Top 10 Current Rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Today’s episode I’m gonna be talking to you about the top 10 rarest Pokemon in Pokemon go. If you’ve been following Pokemon gum more recently, you will know about the elite TM system.

Luminous Stone Locations and Mining Routes.

I’m going to tell you some great routes for getting luminous stone. There are several reasons why you might want Lumina stones. You can trade in ten of them in zora’s domain to get a diamond.

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How to Buy a House With Max Upgrades.

Today we’re gonna be going over how to buy a house in the Legend of Zelda breath of the wild. So we’re gonna go all out and get every single upgrade that you can possibly get for this house.

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Best Hunter Build Ever in Destiny 2.

Hey crew, so this build has made every piece of content in destiny 2 that much more enjoyable for me. I am talking from literally bounties and empire hunter on europa to 12 20 and 1250 weekly power level nightfalls.

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