Best Hunter Build Ever in Destiny 2.

Hey crew, so this build has made every piece of content in destiny 2 that much more enjoyable for me. I am talking from literally bounties and empire hunter on europa to 12 20 and 1250 weekly power level nightfalls.

It is just that strong and enjoyable to play this easily rivals my last warlock Today’s blog on a hunter of all classes.

Before I start breaking down the build for you guys I want you to understand
what we are trying to accomplish. By the way, What should you choose Drifter or Vanguard ?

We want 100 uptime on our grenade ability the most. So that is what all the mods and exotics are there for and all working together to create.

There are three important numbers you want to hit on your grenade recharge that form this build into a powerhouse weapon. As you may see on the left hand side one of the fragments gives you a countdown timer from 10 seconds.

After you slam the glacier that’s what we’re aiming for. So basically the third form is when that countdown timer starts at 10 and goes down to like three seconds right. Hope you guys know about Destiny 2 New Secret Area.

That took seven to eight seconds for us to get our grenade back the second form is when it only takes off two or three seconds of that timer.

Our grenade’s already back and then the final form is just instantly getting our grenade back. Instantly getting that grenacher wall back.

Okay so just pay attention to your left hand timer that’ll kind of tell you if you’re doing things right or doing things wrong.

It’s pretty simple to do pretty easy to do. So I’m pretty sure everyone can do it and you’ll, he will have a blast doing it I promise.

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All right let’s walk through what we need to accomplish hitting those numbers
and just wreaking havoc on all things including overload and barrier champions that you’ve seen in this gameplay already.

That’s been showing in the background pay attention to every fragment and mods
and the exotic. Because it all ties together very smoothly.

So obviously we’re using the new stasis subclass here for the hunter the revenant and there’s just a few things I want to go over really fast. First off you need to have the glacier grenade on this.

Grenade creates a wall of stasis shards to block damage and freezes targets. These walls can be shattered for damage and we’re building everything around shattering these walls.

Our aspect here which is the only aspect available for the hunter right now is shatter dive activate while mid air to quickly descend and shatter nearby targets on impact a really cool move.

Really cool animation that the hunter has and the two fragments that we’re combining with this are whisper of fissures increase the damage and size of the burst of stasis.

When you destroy a stasis crystal or defeat a frozen target. So we’re getting more damage with this fissure and the damage is a bigger area a bigger burst. Hope you know about How to Get the New Exotic Armor.

So it’s doing two different things and then we also has whisper of shards which is a really main component here shattering as stasis crystal temporarily boosts your grenade recharge rate.

Shattering additional stasis crystals increases the duration of this benefit since we’re running it with shatter dive and glacier grenades. So do you know the strategy of How to Get Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun ?

We throw that aggression again the glacier grenade shatter dive instantly destroys the entire glacier grenade. Which means we instantly have full uptime on whisper of shards which is 10 seconds.

You also get a nice little plus 10 resilience there. Now pay attention to these mods because this is what really breaks this build basically.

e’re running it with frosties first off and the main reason you’re doing that is because of the rapid cooldown perk here increase grenade melee and dodge regeneration while sprinting.

Dodging increases your sprint speed so we’re getting that grenade regeneration from rapid cooldown. So basically you throw a grenade you then shatter dive on top of that glacier grenade that you threw it.

Then procs whisper of shards and whisper of fissures you proc both those at the same time.

You’ll have a 10 second countdown timer here on your left hand side saying that you have whispers of shards proct and you immediately start sprinting with frosties. So do you know the strategy of How to Get Xenophage Exotic Machine Gun ?

Then you’re procking rapid cooldown. So rapid cooldown and whisper of shards together are what giving you the massive cooldown that’s what gets you the seven to eight second grenade back.

No matter what you could throw a grenade and not even hit an enemy. It could be out in the middle of nowhere and you will get your grenade back in eight seconds.

Which is crazy on its own but we’re pairing a few other things to make it go even faster. To get your grenade back in two to three seconds.

You’ll be wanting to run these mods you basically want to become charged with light. So we’re becoming charged of light with charged harvester while you are not
charged with light any kill or assist has a small cumulative chance to cause you to become charged with light.

You need about eight kills to become charged with light with charged harvester.
This works really well because we’re getting all our kills by shatter damage and the grenades which this allows us to become charged with light with any kill.

It doesn’t have to be a specific weapon. It doesn’t have to be picking up an ore but nothing we’re getting charge of light just by getting kills with the grenade.

The shatter damage once you become charged with light we have uh stacks on stacks up here. That means we get an extra charge so we have a times two charge of light over here.

Then we’re running firepower on all three right here. Stacking firepower three times the reason we’re doing this is when we throw our grenade. While we’re charged with light regain a portion of your green energy when you use your grenade.

So that instantly jumps us up to over half our grenade back right away right when we throw our grenade. We get half our grenade back then with rapid cooldown and whisper of shards together.

You get your grenade back in two to three seconds. Now to get your grenade back instantly specifically in anything to deal with champions. You want these two mods from your artifact.

You want thermal overload solar and stasis grenades cause disruption delaying ability regeneration and lowering combatant damage output strong against overload champions.

Then you want surge eater recharge your grenade ability whenever you or a member of your fire team disrupts a champion. Every time you disrupt a champion you’re instantly getting your grenade back.

You can keep throwing your grenade over and over because you’re disrupting an
overload champion over and over that’s what gives us an instant grenade. Maybe you see is just wrecking those champions.

So that’s basically the build in the nutshell I added on two other things over here. I have demolitionists on my primary. I have martyrs retribution here with autoloading holster and demolitions as well.

There’s the new wave frame grenade launcher out right now with the hunts
from the crow. So maybe you can get a good roll with that with demolitionist or even wellspring.

If it comes on there and then I have anarchy on here. But you guys can spec this out however you want.

Because you’re as you saw we’re not even using our weapons literally not using our weapons. We hardly ever used our weapons. We used them on the barriers Barricade a few times but even if you saw in those clips.

We still killed barrier champions without even stunning them because this glacier shattering with these nades is that crazy. So I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I hope you found it helpful.

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