GTA 5 Cheats For All Xbox & Xbox 360.

Hey what’s going on everyone in today’s blog I’m gonna be telling you all the gta 5 cheats. How to activate them and what they do so to activate these cheats.

You’re gonna want to press a series of buttons for gta 5 cheats in a specific order. Now when I refer to the button right and left I’m referring to the buttons on the d-pad.

If you do with the joystick I don’t believe it works and just to deactivate any of the cheats in the game. You’re gonna want to type in the cheat code again alright.

So the first cheat we’re gonna be looking at today is the

1. Drunk mode cheat.

  1. Now just like the name suggests this cheat makes your character drunk. Now to activate this cheat you are going to want to press Y right. Right left right xB left.

    Now you’re gonna want to do it pretty quickly so that it registers and you’re gonna know you did it correctly.

    Because it’s going to tell you in the corner right above the mini-map that it was activated.

    Now drunk mode cheat makes your character drunk and he stumbles around a bit and if he runs it’s more of a drunken hobble. While you’re out and about on your feet there’s really not much changes.

    Shootings not much harder the real difficulty comes in when you try to drive. So at first it’s not gonna seem much different. But when you’re driving you’re gonna notice your character will randomly swerve like that time.

    I wasn’t even controlling he just decided to take a turn it’s. So it’s kind of like driving a car with horrible alignment issues. So this cheat can really add a layer of difficulty to the game.

    If you’re looking to make it harder we can see you keep swerving in the cars. You really have to hold on to the joystick to make sure it goes where it wants.

    Alright so the next cheat we’re gonna look at is the

2. Explosive ammo cheat.


This cheat makes all of your bullets explode on impact. Now you’re gonna activate this cheat by pressing right X, a left RB RT, left right, right lb, lb lb.

All right now like I said this cheat makes all of your bullets explode. They explode if they hit a wal,l if they hit a person, if they hit a car.

So it can do a lot of damage as you may see there I just took up two people out with one shot because of the area effect damage.

The explosion does you can do chain reactions and the like you are going to want to be careful with this cheat because that can happen.

All right the next sheet we have is the

3. Explosive melee attacks gta 5 cheats.

This is very similar to the last one except instead of your bullets exploding your punches and kicks are going to explode.

So to activate this cheat, you’re gonna want to do right left a y RB b b b LT.
Now that it’s activated everyone I punch or everything I punch will explode as you may see there it leaves a huge mark on the ground too.

It even works with melee weapons like a knife or if you stab newspaper stands they also explode. So all the environment that you can normally break by driving into it with like a car.

For instance will explode with this cheat on anyone that you punch stab hit with a baseball bat. All of it will explode as you can see I just hit that pole with the knife and the lights fell off it.

Something you’re gonna want to be careful about just like the last cheat is that if you hit anyone too close to a vehicle it will of course explode killing you and your target though.

So maybe it’s worth it now the next cheat
is the

4. Fast running gta 5 cheats.

The code to activate this cheat is why left right right LT lb X. This cheat makes you run faster pretty self-explanatory and your character moves a lot faster and he also goes through the running motion a lot faster.

Now it looks kind of goofy and if we wait here, if we see I’m gonna try to race a car just to give you an idea of how fast you’re going.

Ok so as you can actually run a little bit faster than these cars and of course the car is not really going that fast. So it’s not a huge speed boost but it is much faster than you normally run.

So it will be very helpful for getting around places. If you don’t have a car or
another vehicle you also jog faster too.

So if you just hold the a button instead of tapping the a button that is also faster. Alright so the next G we have is the

5. Flaming bullets cheat.

You’re gonna activate this cheat by doing lb RB x RB left RT RB left X right lb lb and it’s a lot like the explosive bullets cheat except instead of exploding your bullets.

Set the target on fire unlike the explosive bullets cheat this one does not set everything on fire. It’s only when you shoot things like vehicles or people well as the explosive ammo cheat.

Literally everything you shoot will explode you can’t set things like buildings or you know signs on fire. But as you can see I’m setting a car on fire and cars and fire do not mix of course.

So it will take a little bit for them to blow up or if you keep shooting they will blow up almost immediately and something I think is pretty cool is that you can actually set the train on fire.

It will never explode because the train is invincible. But the train you can actually affect the train in some way which you usually can’t do alright.

