How to Buy a House With Max Upgrades.

Today we’re gonna be going over how to buy a house in the Legend of Zelda breath of the wild. So we’re gonna go all out and get every single upgrade that you can possibly get for this house.

It’s gonna be maxed out. Ok so I’m at Latino village and I’m just telling you about the entrance.

If you go up that straight way you can follow the path to the house that we will eventually purchase.  By the way, Hope you know about how to get Suma Sahma Shrine.

So I’m talking to this gentleman here his name is Carson and basically I’m just asking him what they’re doing he’s saying that they’re demolishing the house and basically I’m gonna go ahead.

And talk to the other worker just around the bend and his name is Hudson he’s a very important character in breath of the wild. So make sure to keep an eye on
this guy.

So anyway I’m just asking him also what he’s doing and he tells me they’re demolishing the house and I’m offering to buy the house.

He tells me I have to speak with the boss. So now I’m going to speak to this boss dude here and his name is bolson and so after speaking with him for a little bit I’m going to offer to purchase this house from him.

So he’s shocked that I offered to buy the house in the first place and so he’s going to give me an offer of 50,000 rupees for the house. Do you know What’s Change in Master Mode – Zelda Breath ?

So I’m going to tell him that I’m gonna pay that price and now he’s even more shocked but actually behold. He only wants three thousand rupees which is a great deal and he says it’s a deal just for me.

So that’s pretty cool and he also wants 30 wood bundles which is super easy. I
mean just go blow up some trees and you can get those wood bundles really quick.

So they halt the demolishing of the house which in my opinion I really don’t think they would have ever really successfully demolished the house ever really something tells me that.

But whatever moving on don’t talk to bolson while he’s walking because this dude does not like to be bothered when he walks apparently.

So I’m just gonna hang tight here and let him sit down before I approach him. All right so let’s go ahead and make this transaction.  I told you before about The Best way to Defeat Waterblight Ganon in zelda.

So I’m going to pay the price of 30 wood bundles you would think he wants the cash first but apparently he really wants the wood and said okay.

So now he asked for the three thousand rupees and I’m going to pay that up and I’m ready to shell that out this dude had like no faith in me.

He did not think I was gonna bring 30 bundles of wood in 3000 rupees apparently. So he’s telling me that there’s a weapon mount inside of the house.

So this is just one small upgrade that came with the house and let’s go ahead and check that out. Okay so the weapon mount is right here and you can just mount a weapon.

So I’m gonna mount to one of my better weapons like this great flame blade. I love that weapon so let’s just go upstairs take a look it’s pretty empty in here right.

So let’s start doing the upgrades but before we do that let’s talk to Hudson. Again very important character of the game and he’s saying that he’s being transferred from his company bolson construction.

He’s going to be transferred to the Acala region. So this is very important because
we’re gonna want to find him later on in the game. Hope you know about How to Complete Dueling peeks tower shrines in Zelda.

He’s inviting us to visit him there. I love that tune I swear I love that dude. All right anyway so from the ground up is the side quests that we’re currently working on here and we’re talking to bolson again.

Because we’re gonna start to do the official upgrades of our cribs. This is like Zelda cribs right here.

So now bolson is basically telling me that he will give me furniture help with the exterior or anything really for 5,000 rupees and then nice I scratched that one 100 rupees per upgrade.

So let’s let’s get this started. Let’s have them build us something and I’m gonna start with gear displays and a weapon mount all right.

So now they’re gonna get the work done and we have our second weapon mount and so after you go through all of these upgrades.

Finally when you go to the last upgrade because you can add shield mounts sword mounts and when you’ve got everything he’s gonna be very shocked.

Then he’s gonna throw in some free furniture so that’s part of this whole thing being fully decked out. So let’s check it out.

All right so bolson has completed the work and look at everything this is with
all the furniture I have all my mountains up. Yesterday I wrote about Twin Memories Shrine.

I’ve got a dinner table a bed. I’ve got lighting I bought electricity you know I bought flowers outside man.

I have a sign that says my name on it I mean this is just freaking awesome. This is legit breath of the wild cribs episode. I’m just gonna take a nap real quick first night in the house.

Let’s do this, let’s see how that felt. It felt great, I suggest that everyone gets a house because you know what it’s sick man like look at my crib.

Alright so you can see my bows and my sword mounts and my shield mounts and
let me just put that shield up there. That’s it thank you so much.

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