Destiny Item Managers and API Update.

Destiny’s api just got a major api update and all api update features get a major boost. Destiny item manager dim and other item management apps just got better.

Last reset bungie did some stealth maintenance server side. Well this maintenance turned up a huge api update in the api update department.

In this blog, I’m going to go over some great tips that you should be using in your destiny item manager. First I’m going to go over some options.

You can use to manage your inventory remotely. If you already use dim for those of you that need to hear this get destiny item manager.

Now I’m still surprised that some people have no clue what these are. I can imagine the game without it nowadays and i know some people just refuse to play
when the api update is down.

Wait, these blogs might be help to know more about Destiny 2 –

These apps allow you to simply select a weapon in your vault and put it on any character or vice versa. This gets rid of having to go to the tower to access your vault.

Every time you play the game there are a bunch of apps or websites you can use. But also the official destiny companion app even though most don’t use that. Hope you guys know about Destiny 2 New Secret Area.

So here are some better options I personally use and recommend the destiny item manager and hope you god idea about api update. Otherwise known as dim and this can be found online and downloaded as a chrome app.

This site is magnificent allowing for great filters organization and loadouts. It is really a must for dusty players. Every day others are easter egg commander which is also an app.

The official destiny companion app as mentioned before and probably some others. So let me know which one you guys use down below. So go get dim sign in and realize the true potential of one of these apps.

Let’s get into some tips to get you better at using dim. There are some super helpful methods that I have been using for a while and have had actually people adapt some of my ideas.

These tips will be in the loadouts search bar filters or dim settings. So let’s get started tip number one and probably my most unique tip is the reset button.

Introducing the reset button just finished an activity of a bunch of random weapons stored in your inventory. By the way, What should you choose Drifter or Vanguard ?

Click the reset button and boom. Inventory white plane. Oh you just finished pvp and you want to go do something else reset and just like that boom all cleaned up.

The reset button is a revolutionary way to manage your fault and inventory before logging off. I do this to all my characters to keep their inventories clean and prevent a complete mess.

Now before you go saying that this is too organized for you. It’s actually really simple to do set up a new loadout. Check the button that says move other items away.

Then select one item in each weapon slot. What I do here is have one item that is specifically made for this purpose. I just got a simple weapon from the recaster for each slot.

If you play multiple characters then select this for one of your characters and name it like z underscore warlock or hunter or titan.

Reset the z allows it to be at the bottom of the loadout since it is alphabetical allowing for easy repetitive access. Click save and now you have a way to reset your character’s loadout to these weapons moving all items in your inventory to the vault.

Do this for each character using different weapons and you will have a reset loadout for each character. Now try it out if you have items already in your inventory isn’t that nice plus with the latest update from bungie.

The speed of these transits are 10 times as fast. Check it out by dragging some items onto your character and then click reset again. Isn’t that satisfying tip number two probably the most obvious step probably is loadouts.

Now this one is going to be short you know why because you shouldn’t have a ton of loadouts. Here is the loadouts I recommend one pvp loadout. Hope you know about How to Get the New Exotic Armor.

This is all the weapons you use in pvp normally simple as that I have this one move my other items away as well as have it across all my characters since the weapons.

I use in pvp apply to every character the other load I use mostly is the garden of salvation loadout or my goss loadout. This is again across all my characters and moves all items away.

But it has all the weapons I normally use in garden available. You can make the one that is called raid and include more in here or make one for like last wish or something else for beyond light.

Lastly I have a pve loadout which I don’t really use since I usually switch guns for bounties way too often. But this one usually has my most used pve weapons with different elemental burns.

So that is the loadouts very helpful and again super fast to get everything you need on a character.

This update to the api can make some of my largest loadouts transfer in seconds. Now before you go, typing daistrix.

What about armor? Well if you read my previous post, on the way to hit all seasonal mods in the least amount of armor. You can see that all my armor is already on my characters which I manually swap to.

Since I have to do the mods manually anyway. By the way, go check out that post if
you want to learn the best armor to have for beyond light.

Please go read it just. Tip number three loadout optimizer this is for the tryhards want to see if you can hit double tier 10 builds triple maybe the loadout optimizer goes through all your armor and finds a combination to meet the criteria.

You assign simply go to the tab and select the tears you are trying to hit. If a combination exists and then equip that armor to go to tweaking.

I don’t really mess with this but I do know that there’s possibilities of this are great especially for build making as you can select what mods you wish to hit in that armor as well definitely mess around in here.

If you want to optimize your armor tip number four the settings of dim, go to settings in dim and under item display you can sort your vault by multiple criteria what use and I recommend is sorting by the type.

First this allows the ars to be with ars hand cans will be hand cannons. Next I do rarity. So the exotics separate each change and weapon type.  So do you know the strategy of How to Get Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun ?

So the start of the hand cannons is going to be where the exotic hand cannons are grouped. Lastly I do named so that each duplicate is next to each other to see how many of the same gun I have.

I’ll leave the rest unchecked since they kind of just clutter the item graphic and don’t really provide anything useful to have them enabled under inventory display.

I recommend making a custom sort and assigning each lane to a specific character. So the order never changes. I do it based off my creation order and you will eventually learn just which lane is which character.

Without having to check before you’re about to transfer a weapon lastly download your data backup in case your chrome settings get wiped when you’re trying to clear cookies or history and you lose your loadouts and settings.

So just keep this summer safe. Tip number five is the searching. So go to the search bar and click on it and then click filters help.

This shows you a complete list of all filter tags you can type in that bar. There is a lot the ones I mainly use and will help you and beyond light is the is colon max power.

Filter this combined with the power total allows you to see what is the highest light in your inventory. You can also click the maximize power loadout to equip them.

This will help you a lot with leveling beyond light and I used it constantly to see how far I was from the next level and tell if I can min max my way up other search fields.

I recommend using is the is colon arc void or solar. If you’re trying to find a weapon that matches a burn remember you can combine filters and look for like an arc hand cannon by typing is colon arc space is colon hand cannon.

These filters are super helpful as it highlights the weapons you are looking for. It allows quick access lastly another method of searching I use is the tags.

I store some of my weapons under the infuse tag and simply searching tag poland infused allows me to see all the weapons I have available to use as infusion really helpful.

Okay last if I promise if you have multiple of a weapon and you can’t tell a difference
type a note on one of them and the note graphic will appear.

So here is my iclose smg with demo and it looks the same as my class smg was surrounded. But I want to grab the right one so I type demo on the left one and now I know which is.

Well guys that’s all I have for you. These tips will save a bunch of time and help you with inventory management. If I miss any useful tips or you have some of your own, let me know down below dim has a bunch of potential.

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