This things are getting kind of chaotic and I can’t hold the cops off forever even with the flaming bullets. So I’m gonna want to turn down the heat no pun intended. So this is the

6. Wanted level down cheat.

In to activate it, You’re going to want to put in RB RB b RT right left right left right left and that will lower your wanted level by 1 star.

It won’t get rid of all your stars that’s important to note it will just lower it by 1 star and as you can see I’ve taken quite a lot of damage from that battle.

So I’m gonna want to refill my health and you know what I think I could use
some armor. So I’m gonna use the

7. Max health and armor cheat.

Which is B lb y RT a xB right X lb lb lb. In this cheat gives you max health and armor as you can see now my health and my armor are fully replenished.

So I’m ready to take on the cops again of course I could just start shooting people. But if I want to get the cops on me a little bit quicker, I can use the

8. Raze wanted level cheat.

Which is RB RB b RT left right left right left right. Okay so the Rays wanted level cheat is very similar to the lower wanted level cheat.

Which is a good thing and a bad thing it’s good. Because if you memorize one you’ve probably memorized both of them.

But it’s bad because if you’re in a bit of a pickle and you really need to get rid of your wanted level you might accidentally raise it.

If you find that the max health and armor cheat isn’t enough for you. You’re probably going to want to use the

9. Invincibility cheat.

To activate this cheat it’s right, a right left right R B right left a Y. Unlike the other cheats this one is actually timed so as you can see in the corner it has a helpful little timer.

It’s set for five minutes and tells you when your invincibility wears off in this time span you are completely invincible.

You don’t take any damage as you can see these cops have nothing on me.
I can just run around and stab them and I don’t have to worry about taking any damage.

Alright so the next sheet I’m going to show you is the

10. Recharge special ability cheat.

And as you probably know every character in the game has their own special ability that does its own unique thing. They’re very helpful in certain situations.

Now Michael here makes everything go in slow motion which can be very helpful for shooting.

It doesn’t last that long however and if you’re in a situation like this one where you have to shoot a lot of people you’re probably not gonna want to wait for it to recharge.

So to activate this cheat you’re gonna do a a x RB lb a right-left a and as you can see my special bar in the corner that’s that yellow bar in case you didn’t know it’s full now.

So I can use his special ability again. All right so as you can see my invincibility has worn off and this is the perfect timing to tell you the

11. Skyfall gta 5 cheats.

I’m gonna activate it by doing lb lt RB RT left right left right lb lt RB RT left right left right.

Now this cheats spawns you in the middle of the air and you’re just sort of free-falling and even if you had a parachute equipped – prior to activating this cheat you can’t use it while you’re in this mode.

So you have to be careful about that and I’m gonna aim for the water. Because I don’t want to die and like I said you can’t use a parachute. Now once I land in the water, I’m gonna have to swim back to shore and that’s kind of slow and tedious.

So I’m gonna show you the

12.Fast swimming gta 5 cheats.

Which is just like the fast running cheat except instead of running faster you of course swim faster.

So to activate the fast swimming cheat you’re gonna want to press left left lb right right RT left L T right.

All right so this next sheet is a lot of fun it is the

13. Super Jump gta 5 cheats.

Now to activate this cheat you’re gonna want to do left left YY right right left right X R VR T and as you may see you now jump much higher than you did previously.

If you hold X while jumping you will jump higher than if you just tap X but either way you do jump very high and you can quickly scale buildings in this mode.

And do all sorts of fun stuff you can jump over cars. If they’re coming your
way you can jump over cars.

If they’re not coming your way and you just want to jump over them. This cheats really helpful because it makes places that were previously unaccessible accessible and places that were maybe kind of hard to access.

Much easier to access as you can see here’s the hospital and of course you have to climb a ladder up to get there. But you know that takes a little while.

So I’m just gonna jump right on top of there you also don’t take any fall damage from jumping in this mode.

So although you can jump to Heights that normally if you fell from that height
you would die if you are in the middle of a jump.

Once you land the jump you will not take any damage. All right in the next cheat that we have is the

14. Slow-motion aiming gta 5 cheats.

Now this cheat makes everything go into slow motion similar to Michaels special ability. But only when you press left trigger to aim in with a gun.

To activate this cheat you’re gonna want to do X LT r B Y left X L T right a. Now this cheat is interesting as there’s three different levels of this cheat.

So if you activate it the first time things get a little bit slower as you may see and
then if I go ahead and activate it again things get a little bit more slower.

You can actually activate it up to three times. So if I go ahead and activate it one more time, things are gonna get really slow and this cheat is of course helpful for doing things like shooting out tires or shooting people.

