How to Get All Forms of Eevee Evolution.

Today I am going to give you all of the ways that you can evolve Eevee and Pokemon go. Let me know in the comments below have you used all the Eevee tricks ?

Do you know them or is that why you are here right now. Because today I am going to give you eevee evolution tricks.

Number one the nicknames that can help you evolve, number two all of the strategies that can help you evolve multiple times.

Then number three I’m also going to give you a for shadow projection for the sylveon. Which is going to be the ferry type Eevee evolution that’s coming in Gen 6 which probably won’t be for about another year.

So we’re gonna get all that encompassed right now and I want to shout out to Pokemon go hub or this amazing article and also the trainer club comm all the way until Wednesday at midnight.

Now let’s get into the Eevee evolution tricks using the nicknames. Which you can only do one time and then it is actually discontinued and actually the Eevee generation 1 eeve evolution.

Which is going to be Vaporeon Jolteon and Flareon can only be guaranteed with the naming trick. The others is going to be a random selection.

If you just go ahead and randomly evolve Eevee. So for the Vaporeon the nickname
is gonna be rainer for the Jolteon. The nickname is going to be Sparky and for the flareon, the nickname is going to be pyro.

So if you have not done this trick because all you have to do is nickname
your edy and it is going to evolve into it. The name that you have correlating so make sure you spell your names right.

Make sure you’re prepped and ready so that is for Gen 1 Eevee evolution. If
you have already done this trick with the name one time the only way to get it is to evolve an Eevee and it is going to be a random selection of one of the three.

So that after the first name which if you haven’t done make sure to strategically use one. That is going to be worthwhile because once it’s up let’s say you have an Eevee you really want to Vaporeon you evolve it.

You have a 33% chance of getting a Vaporeon a Flareon or a Jolteon. So that is unfortunately going to be the way to evolve it fortunately. Hope you know about How to get all four Fossil Pokemon Sword and Shield.

The rest of the Eevee evolutions are going to be guaranteed utilizing different trick methods as well as the naming tricks. So let’s into those right now as far as Umbreon and Espeon we have two different ways.

We can acquire it one we can use a naming trick. But it’s only going to be able to be used one time and then we can use a different method which we’re going to cover in a second.

As soon as we go over the names that can get it any single time that you want as long as you follow the guidelines.

So for the first one is going to be the names Sakura as well as two mal are going to be the nicknames.

So on being secured to mal being Umbreon and fortunately we have the ability to guarantee that we can get these Pokemon. So here is what you are going to do you’re going to make the Eevee that you want to evolve your buddy.

Once you make Eevee evolution your buddy you’re going to walk it two full cycles which is going to be two candies which is going to be a total of ten kilometers.

Once you have walked this Eevee 10 kilometers you’re going to have to evolve it when you evolve it, it has to be your buddy.

It has to be evolved using a GPS signal that can recognize the day or the night time. When you go ahead and involve it during the daytime as your buddy with the two candies walked you are going to be able to turn it into an Espeon.

Then if you use the same Eevee evolution as your buddy and with the two candies at the night time it is going to become an Umbreon.

So the only differentiating factor is that it’s your buddy and that it is evolved either in the daytime or the nighttime. So everybody asks what is a day, what is the night.

Usually you can tell by if the daytime is in the game or if the nighttime is in the game. However I would suggest doing it towards the morning or the middle of the day.

If you’re kind of unsure and if you really want to make sure it’s the nighttime make sure to do it a little bit. After you see the game mode in the phone going tonight.

So as soon as you see the game go from the green or color in the game to the darker color. Which is gonna signify that it’s night that’s usually the safest time to do it.

But you want to at least wait a little bit of time. If you don’t feel super comfortable but anytime I have used this correlating in-game advice this is when it’s worked for me.

That’s super beneficial for us because we can evolve a guaranteed Umbreon or s beyond any single time. We want as long as we follow those criteria beforehand.

Make sure to do it not in a GPS kind of iffy situation where your phone might lose GPS during an eevee evolution.

Because technically speaking if that happens it could theoretically just evolved into a Vaporeon a Jolteon or a flareon right.

Because if we don’t do any of these specific tricks you are basically going to get one of those three because that is just the standard you and Eevee.

You’re going to get one of those three if you evolve an Eevee you’re only going to be able to get one of those three.

You cannot go into an Espeon Umbreon a Leafeon or a Glaceon. There is no option for that which then leads us to the latest eeveelutions.

Which is going to be the Leafeon and the Glaceon super easy to acquire these. Guys
you have two options one you can name it.

You can name it Linea for the Leafeon which is only going to work one time or you can name it ray up for the Glacia. Unfortunately the way to of all these guys are super super simple.

The only thing you need to do is have one of the premium lure modules down so for the Leafeon.

You need the mossy lure, you need to be close enough to the lure and then when
you go to evolve the Eevee. You have to check the evolve and you will see the shadow of the Leafeon to be able to make sure that you’re going to guarantee that.

You’re getting it that you’re in the range and that it’s going to happen and as far as the Glaceon you’re going to be able to get it two ways as well you can nickname it rheya.

