it’ll cost you quite a pretty penny, so I would probably invest in other weapons first as you slowly build your Spoils of Conquest. 240 Spoils is a lot, I ran 1 Garden and 1 Last Wish on 1 character and got 24.

So that means I’d need to run both of those raids 10 times each to buy Anarchy. I dunno if the Deep Stone Crypt will give more Spoils because it’s new, but yeah, you’ll need to save for a while.

I don’t really mind this price point though, but it would be ok if it was a bit lower. Izanagi’s Burden, even though it got nerfed a while ago, still has huge burst damage potential and can function as a champion/boss killer or just a regular sniper.

This is going to be great for those of you in the 1230-1240 range trying to take on bosses in legend Lost Sectors or those around 1260 doing the Master Lost

It’s good in Nightfalls as well for bursting targets, great versatility, not much to hate about it. For PvP, Ace of Spades, Thorn and Bastion are my picks.

Wait, these blogs might be help to know more about Destiny 2 –

Ace of Spades started real high when it first launched and has been slowly losing popularity since Forsaken, but it’s never completely fallen out of the meta and has always been a very strong weapon, even with the nerfs it received.

Now with the hand cannon RPM changes, it is back in a big way, hits like a truck, great perks on the gun, it’s one of the few primary weapons that I would consider using in PvE as well.

In fact, if you’re looking for the best of both worlds, I would pick Ace #1, probably Eriana’s #2. Actually, but it’s really close.

Thorn has always been a popular PvP pick, still is, especially with its two-tap potential. The damage over time not only keeps your target low health for longer, but
it allows you to track them while it’s happening thanks to the damage ticks.

Thorn also gained some PvE popularity recently thanks to Necrotic Grips for Warlock. Thorn’s perk will apply to Necrotic Grips’ perk, which spreads a damage over time poison effect, making for a very strong AoE build.

I do wonder how this will fare in high level PvE content, especially considering
that all champion mods go into your arms and not your gun anymore. By the way, What should you choose Drifter or Vanguard ?

That means that exotics just became much more viable against champions. Bastion seems like a weird pick, it’s a fusion rifle that doesn’t behave like a typical fusion rifle, but it sprays tons of damage at your opponents.

Definitely a more niche pick, but if you’re open to something other than slide
shotgunning or clicking some heads, I say give Bastion a shot. This might be a controversial pick though, again, very niche pick, buyer beware.

What about some PvE contenders? Some mid tier stuff that could have some hopes down the road? Well, the number 1 thing that comes to mind is Sleeper Simulant. Hope you guys know about Destiny 2 New Secret Area.

Sleeper Simulant has always flirted with being one of the best boss damage dealing weapons in the game, but seemingly always finds itself nerfed before it can hold onto the title for too long.

This is a gun that you should keep your eyes on as if it receives any sort of a buff or we find a boss encounter that can reliably use its ricochet damage, you’ll wanna have it.

Legend of Acrius is next up. Hits like an absolute truck, was actually one of the best options for Gahlran in the Crown of Sorrow raid before that was removed, Legend of Acrius has had periods of time where it’s been the best damage dealer.

Even when it’s not, it’ll still absolutely destroy anything in its path, making it a very satisfying weapon to use. However, it being a raid exotics means it’s behind Anarchy, so it might be a while before you see this if you don’t have it already.

I’m also going to put Tarrabah here, but it is of a much lower priority. Tarrabah has huge potential if it ever receives some changes. I think it’s not a bad gun right now, but for its cost, I can’t recommend you scoop it up before the other two raid exotics.

But Tarrabah has the potential to become godly overnight with the right buffs. Alright, but what about some low key picks? Some underrated stuff, anything there?

How about Bad Juju? A potentially infinitely firing primary weapon, this brings almost everything you could ever want in a primary: it’s got an auto-reload effect, it’s got Rampage and it gives you bonus super energy.

Every class can utilize it, it’s never a bad pick and at risk of repeating myself, champion mods go in the arm slot now, so this can actually get a little bit of use in high level content.

Only issue is that chaining kills in higher level content is a bit harder to do. Symmetry is a name you probably haven’t heard in a while, but it’s one of my top low key picks. Hope you know about How to Get the New Exotic Armor.