It’s a lot like Michaels special ability but it’s only while you’re shooting. So you
don’t have to run around really slow. Now if I put in the code one more time as you can see everything goes back to normal.

Now maybe slow-motion aiming isn’t enough for you and you want everything
to be slow-motion all the time. If that’s the case you’re gonna want to use the

15. Slow-motion gta 5 cheats.

To activate that you’re gonna want to do why left right right X RT R B and just like the slow-motion aiming cheat. There are three different levels to this.

So if you put it in again and things get slower. If you put it in a third time things get even slower and then if you do it one more time things go back to normal and as you may see fighting is really slow not a huge advantage there.

Because you’re going slow too and now in the third level of slow-mo everything is very slow and you can really just see everything very slowly happening.

So you can see in the back those two guys are running towards me very slowly. But if I activate this cheat one more time to deactivate it. They’re running at me at normal speed.

All right so this next cheat is a really fun cheat and it is the

16. Moon gravity gta 5 cheats.

Now this cheat makes the gravity in lo Santos. Not as strong and to activate this cheat you’re gonna want to do left left lb r b lb right left lb left.

At first it you might not notice a difference in this cheat. Because when you jump you don’t jump any higher or you don’t jump any slower.

When you get into a car it might be a little hard to notice. But if I were to drive into any pedestrians.

They will spend a little more time in the air. One more thing about this cheat it also works on other objects in the world.

So if I were to explode this car as you can see the flaming debris of the
car spend a lot of time in the air.

You can see like there’s a door right there and there’s a tire. Now the next cheat we have is the

17. Sliding cars cheat.

and to activate this cheat you’re gonna want to view y RB RB left RB lb r TLV. Basically what this cheat does is it greatly reduces the traction that your tires have against the ground.

So if I get into a car over here you can see it virtually impossible to drive normally the tires just can’t get a grip of the ground.

I’m no scientist but I can clearly see that the tires are not getting any grip of the ground and it’s really hard.

You just kind of spin all over the place and just to show you that it’s not just the car. I’m using I’m gonna go borrow this other person’s car over here.

I’m having a very hard time also you’ll notice the npc’s cars don’t seem to be affected by this very much if at all. So they probably think I’m just an idiot that doesn’t know how to put the car into drive okay.

Now what this next cheat does is it just simply changes the weather and since there’s several different weather conditions in GTA 5. If there’s a specific one you’re what you want there’s not a specific cheat code.

For that you’re just gonna have to keep typing in the

18. Weather gta 5 cheats.

until you get to the one you want now there is a specific order that it goes in and I will tell you all the phases of the weather and what they do.

Now to change the weather you’re gonna want to put in the code RT a lb lb LT LT LT X and you have to do that for every single type of weather there is.

And the first type of weather is the extra sunny weather. So as you may see the Sun is out shining bright and if you don’t want that you want to change it you have to put in the code again to get clear weather.

So you know not a lot of clouds still their day and then if we put it on again
we’ll get cloudy weather. Which there’s much more clouds which makes it much more clouds.

But still a pretty nice day outside and then if we put it in again you’ll get a smoggy weather.

So as you may see there’s a lot of that classic la smog nice and kind of hard to see things in the distance.
If we put in the code again and accidentally punch that woman then we will get overcast weather and now there’s a lot of clouds in the sky and if we put the code in again we get raining weather.

So now this one is a little more obvious to see than the past ones as you can see it’s now raining put in the code again and you will get Thunder weather.

So now it’s ringing a lot harder it’s very dark in the sky. You can see the puddles on the ground and right here we will get a flash of lightning put in the code one more time and you will get clearing weather.

Which is basically like the rain is starting to clear up and the sun’s coming out again and there’s not as many clouds.

If we put in the code one more time though we’ll get snowy weather. So now it’s snowing. Okay so the next cheat we have is a very straight forward. It just

19. Spawns in a BMX bicycle.

So if you want to spawn in a BMX you’re gonna have to put in left left right right left right X B Y R BRT and bike just spawns in front of you.

You have to make with all of the vehicle cheats. You have to make sure there’s enough space for the vehicle to actually be there in order to spawn it in.

But maybe if you want a bit of an upgrade you can spawn in the pcj 600. Which is a
motorcycle and to spawn that in you do our BRT left to right arty left right X right LT lb lb and there you have it.

