Top 10 Current Rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Today’s episode I’m gonna be talking to you about the top 10 rarest Pokemon in Pokemon go. If you’ve been following Pokemon gum more recently, you will know about the elite TM system.

Where you can obtain those legacy moves by just using an elite TM. So in this post we are not going to be featuring any rarest Pokemon on this list.

Today we will review these 10 rarest updates….

  • Snorlax.
  • Lapras.
  • Gyarados.
  • Chansey.
  • Dragonite.
  • Alakazam.
  • Porygon.
  • Venusaur, Blastoise, Charizard.
  • Tauros, Farfetchd, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime.
  • Mew, Mewtwo, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Ditto.

Because of a move set, I can promise you some of these rarest Pokemon are going to be so crazy and some of them I legitimately did not know that they even existed until having to do research on this post.

But speaking of the research I end up getting a ton of help on Twitter. So into the number 10 position is a rarest Pokemon that is 100% obtainable at any point in time.

So why exactly would it be on this list. Well believe it or not it is something that you can get from PvP and rank in it is Pikachu with the Libre costume.

Now don’t let it fool you it may seem that it’s something very easy to obtain. But I would argue that not many people have been able to reach rank 10 actually if you go and check out the leaderboards.

Now you’re talking about being in the top 100 at any point in time and just those people have enough of an MMR to reach 3,000.

Of course obtain this Libre as an encounter and that makes it extremely rare. But the cool thing about this and starting it off with this position is, it is technically obtainable by anyone in Pokemon go at any point in time.

It just requires a lot of skill. But I still thought it was worth putting in at the number 10 position. Into the number 9 position is a very unique combination. That’s going to require luck and that is lucky shiny 100%.

IV Pokemon in Pokemon go specifically talking about the harder ones to get like legendary Pokemon. Then maybe egg exclusive Pokemon or raid Pokemon.

These Pokemon are just extremely difficult to get you have to have a lot of luck on your side. They’re also known as a shil undoh which is pretty crazy.

I mean there’s just so many acronyms fourth shiny lucky 100% iv Pokemon. My personal favorite of these is probably a shiny Mewtwo of course with an exclusive move something like a Sai strike.

Maybe unlock a shadow ball on it – that’s going to be crazy rare. I would imagine that there are people out there who have at least one of the two that we have covered.

If you have any of these Pokemon that have been covered on this list, let us know in the comments section. Previously I wrote about How to Get All Forms of Eevee Evolution.

In of the number eight position on this list is focus a little bit more on shadow Pokemon and we are talking about shiny shadow Pokemon that are 100%.

Ivy’s the favorite one that gets mentioned the most is a beldam that is an absolute trophy. If you can get yourself a 100% shiny version of the shadow rarest pokemon you were in an extreme minority in that case.

This is something that I know so many people have gone out there and hunted. Maybe you were lucky enough to get yourself that Shadow beldam but to get a 100% one is absolutely insane.

I also wanted to tell you this super cringy screenshot that I found about a shiny shadow beldum. Which is just it just hurts my heart because they end up purifying it and yes it is a 100% Ivey.

Could it have been a 13,you know some type of combination like that not really sure. But they ended up evolving it before we end up getting shadow bonuses add in so our IP to that one.

But I still thought it was a crazy cool pool that I wanted to tell you into the number seven position is a mistake on my antics behalf and this is just super cool you had to have the perfect timing of it.

I even have some live tweets that ended up happening along the way and that is suck and throw being miss region by accident in Pokemon go.

Then Niantic actually reverting it back some people were able to see a sock in their local region and then literally five minutes later able to see the opposite like a throw for example.

But you can get the point they end up being miss region for a very small period of time. At some point in time I’m sure they are going to be Flint. Hope you know about How to get all four Fossil Pokemon Sword and Shield.

We’ve seen that happen with other regional Pokemon but for the time being these Pokemon are extremely rare because of the amount of time that you had to obtain them in.

At the number six position is a Pokemon that I actually possessed which I was super shocked to see but honestly not a lot of trainers actually have this and that is a glitch ditto for some period of time.

People were able to obtain dittos that retain information from their hidden variation. so for example mine was actually a Pidgey and if I were to go ahead and search A+ Pidgey the ditto ends up showing up on it.

Which is crazy cool but it ended up causing some future complications which is interesting as well.

You can try to go ahead and unlock a secondary charge move on ditto. Which is not supposed to happen and then even beyond that you can try to Tim away struggle and it ends up counting as an exclusive legacy move.

Which is so interesting to see on a ditto. I’m sure many of you out there may end up having this one of course different variations of it.

But I honestly don’t think that this is obtainable anymore which makes them extremely rare. But for those of you out there interested in like this definitely reach out to people in your community.

Look for it and then you could end up obtaining it from the training. Which is kind of cool things centered around this. This number five position is a super crazy one.

It is a glitch on my antics perhaps. They tried reverting something and that is double mythical Pokemon specifically talking about mu as well as Celebi.

So the reason why people were able to do this is they obtain them from go Fez and then later on special research comes out for everyone else to obtain either the MU or the cell.