It is one of the most interesting gunplay experiences in the game, allowing you to switch from precision scout rifle fire to aoe projectiles with really high damage.

I know people think scout rifles are trash tier, but I say nay, I say they’re just misunderstood. Symmetry’s unique experience is definitely worth trying out at some point.

Here’s a hot take Jotunn. Yeah, I said it. This weapon is fun as hell to use in PvE, hits pretty hard, leaves a small damage over time component and I think is hugely enjoyable to use.

While it’s more of a meme in PvP, it’s a meme that can net you some kills thanks to the slight tracking on its shots. Alright, stop with the PvE, go back to PvP for a sec.

Last Word for controller users as of right now. Bungie has messed with this gun a LOT and at the moment, it’s not really working the best for keyboard and mouse players, but it works very well for you controller users out there.

Truth is a boring, but reliable choice as well. It’s a rocket launcher that will work its butt off to make sure it hits the target. Previously I wrote about Destiny 2 Salvagers Salvo mountaintop.

More effectively utilized in Gambit for those invasions, but Xenophage probably gets the job done just as well because you don’t need to worry about your bullets going into a tree unless you aim them there.

Ok, but what about some specialty items? Some really niche picks? Sure, how about Lumina? Lumina provides a pretty unique take on support by having you shoot healing orbs at your teammates.

While it’s not the most effective slaying gun out there, it can be fun to keep your team constantly buffed up.

It’s inability to stack with other damage buffs though means that when things need to die, you’ll be using Well or Ward instead, almost negating its bonus completely.

Le Monarque is a niche pick as well. In PvP, the damage over time component makes targets very weak for a very long time and Hunters with Oathkeeper will see a little more value out of this as well.

In PvE, very niche, more of a specialize weapon in specific use cases.At the end of the day though it’s a bow. Alright now we’re starting to get to the bottom of the barrel here.

Tommy’s Matchbook is a gun with some serious horsepower behind it, but the thing that ruins it for me is the aiming experience, I don’t like the way the scope jiggles around.

If you can get past that, then you could potentially throw it into the low key tier, but also, hurting yourself in high level content can prove to be quite deadly.

Fourth Horseman is a pretty fun gun to just instantly destroy something, but it has a lot of downtime with the reload and in higher level content, trying to shotgun stuff ususally doesn’t end very well.

Sturm and Drang is definitely a niche option that can have some high much, but I just don’t think people have the patience for that.

Dealing a ton of damage in a single headshot is cool, but when you’re mostly killing trash mobs, 10,000 damage is the same as 500 damage if an enemy only has 400 health.

Also, you need to run double primary. I’m potentially undervaluing this, but I don’t think Polaris Lance deserves to be in the bottom trash heap because making explosions is cool, but it just doesn’t slay quite hard enough for it to be worth it, this is very much a “I just really like this gun on a personal level,” kind of pick.

Ok we’ve talked about the best. Now it’s time for stuff to only get if you’re looking to complete your collections. MIDA Multi-tool. It is a scout rifle. Imagine a scout rifle.

You got it, you nailed it. This is very easily replaced by a legendary scout rifle. Pass. Rat King is a meme gun that you use with your friends in a 6 stack or in a raid.

That’s it. Has some value with the invis after reload after kill effect, definitely some build potential there, but otherwise pass Worldline Zero.

The only reason I would recommend this is because at this very moment, there is some sword skate potential with the sword.

However, I don’t believe this to be intended, so if it’s fixed, then Worldline is replaced by a legendary sword.

Leviathan’s Breath, sure it’s got Unstoppable on it and has a fun little knockback effect, but most people aren’t gonna want to replace their power weapon with this.

Devil’s Ruin, fun little laser beam, has anti-champion capabilities, still gonna be a pass from me. Always on Time is currently the fastest sparrow in the game, despite it just being a 160 speed sparrow.

Not really sure why, but if you have it, I’d use it. Would I spend materials to buy it at the kiosk? Only if you’re overflowing with materials, otherwise, no.

That wraps up my recommendations for the exotics kiosk as of Season 12. Thanks for staying.

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