Which is Rea or you can evolve it under a glacial or make sure to do the same thing as I said for the Leafeon. Because when you’re in the glacial or you have to be close enough to evolve it.

You look at the edy and under the shadow part when it says evolved there will be a picture and it has to be a Glaceon picture. Which is a little bit notable you can definitely tell the difference because then when you evolve it.

It is going to go into a Glaceon. So those are two really easy ways. So virtually every single one is guaranteed except for generation 1. Generation 1 is going to be a 1 third option.

Every single time after you have used a nick names one time to be able to get those Eevee evolutions. So every one is guaranteed except Gen 1.

So the last one we want to know about is sylveon. I know it’s got a little bit of time probably about a year until we see it too. But I’m going to go over this with you.

So thank you to Matt Fitz for coming through with this information. I trust this guy he has a tremendous amount of Pokemon knowledge and we’re gonna get this right now.

The nickname hypothesis from Matt is going to be Serena ser ena and there would be two potential ways to get it. Number one they’d have to put out a premium lore
module or work it into one of the three that are already out there.

That would attract fairy-type pokémon and then evolve it like a Leafeon or Glaceon. Number two you’d be able to walk it similar to a Eevee with the ESPE on or the Umbreon.

However what would happen is Eevee would have the charm move and if Eevee were to have the charm move and evolved then it would turn into the sylveon.

Because it’s going to be the ferry type evolution. So those are the three options obviously Matt Fitz gave me the first to the sarena and be walking and the premium war module was just something that I’m covering just a case.

That is an option you guys may have some V’s that you want to evolve. That maybe shiny from the community days from maybe some raids or some egg hatches.

So I want to make sure you guys had everything that you possibly could need to make sure to max out. Just want to put this in here for everybody just to make sure that you guys kind of have a little bit of a feel for what’s going on with all the EVs and the evolutions and where they stand.

So we’re gonna check out the dps times to do. If you guys haven’t checked out any of my best of the best series. You guys may want to check that out all of the different typing’s have to be compared to the other different typing’s.

Because although I might say Espeon is the best psychic overall we have to compare
psychic to psychic. Which we will slightly do but we’re gonna do a more in-depth one that will cover all the community.

Today Pokemon and to see where they’re at. So if we’re looking here we have the beyond confusion psychic highest dps times which is basically like the best stats overall for any of the eevee evolution.

Which is going to be at 1944 then we have another beyond with the Zen headbutt. Then we have Flareon with fire spin overheat 1465. We have Glaceon we have another beyond we have flareon.

We have beyonds and then we have Leafeon for the first time with Razor Leaf blade at 1091 and then if we go ahead and move on to the second page we can see more of them.

Then the Jolteon is gonna pop up for the first time at thundershock thunderbold. You guys can keep going here if you wanted to pause on any of these.

But then we have on the third page we are going to look at the Vaporeon with the water gun hydro pump at 915 for the first time right there.

So now let’s go ahead and compare these two. They’re Taipings and just see where they sit at. So if we want to take the SB on it’s actually going to be on the first page
overall of psychics.

But it’s gonna be compared to the Mewtwo which we know Mewtwo is a pretty boss Pokemon that we’ve already covered for compared to the 1944.

Which is humongous differential like not even close that is just absolutely crazy. But it is in the top Pokemon for these psychic attackers. If we’re talking the top 10 so it’s above the Alakazam.

Which is pretty unique and pretty cool. So it’s a effective definitely not even close to them you too. But that is okay. Next we’re gonna go on to the ice. Because the ice is actually going to be one of the more effective.

We actually have Glaceon sitting as the second best ice attacker with the frost breath avalanche at 1403. But the Mamoswine is still relatively better and it’s pretty easy to acquire as well.

So definitely something that’s like impactful but since the Mamoswine is readily available you know.

I would probably go with that option and then if we’re gonna go onto the electric attackers and if we want to see the electric attackers it’s not even gonna make the first page.

It’s gonna be quite far down there the first time it’s gonna show up. It’s gonna be 1060 for all the way on the third page.

So there’s a lot a lot better electric attackers out there than this Jolteon. But then let’s go ahead to the grass form this is going to be the first page.

If we want to see the second page this is gonna be where receive the Leafeon at razor leaf blade at 1091. So in comparison to the Rose raid at 1463.

1091 not incredibly different but enough that you know like Rosalia Venus or Torterra.
There’s a lot better options out there not incredibly better.

But they’re definitely out there until the Shaymin comes out and if we want to go for the dark attackers. I think you guys might know the answer to this because Darkrai just absolutely smashes this category.

But if you want to see the Umbreon it’s going to be way down there like not even close 263 in comparison to the 2203 for the dark ride.

Also if we want to check out the Vaporeon you got to check out the Kyogre – 377 Vaporeon is gonna 9:15. So it’s definitely way far down there and then we also want to check out the fire type attackers.

We have the Entei fire Fang overheat at two one seven nine current most available pokemon and then if you’re going to go to see the flare yawn.

You’re gonna go to the second page in the 18th spot. We’re gonna look at fire spin overheat at 14 65.

So there’s definitely a significant difference in the fire types as well. So I hope this helped guys. Now we’re gonna finish up the post.

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