But you’ve kind of seen those things coming. But if you end up obtaining it from go fest you’re not able to obtain a second one. So how exactly did these people do it from my understanding.

What happened was they ended up getting a rarest Pokemon removed from them. So they couldn’t find it. Couldn’t see whatever was going on and then when they did the regular research that everyone was doing worldwide.

They got their Celebi they got their Mew and then Niantic realize. People from
NGO fests end up getting their music Celebes taken away and then they ended up adding it back.

So now people ended up with two of them. Which is super crazy and actually super helpful especially for something like Mew for PvP you get those different IVs.

You can use them for different leagues because for now if you end up powering went up you’ve got no way to go back down.

You can’t transfer them or do anything like that. I thought that was a really cool scenario and the fact that people end up getting screenshots of it is even more amazing in.

At the number four position we’re going to be going back to shadow Pokemon and you’ve got to be super lucky to obtain these Pokemon pun. Intended we are talking about shadow lucky Pokemon.

Shadow Pokemon cannot be lucky you can’t trade them. Well when shadow Pokemon first came out there, he were very strange to a lot of us. We were just like what the heck do you do with it.

It was extremely expensive to power up. They didn’t get any type of added bonus
to them at the beginning of it.

But some people decided to trade them to maybe lower down the cost and kind of see what the heck you could do with those rarest Pokemon and that proved to be a very smart move whether or not.

You purposefully did it or stumbled into it. Because it became a legacy feature 9 antic ended up reverting that ability to trade those shadow Pokemon.

So if you’ve got yourself a lucky shadow Pokemon consider yourself lucky. I can’t tell how many times I tried trading a shadow Pokemon just never end up getting a lucky one.

So if you’ve got one definitely let me know in the comment section below and feel free to tweet me on Twitter. At the number three position is a hyper air rarest Pokemon known as shadow absol.

Now you might be saying to yourself what are you talking about. I myself have a shiny absol well it’s gonna be a specific shiny app.

So which is just insane to get and that is a level one shiny absol. Now you may be saying to yourself how in the world is that even possible. Because absol is available in eggs.

Which means if you’re at level 20 or above it’s gonna be locked at level 20. Then secondly if you find it in raids. It’s either gonna be at level 20 or at level 25 if that Pokemon is weather boosted.

But there are two main ways to obtain this absol at a level one and it’s extremely crazy to be able to do this. The more common one is to get during some type of events where they end up spawning them in the wild something like a go fest.

Something like a safari zone where absol has been featured as the predominant pokemon. You now have the ability to get it below level 20 and for those lucky few trainers out there who managed to get themselves not only a shiny absol.

But at level 1 that is just stupid rare to be able to get that Pokemon that way. The second way is even crazier is if you have a hatched level one shiny absol that is insane.

But how you would do it is as a level 1 player you would have to spin a stop get yourself a 10-kilometer egg and then just cross your fingers in hope.

It was a shiny absol because at that point in time since it’s fixed it would be a level one shiny absol that was hatched. Which is absolutely insane. So the number 2 position on this list is so rare that I don’t actually have a screenshot of it.

I’ve got some that are very close that hit a couple of the check marks. But it’s extremely rare and I promise you at some point in time someone is going to be able to pull this off.

If they are motivated enough and that is a shiny level one baby Pokemon. That is lucky at a 100% ivy. Wow that was a mouthful that was a lot going on.

So how in the world would you be able to obtain this. The most strategic way that I’ve seen people do.

This is the end of starting up a brand new account in Pokemon go and they try to get themselves as many eggs as possible without going over in XP. That’s extremely important because you need to obtain these eggs at level one.

So you’ve got to get super lucky with this your best shot is to get nine eggs. Go ahead and try to do it and then of course once you get it trade, it over to your main account maybe you end up getting lucky enough to get this.

I mean we’ve got that screenshot from earlier with lucky buns but it’s not a level one could you imagine being able to do this. Go ahead and check this one out.

I mean it’s just insane and I definitely feel like it deserves to be on the number 2 spot the number 10 position is stupid rare.

It is so rare that I actually did not hear about this until I ended up doing research on this Pokemon and that is a lucky 100% Ivy deoxys you’re saying to yourself.

What are you talking about this program was never tradable I myself like hundreds of thousands of others when the eX rates came out.

Tried to trade a deoxys to find out it got classified as a mythical Pokemon that was non-tradable food to Niantic for that.

We wanted to trade those but a lot of people just kind of gave it up. Let it rest didn’t really think about it.

But randomly during a community day that happened later on the ability to trade deoxys was temporarily unlocked probably not on purpose.

I would imagine but could you imagine being the person during a random community day just trying to trade themselves a deoxys and it actually going through and not only.

That getting yourself a lucky variation and to put the cherry on top getting a 100% Ivey. Now I have not personally seen a 100% ivy but we have seen those lucky variation knowing that at one point in time.

This was possible which in my opinion would make it single-handedly. One of the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon go to be honest with you I had a ton of fun making this post.

I would love to hear what you think about this in the comments section below.

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