Type Effectiveness Guide for Pokemon Go.

Today’s episode we’re gonna be talking about type effectiveness because PvP has become more popular and a lot of people are interested in it.

You might know some of the basics like water is going to be fire. But when you’re talking about knowing all of the Taipings it can be a little bit difficult in pokemon go.

We will briefly cover a little bit of information around dual type Pokemon, talk about double weaknesses, double resistances and even a triple resistances.

In certain situations bug type is weak to fire flying and rock type fire can easily burn bugs flying creatures tend to eat bugs for food and rocks can easily smash bugs. Previously I wrote about How to Get All Forms of Eevee Evolution.

Bugs are super effective against grass psychic and dark types bugs eat grass. The fear of bugs is a mind game and the bugs are finally super effective versus dark type mostly for balancing issues once dark type was added into generation 2.

Which leads into the dark typing dark type is weak to fighting bug and fairy.
The reason why dark type is weak to fighting in fairy is the concept of good versus evil with Pokemon being a franchise.

Mostly related to children good will always prevail and the bug type because of balancing issues that we mentioned earlier. Dark type is super effective against ghosts and psychic type Pokemon ghost type.

Because a dark hearted creature is unlikely to care about the woes of the dead psychic type.

Because the fear of the dark creature can render someone’s mind by paralyzing them with fear. Dragon typing is weak to ice dragon and Fairy typing ice types.

Because dragons are considered to be reptiles therefore, cold blooded. So in cold weather, they tend to be slowed down dragon types because of a dragons power.

A dragon can be outmatched by another powerful Dragon and berry types. Because in fairy tales, they tend to slay the dragon. Dragon types are super effective against dragon type.

Because once again dragons are strong enough to battle each otherelectric typing is up next. Electricity’s only weakness is the ground typing this is due to the grounding of electricity dispersing the signal rendering it useless.

Electric is super effective against water and flying types water. Because the electric current can travel through the water easier and blind type.

Because a paralyzed bird from electricity is in some deep trouble mid-flight. Fairy type is weak to poison and steel typing poison typing because fairies have a strong connection with nature.

Remember the cartoon Fern Gully a perfect example for sure up next is the
steel type.

Because fairy types tend to be weak steel type objects in folklore fairy is also super effective against fighting dragon and dart type fighting. Hope you know about How to get all four Fossil Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Because of fairies magic is just too strong for a fighter dragon type. Because although they are both magical creatures fairies must dominate more due to the sides and finally dark type because of the good versus evil concept fighting
type is weak.

Fairy flying and psychic-type pokemon fairy because of magic easily being able to take control over a fighter with a weak mine flying. Because what you going to do with these massively arms.

If you cannot reach me and finally psychic type because brains out class bronze finding type is super effective against normal Rock ice dark and steel type normal.

Because of a UFC fighter will take it down no problem Rock. Because fighters can smash rocks ice because a fighter can crack the ice dark because of the good versus evil concept and steel type.

Because you can bend steel into the shape with enough force fire type is weak to water ground and rock types fire can be put up by throwing water on it, burying it and rocks tend to contain fires.

Just think about the last camping trip that you went on fire is super effective against grass ice bug and steel types grass.

Because grass gets burned by fire ice because it gets melted by fire bug. Because it gets burned by fire and steel because it gets melted and molded by fire.

Another interesting factor about the fire type is that it has the second largest number of resistances in pokemons Go. Only behind the steel type flying type is weak to electric rock and ice types electric.

Because a bird paralyzed mid-flight is no good rock because of killing two birds with one stone. Or as PETA would put it feed two birds with one scone yep. Hope you know about Top 10 Current Rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

I bet you’ll remember that one. Now ice type because birds flying south for the winter to avoid that awful cold.

So flying type is super effective against grass fighting and bug types grass. Because they use grass to make nests fighting because you can’t reach me up here muscle er and bug type.

Because birds eat bugs the ghost type is weak to ghost and dark type ghosts. Because only other ghosts can touch ghost dark type because a dark entity committing a crime doesn’t care about the soul that it leaves behind.

That actually kind of run ghost is super effective against ghosts and psychic types ghosts. Because ghosts can touch other ghosts and psychic.

Because ghosts tend to be a fear of the mind for many the grass type is weak to fire flying ice poison and bug. Because of all of these can destroy plants in different ways like pesticides.

To take care of those pesky weeds grass type is super effective against water ground and rock type. Grass absorbs water grass takes nutrients from the ground and grass can eventually grow over a rock over time.

The ground type is weak to grass ice and water grass. Because it absorbs nutrients from the ground ice. Because ground can render it useless for crops and water.

Because plants absorb water ground type is super effective against fire electric
rock poison and steel ground can put out a fire grounding electricity controls.

It ground can encapsulate rocks. Good luck poisoning ground and ground is super effective against steel.

Because of well balancing issues, ice type is weak to fire rock fighting and steel type fire. Because it can melt ice rock. Because it can smash ice fighting.

Because it can break the ice and steel type because steel can withstand extremely cold temperatures ice type is super effective against grass flying ground and Dragon type freeze.

The grass sin birds flying south for the winter rendering the soil useless for crops and dragons because of them being cold-blooded and slowed down in colder temperatures.

Normal type is only weak to fighting type being a normal type. Good luck stepping into the ring with a trained UFC fighter. Normal type is not super effective against anything but that definitely makes it unique on its own.

Up next is the poison type. So poison is weak to psychic and ground types ground can absorb toxins and a strong mine can develop techniques of avoiding.

Toxins poison can be super effective against grass and fairy types pesticides
can take out plants and weeds and toxins in the forest affect fairies.

Because of the connection that they have with nature psychic type is weak to bug and dark types these three weaknesses are associated to fears of the mind.

On the other hand psychic is super effective against fighting type and poison brain over brawn and good luck poisoning me. I’m too smart for that rock type is weak to water grass ground fighting and steel types this is a lot to list off.

So we will skip the reasoning for now on these rock is super effective against fire flying ice and bug rock contains fire Ross.Which can kill two birds with one stone or feed it a scone to them not really sure what is reality anymore and then rocks know how to break the ice.

And rocks can crush bugs the steel type is weak to fire ground and fighting type fire. Because it can melt steel ground because of earthquakes can destroy man-made structures and fighting-type.

because a strong enough person can bend steel. Steel is super effective against rock ice and very moving from the Stone Age to the industrial time period.

Steel can withstand the cold and buries tend to be weak to steel type objects in folklore.

The real interesting thing about steel types is that it does have the highest number of resistances among all of the other types in Pokemon go.

Which totals up to 11. The last of the typing is the water type water type is weak to grass and electric grass.

Because it can absorb water and electricity can travel easier through water making it
dangerous water is super effective against fire ground and rock.

Because water can put out fires soft in the ground to mud and eventually corrode a rock into nothing. If you want to develop a deeper connection I would highly recommend you to check out patreon.

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