Luminous Stone Locations and Mining Routes.

I’m going to tell you some great routes for getting luminous stone. There are several reasons why you might want Lumina stones. You can trade in ten of them in zora’s domain to get a diamond.

The stones are used to upgrade the radiant armor set. Which I showcased in another post or you can sell them to merchants for 70 rupees apiece.

With this boss, I’m about to tell you this is actually a really good way of making money. We’re going to start off easy as a kucik. Do you know What’s Change in Master Mode – Zelda Breath ?

Our shrine in the Gerudo highlands just behind the shrine will be five luminous ores moving on to probably the best spot.

In this post I’m going to go to the firing tower and follow the mountain to the north. But first we’re going to jump down into the West here to get to a nice cluster of
rocks and back up to the tower.

This time light North landing on this ledge here and in the distance you’ll see the luminous film and we’re going to follow this ledge almost all the way to the end.  I told you before about The Best way to Defeat Waterblight Ganon in zelda.

We’re doing this at night so that those stones light up which make them much easier to spot also.

You can put on your tracking on your shaker plates to make sure you get all the rocks. Yesterday I wrote about Twin Memories Shrine.

I will leave the map of all these locations in the post. So you can follow along at your own place drop down to levels here and then we’re going to go back up after getting this one.

We’re going to double back and get the ones on the lower level. Now for a couple of easy spots from the tower, you wanna jump off straight west and the deposits will be right below.

Look north from here and you’ll see the other stones in the distance moving on at the linear route. Our there’s a couple of nice pots just below.

First you want to go stuffy and drop down walk along the south edge of the
mountain and drop down for the last or next up with the bantha tower.

There is one cluster to the north and choose to the south that we’re going to get first to north for 5tz luminous zone. Do you know What’s Change in Master Mode – Zelda Breath ?

Well factors how and neurogenic about the great fairy fountain and using a line nail sword to mine is not a good idea.

Once you got those I’m going to climb around the North Face of the mountain and on the backside will be a little saved with three more stone.

A cute little Caracas moving on if the divine beast vomit. If you don’t have this completed yet, you can also work to the shrine in the Rideau village.

But you’ll probably have to skip this first spot from the top of the divine beast area head down into this cone-shaped thing.

Once you got those climbed up on the edge and we’re going to glide west for the last spot. Next up is another divine base this time Bharucha.

If you don’t have this completed you can skip this area from the divine beast. Go north picking up that mineral. I’m going to glide down to the other side of the river.

There’s also a nice little cluster of silent rooms here that you can use to make sell-through stink boots.

On the other side of the river again there are a couple of more spots but I usually skip them because they tend to fall into the water and disappear as you’ll see.

Then I fall into the water and disappear as well moving on to the modulus on shrine on Satori mountain.

A couple night spots here we’re going to grab a couple of oars to the east first
and then make our way down the south side of the mountain doing a flyby.

The stellosphere finding a golden flame or hair with a nice surprise keep heading south and drop down to get a couple of ones inside this little package here.

Now we’re going to head back the way. We came to get the final spots drop down to this little grove of trees for your last luminous tones as well as a bunch of mushrooms.

Mostly sunrooms and Highland shrooms and some other types awesome moving on to the G tongue Sami shrine on top of the spring of wisdom.

In mountain area, if you don’t have the shrine unlocked then make it and we’re going to follow the top of the mountain around the east and north side first.

Then drop down for a few more spots. In the last spot, I want to tell you guys at the shore shrine north-northwest of go around city from the shrine.

You want to climb the rock wall to your right to get up on top of this rock. Once you run top look west to see the stones we’re going for and those are all the spots I wanted t tell you guys.

If you need even more ideas death Mountain has a nice and long route that you can start either from the Goron City or the divine beast. In the hills above Zoras domain, there’s also quite a bit of luminous.

But it does take a while to get there. I’m going to leave a map of these two areas in the next post after all of that I ended up with almost 200 luminous stones.

Which is more than enough to fully upgrade the radiance set or trading for
19 diamonds. Or sell for 13,000 rupees. By the way, Hope you know about how to get Suma Sahma Shrine.

It took me about three blood moons for all of these spots to fully respond. So you can go through these locations again after some time as fast as always.

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