There’s the motorcycle and we can just hop on this and cruise around. So if you want to spawn in a helicopter.

More specifically, if you want to spawn in the buzzard which is the attack helicopter in the game that has rockets and machine guns.
you’re gonna want to put in the code B b lb b b b lb LT r b YB y and like I said before you need enough space to actually spawn in the helicopter.

I thought a helipad would be a good place to do it. but apparently that is even a little
finicky. you have to make sure there’s a lot of room and now we can get into that helicopter and fly around and cause total chaos throughout Los Santos.

So of course this helicopter has the machine guns and the Rockets you can have homing rockets or not homing Rockets. Whenever you get into a helicopter, it automatically equips a parachute on you.

So if I were to jump out of this helicopter and parachute onto the building below you get a nice relaxing view of the city very calm.

Even though your helicopter just exploded on the ground below you and now that you’ve used up your parachute. You do not have another one and you can’t use it again.

But since I’m on this building, I’m gonna want to get down which brings up the need for the

20. Parachute gta 5 cheats.

You can just spawn yourself a parachute by putting in the code left right l BL t RB RT RT left left right lb and now that I have a parachute I’m just gonna parachute to safety.

All right so as you can see I was just arrested and when you get arrested you lose your armor and you lose all your ammo. So as you can see I have no ammo and any of my guns.

But of course there is a cheat for that. So if you want a cheat to give you weapons and ammo you’re gonna want to put in why Artie left LBA right.

Why down x lv lv lv and you can do it again to get a bit more ammo. But just a warning there’s just a few specific guns that you get ammo for you.

Do not get them for every gun in the game. Alright so the next sheet spawns in a caddy which is one of the little golf carts and if you want this for whatever
reason I don’t know in my opinion there’s much cooler rides in the game.

But if you want to spawn in a caddy, it’s the code B lb left RB l ta r BL b ba and now I’m just gonna drive this round a little drive down the street. Let’s be honest you’re probably going to want to drive something a little bit cooler.

So if you want to spawn in a comet which is a sports car in the game. You’re gonna want to press RB b RT right l BL ta ax RB and as you can see it’s spawned right there.

I run away for a second because I thought I might have accidentally dropped a grenade and that would have been very bad. But I didn’t so I can just go back in the car get in and then drive in style and with all these vehicle cheats.

They’re just normal vehicles they’re yours to keep or yours to blow up yours. To do whatever you want with I’m not a particularly good driver.

I just drove down the street and I already spun it out. Another vehicle you can spawn in is a limo and to spawn that in you’re gonna want to put in arty right LT left left RB lb be right and there you have it your own personal limo.

That you have to drive yourself. Now another vehicle that you can spawn in is the rapid GT which is another sports car in the code to spawn that in is our TLB be right lb RB right left BRT.

Of course you can drive around and have fun in your car. Do whatever you
want in it but if you need a different vehicle to maybe go off-roading in you can spawn in the Sanchez.

Which is the dirt bike and to spawn that in its be a lb b b lb b RB r t LT lb lb and as you can see, I got the american version of it. Another thing to know is that the cars will spawn with a random paint job on it.

Every time you spawn it in there is no way to get a particular paint job. You’re just gonna have to keep doing it to get the one you want.

But of course you could just take it to the shop in get it painted your whatever color you prefer. You can also spawn in a garbage truck which is known as the trash master and spawn it in.

You need to put in the code b RB b RB left left RB lb b right and I’m gonna do that and I’m gonna drive around and maybe collect some trash. Because you know what I’ve caused a lot of damage to the city in.

I think it’s time I give back of course you can also spawn in planes and more specifically you can spawn in a stunt.

Plane in the code to spawn in a stunt plane is B right lb LT left RB lb lb left left a Y and you can just spawn it right in the middle of the road. I’m gonna get in and truth be told I’m not a very good pilot.

So as you can see I’m gonna almost immediately crash it. All right in the final cheat I’m gonna show you is yet again another plane and it is the Duster.

21. Crop duster gta 5 cheats.

So it’s kind of slow and not as maneuverable as the stunt plane. But the code to put it in is right left RB RB RB left YY a b lv lv and I don’t have enough space to spawn it in the first time. Hope you guys know about Destiny 2 New Secret Area.

But on my second try get it and then I can just fly off into the sky and I don’t actually end up crashing this one. So those are all the cheats in GTA 5. I hope you enjoyed the post and I hope you had a lot of fun with these cheats.

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